Section 15
Chapter 14,204

Studies on growth and fruiting in the tomato. III. Effect of the early environment on growth and flowering. (3) Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrition.

Saito, T.; Hatayama, T.; Ito, H.

J. Jap. Soc. hort. Sci 32: 131-42


Accession: 014203975

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2 were grown in sand culture with a standard minor element content and different levels of N, P and K. Optimum concentrations for growth and flower formation were 120-160 p.p.m. N, 60-180 p.p.m. P and 60 p.p.m. K. Raising the N concentration increased vigour and reduced the time taken to differentiate flower buds under high light intensity. Under weak illumination the reverse occurred. The effects of increasing the P concentration were similar.

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