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Chapter 14,201

Studies into the effects of source, plant regulator treatment and planting environment on citrus cuttings. I. The influence of the age of mother plants and rooting medium on the performance of Kama Khatta (Citrus karna Raf.) hardwood cuttings

Singh, R.P.; Singh, S.M.

Indian J. Hort 18: 202-11


Accession: 014200588

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Cuttings were taken from young nursery plants and from mature 20-year-old bearing trees, and grown ill sand, leaf mould, soil or a mixture of the 3. The cuttings from nursery plants rooted and survived better than those taken from bearing trees. Nursery cuttings gave the best results in a mixture of sand and leaf mould, but cuttings from bearing trees performed better in sand alone.

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