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Chapter 14,207

Studies on the blast disease of Rice in humus rich paddy field, with special reference to soil conditions. 1. Influence of the irrigation period before the transplanting of Rice seedlings upon the occurrence of blast disease. 2. Influence of the oxidation reduction potentials of soil upon the occurrence of Rice blast

Tokunaga, Y.; Furuta, T.

Bull. Tohoku agric. Exp. Sta 13: 12-18


Accession: 014206699

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Rice blast ) accompanied by root rot seriously damaged seedlings transplanted too soon after irrigation in soil rich in humus, owing to the unstable oxidation-reduction potential of such soil. Seedlings crowded in the nursery bed were more influenced by such conditions, and sparse sowing is advised, with transplantation more than 3 days after irrigation. The 2nd paper is concerned with the measurement of the oxidation-reduction potential after irrigation.