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Studies on milk substitutes of vegetable origin. 3. The nutritive value of spray-dried soyabean milk fortified with DL-methionine and spray-dried powder from a 2: 1 blend of soyabean milk and sesame milk

Shurpalekar, S.R.; Chandrasekhara, M.R.; Lahiry, N.L.; Swaminathan, M.; Indiramma, K.; Subrahmanyan, V.

Annals of Biochemistry and Experimental Medicine 21: 143-150


ISSN/ISBN: 0365-0642
Accession: 014204647

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For part 2 see Abst. 4265, Vol. 31. 3. Soya bean milk and sesame milk were prepared by the method of De and Subrahmanyan (Abst. 913, Vol. 16). Soya bean milk was steamed for 30 min to destroy trypsin inhibitor and sesame milk was pasteurized for 30 sec at 163oF. Spraydried powders were prepared from the milks and from a 2: 1 mixture of soya bean and sesame, and Ca, Fe and vitamins were added. To one preparation of soya bean milk powder DL-methionine was added to give 3 g per 16 g N. Composition is tabulated for these milks and for a modified cow's milk powder. Groups of 6 male and 6 female rats received to appetite for 8 weeks the milks reconstituted in 6 parts water to provide 3.5% protein. The protein efficiency ratio of the milks was estimated in 4 groups of 8 male weanling rats which received for 4 weeks the diets, previously steamed for 10 min. Average weekly gain of rats given modified cow's milk was 159 g, for soya bean fortified with methionine 15.4, soya bean and sesame 13.9, and soya bean 12.2 g. Haemoglobin and red blood cell counts were; slightly lower in rats given cow's milk and the soya bean and sesame mixture. No differences were found among the groups for average amounts of moisture, protein and fat of liver or carcase. The protein efficiency ratio of soya bean milk was significantly less than that of modified cow's milk, but when fortified with methionine it was nearly equal to it and significantly better than the soya bean and sesame mixture.

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