Section 15
Chapter 14,212

Studies on the toxin sensitivity of various strains of fungus species of the genera Coniophora, Poria, Merulius, and Lentinus. II. P. vaporaria and P. vaillantii

Gersonde, M.

Holzforschung 12(3): 4, 73-83; 104-114


ISSN/ISBN: 0018-3830
Accession: 014211128

Seven strains of C. cerebella differing widely in their capacity for destruction of pine sapwood blocks in malt agar cultures in Kolle flasks were used in these studies at the Bundesanstalt fur Materialpriifung, Berlin-Dahlem. They were most sensitive to Na2HAs04 and HgCl2, slightly less so to NaF and MgSiF6, and most resistant to coal tar creosote and a-chloronaphthalene.

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