Section 15
Chapter 14,206

Studies on parturition in buffaloes

Roy, D.J.; Luktuke, S.N.

Indian Jour Vet Sci And Animal Husbandry 32(2): 152-168


Accession: 014205026

From a study of the parturition of 30 buffalo-cows it was reported that the percentage of animals exhibiting intense, normal and weak type of labor was 22.3, 44.3, and 33.3 respectively. The total time taken for parturition in these groups was 258.0, 306.7 and 414.5 min. respectively. The dilation of cervix, expulsion of fetus and the explusion of fetal membranes lasted on an average 70.0, 19.5 and 257.0 min. respectively. Average time taken for the whole parturition was 302 min.

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