Section 15
Chapter 14,214

Study on improvement of digestibility of milk proteins. I. The effects of heating, adjustment of activity of calcium ion, addition of whey protein, homogenization and elimination of coarse casein micelle from milk by ultracentrifugation on the digestibility of milk especially on the coagulability of it.

Nakai, S.

J. agric. Chem. Soc, Japan 37(3): 119-25


Accession: 014213355

Heating of milk reduced significantly both its "standard" curd tension (ADSA method) and the "physiological" curd tension (3 ml. 0.6% pepsin and 2.3 ml. N HCl /100 ml. milk). Addition of sodium hexametaphosphate to milk reduced its standard tension, but its physiological tension was not significantly affected. When milk was passed through Amberlite IR-120 Na, a similar result was obtained.

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