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Chapter 14,215

Sugar beet leaves as basal feed and amide slices as concentrate feed in rations for dairy cattle

Wetterau, H.; Holzschuh, W.

Jahrb. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fiitterungsberatung. 1959. 2: 49-55


Accession: 014214272

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There were 2 similar groups of 12 dairy cows. 'The basal ration for a month was of sugar beet tops and leaves with 1.7 kg dried beet pulp. One group had. in addition 626 g amide slices, the other 567 g soya bean oilmeal, and the supplements were switched at the end of the first period, with a 5-day period before the second main period. No significant difference was found between the two rations.

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