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Studies of the secretion of milk of low fat content by cows on diets low in hay and high in concentrates. 7. The effect of administration of volatile fatty acids to cows giving normal milk and milk of low fat content

Balch, C.C.; Rowland, S.J.

J. Dairy Res 26: 162-172


Accession: 014201593

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For part 6 see Abst. 2486, Vol. 26. 7. When the percentage of fat in the milk of cows had been reduced by giving diets low in hay and rich in concentrates, sodium acetate, 0.5 to 1.5 kg. daily, usually improved the percentage of fat and increased its Reichert value. The sodium acetate either was mixed with the feed concentrates or a solution was dripped directly into the rumen. Propionate did not have this effect, though butyrate, in one experiment only, had an effect like that of acetate.

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