Section 15
Chapter 14,201

Studies in physico-chemical properties of milk. Part IX. Variation in fat globule size-distribution curves of cow and buffalo milk, on the removal of fat and addition of goat milk

Puri, B.R.; Parkash, S.; Chandan, R.C.

Indian J. Dairy Sci 14(1): 31-35


Accession: 014200194

Removal of 50-60% butterfat from 12 samples of cows' milk and 20 samples of buffaloes' milk did not affect the fat globule size distribution curves or the average globule diameter. The addition of 20-50% goats' milk to cows' and buffaloes' milk resulted in decreases in average globule size. The size distribution curves for pure cow and buffalo samples showed a single peak while curves for pure goats' milk samples invariably showed 2 peaks.

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