Studies on the resistance of tea to cold. II. Differences in the resistance of varieties to cold during the winter.

Harada, S.; Watanabe, A.; Kano, T.

Tokai Kinki Nogyo Shikenjo Kenkyu Hokoku Chagyobu / Bull. Tea Div. Tokai-Kinki agric. Exp. Sta, 7, 25-38


Accession: 014210547

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A series of 22 varieties were subjected to laboratory freezing tests. The varieties least injured were Yabukita and Yamatomidori. In general, green-tea varieties were hardier than black-tea varieties; the Assam-Chinese hybrids were all markedly sus-ceptible to freezing. Positive correlations were observed between resistance to cold, on the one hand, and refractive index of the sap, dry-matter content and total sugars, on the other.