Section 15
Chapter 14,210

Studies on the physiology of germination in stone fruits. IV. Investigations to determine the minimum stratification period required for various stone fruits

Hildebrandt, W.

Gartenbauwiss 25: 162-73


Accession: 014209968

The following minimum stratification periods were found: Prunus mahaleb 10-12 weeks, Prunus avium 15-16 weeks, Prunus avium varieties 16-18 weeks, Prunus persica 14-16 weeks. Prunus myro-balana 14-16 weeks, and Prunus damascena more than 20 weeks. The stony shells delay the initiation of germination by 4-5 weeks in myrobalans and peaches, and their removal extends the effective temperature range for after-ripening.

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