Section 15
Chapter 14,209

Studies on the frost damage of important plantation species in Hokkaido, Japan. (IV) . Frost damage of tree seedlings grown in frozen soil.

Konda, K.; Muto, K.

Res. Bull. Exp. For. Hokkaido Univ 20(2): 393-403


Accession: 014208235

Two-year-old Abies mayriana seedlings were planted in November in wooden boxes and subjected to different periods of soil freezing and exposure to sun and wind. When the soil was frozen, almost all terminal buds were damaged and 42% of the seedlings died. The moisture content of seedlings in frozen soil and exposed to artificial wind (3.26 m. sec. for 2 hr. daily from 30 Jan. to March) decreased strikingly after exposure to wind, and 50% of them died.

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