Section 15
Chapter 14,205

Studies on iron metabolism. I. Evidence of gastrointestinal dysfunction in infants with iron deficiency anemia. A preliminary report

Wilson, J.F.; Heiner, D.C.; Lahey, M.E.

Journal of Pediatrics 60: 787-800


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3476
PMID: 14007372
Accession: 014204371

Infants, 13 with iron deficiency and 12 with no anaemia, were compared. Guaiac tests were positive on stools from 4 of 7 of the anaemic infants. Precipitins to whole cow's milk were found in gastric juice of 7 anaemic infants and in 2 controls. Fasting achlorhydria was present in 10 anaemic infants and in 5 controls but in all subjects acid appeared after injection of histamine. Serum proteins were found in fasting gastric juice of 2 controls and of 12 anaemic infants, about 550 mg albumin % in 2 of these. In plasma mean for albumin was 3.48 g % in the anaemic and 4.44 g % in the control group; means for globulin were 0.8 and 0.73 g %. It is suggested that iron deficiency in infants is of 2 types, primary or secondary to sensitization to whole cow's milk. D. B. Paintin.

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