Studies In the susceptibility of Oryzeae to the blast fungus Piricularia oryzae.

Katsuya, K.

Ann, phytopath. Soc, Japan. 26(4): 153-159


Accession: 014199807

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At the Nat. Inst. Genet., Mishima, 92 strs. of 20 rice species, 3 interspecific hybrids, 2 strs. of Zizania latifolia, and 1 of Chikusichloa aquatica were tested in the greenhouse with 2 Pyricularia oryzae isolates (P-2 and 54-04). Injection was more efficient than spraying, and the P-2 isolate was the more virulent. Some strs. of Oryza sativa f. spontanea, O. perennis, O. barthii, O. stapfii, and O. breviligulata were resistant and some susceptible to both isolates.