Section 15
Chapter 14,205

Studies on involution of uterus in buffaloes

Roy, D.J.; Luktuke, S.N.

Indian J. vet. Sci 32: 205-209


Accession: 014204360

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The average interval between parturition and the complete involution of the uterus in 87 Murrah buffaloes was 39.3 +or- 1.2 days (range 15-67 days). Involution of the non-gravid horn was complete ll.4 days earlier than the gravid one. In 88.5% involution was complete between 30 and 60 days; in 9.2% within 30 days and 2.3% took more than 60 days. Whilst there was no significant seasonal effect, the number of calvings had a significant effect.

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