Section 15
Chapter 14,206

Studies on pesticide residues on or in harvested crops. V. The biological estimation of aldrin and dieldrin residues in radishes and carrots.

Mosebach, E.; Steiner, P.

NachrBl. dtsch. PflSchDienst., Braunschweig, Braunschweig 11: 150-5


Accession: 014205065

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The residues were determined by the Drosophila bioassay test after the radishes had been washed and some of the carrots scraped. The range of residues in radishes was 0.25-0.9 p.p.m., the value for seed treatment being markedly higher than those for soil treatment with sprays or dusts. Aldrin residues in early carrots ranged from 0.22 p.p.m. for seed treatment to 0.68 p.p.m. for soil spraying, and in late carrots all the values were low (0.2 p.p.m. or less).

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