Susceptibility of wild and foreign cultivated rice to blast fungus Piricularia oryzae

Katsuya, K.

Annual Report of the National Institute of Genetics, Japan 1959. 9, 48-49


Accession: 014216512

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Fourteen strains of 9 wild species, 10 imported cultivars (O. sativa) and 3 Japanese cultivars were tested for resistance to P. oryzae strains P-2 and 54-04 by spraying and by inoculation. Among the wild strains 0. australiensis was very susceptible to both fungal strains. 0. officinalis (?), O. eichingeri (?), O. latifolia and O. breviligulata (?) exhibited resistance to P-2 when sprayed and resistance or moderate susceptibility when inoculated; they were resistant to 54-04 when inoculated.