Section 15
Chapter 14,211

Studies on the regulation of the serum-cholesterol level in man; serial serum-cholesterol determinations in active men on their ordinary diets and the long-term effect of certain saturated- and unsaturated-fat supplements

Gordon, H.; Brock, J.F.

South African Medical Journal 32(15): 397-407


ISSN/ISBN: 0256-9574
PMID: 13556100
Accession: 014210359

Serial estimations of serum cholesterol over a period of from 6 to 34, mean 13, weeks in 30 men aged from 25 to 59 years showed distinct fluctuations in individual values about the level characteristic of the individual. The levels after several weeks on a daily supplement of unsaturated fat, usually 50 g. sunflower seed oil, were studied in 10 of the men and later the effects of 50 g. maize oil were studied in 5 of them.

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