Section 15
Chapter 14,210

Studies on the nutrition of Rice plant with reference to the occurrence of so-called 'akagare' disease. VII. On the process of the occurrence of a kind of 'akagare' showing chlorosis of leaf as an incipient symptom

Baba, I.; Tajima, K.

Proc. CropSci. Soc. Japan 29(3): 326-328


Accession: 014209558

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In further studies at the Nat. Inst. agric. Sci., Japan, a type II' akagare' occurring on rice on badly drained paddy soil with excessive humus was investigated. Leaf chlorosis before the appearance of the reddish brown spots characteristic of type I ' akagare' was the main symptom. Types I and II were similar in response to ambient surroundings, seasonal variations in infection, and in abnormal metabolism in infected plants but II showed a lower response to K.

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