Section 15
Chapter 14,210

Studies on the nutrition of: the Rice plant with reference to the occurrence of the so-called 'akagare' disease. III. Varietal differences of the Rice plant in nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism and inorganic nutrition in relation to the occurrence of the disease.

Baba, I.; Takahashi, Y.; Iwata, I.; Tajima, K.

Proc. Crop Sci. Soc. Japan 25(1): 13-14


Accession: 014209604

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Pot experiments in 1954 and 1955 at the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Japan, showed that varietal susceptibility of rice plants to 'akagare' disease associated with potassium deficiency was positively correlated with the ratios of soluble nitrogen to starch or to protein nitrogen X starch. The respiratory rate of leaves showed high positive correlation with starch content.