Section 15
Chapter 14,211

Studies on the sensitivity to toxicity of various strains of fungus spp. of the genera Coniophora, Poria, Merulius, and Lentinus. III. M. lacrymans and M. Silvester

Gersonde, M.

-Hohforschung 12(6): 167-175


Accession: 014210746

Further studies in the current series revealed marked differences between 4 strains of M. lacrymans in their capacity for the destruction of pine sapwood blocks, the highest weight reductions (42%) over a test period of 16 wks. being caused by the standard strain III (Eberswalde 315, 1936) and the lowest (20%) by BAM 133 (isolated in 1937 from the wood of a Berlin house) and 277 (Berlin wood, 1941), while BAM 238 (floor of a Berlin house, 1939) was intermediate (33%).

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