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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14221

Chapter 14221 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kodric, M., 1958:
Terra rossa in the karsts of Slovenia.

Klinge, H., 1957:
Terra rossas in Spain and possibilities of estimating their age on the basis of soil-geographical studies.

Zingg, A.W.; Hauser, V.L., 1959:
Terrace benching to save potential runoff for semiarid land

Walker, P.H., 1962:
Terrace chronology & soil formation on the south coast of N.S.W

Dobrzanski, B.; Glinski, J.; Guz, T., 1960:
Terracing of eroded slopes as a soil-forming factor in basins of the Biala Woda and Czarna Woda rivers.

Rich, S., 1960:
Terraclor controls Olpidium on Lettuce. Iniectivity differences between Olpidium from roots of Spinach and Lettuce

Habtzfeld, F.G., 1957:
Terraclor, a new soil fungicide

Hartzfeld, E.G., 1957:
Terraclor-a new soil fumigant

Homeyer, B., 1962:
Terracur, a new compound for the control of nematodes, fungi and weeds in the soil.

Homeyer, B., 1962:
Terracur, a new material for the control of nematodes, fungi and weeds in the soil.

Homeyer, B., 1962:
Terracur, a new means of control of nematodes, fungi & weeds in the soil.

Homeyer, B., 1962:
Terracur, ein neues Mittel zur Bekampfung von Nematoden, Pilzen und Unkrautern im Bodem

Schultes, R.E., 1958:
Terrain and rubber plants in the Upper Apaporis

Kostner, M., 1957:
Terramycin and brucellosis

Rao, T.B.; Tamhane, D.V.; Sreenivasan, A., 1959:
Terramycin and growth. 3. Protective action on certain tissue constituents during protein fasting and regeneration in rats

Rao, T.B.; Tamhane, D.V.; Sreenivasan, A., 1962:
Terramycin and growth. 5. A study of amino acid utilization from a rice-legume diet

Luther, H.G., 1958:
Terramycin and vitamin B12 in the diet of mink

Mantel, K.; Prill, A., 1959:
Terramycin at different levels in laying meal and in drinking water for laying hens

Craplet, M.C., 1961:
Terramycin therapy in coryza of fowls

Cosmo, I.; Benedetti, A.; Forti, R., 1959 :

Meyer, R.H., 1962:
Terrapin scale control on peach

Fleck, S.; Zande, D. van der; Coppin, P., 2007:
Terrestrial laser-scanning provides means for the analytical evaluation of plantation systems

Tokobaev, M.M., 1962:
Terrestrial molluscs of the Kirgiz S.S.R. as intermediate hosts of helminths of domestic and wild animals.

Tokobaev, M.M., 1962:
Terrestrial molluscs of the Kirgiz S.S.R. as intermediate hosts of helminths of domestic animals.

Fazio, Giuseppe., 1962:
Territorial distribution of horticultural production. State incentives and private investments

Schwartz, D.P.; Pallansch, M.J., 1958:
Tert-Butyl hypochlorite for detection of nitrogenous compounds on chromatograms

Celarier, R.P., 1956:
Tertiary butyl alcohol dehydration of chromosome smears

Popov, K.P., 1961:
Tertiary relict conifers of the Crimea and their present places of refuge.

Strebel, O., 1961:
Tertiary soil formations and weathering residue in Frankenwald.

Liese, Walter, 1963:
Tertiary wall and warty layer in wood cells

Schulz, M.E.; Klermeier ., 1956:
Terylene-a new plastic fibre for bags in quarg making.

Krauss, S., 1961:
Teschen disease (meningo - encephalo - myelitis enzootica suum) in Poland

Zoletto, R.; Bersani, G., 1963:
Teschen disease in Italy. II. Serotogical survey.

Bourdin, P.; Serres, H., 1961:
Teschen disease in Madagascar

Szaflarski, J., 1961:
Teschen disease in Poland in 1949-1959.

Mayr, A.; Hecke, F., 1960:
Teschen disease: epidemiology, pathology and immunology.

Bourdin, P.; Serres, H., 1960:
Teschen disease: infectivity of organs, resistance of the virus, and possible spread by pork.

Knezevic, N.; Bordoski, A., 1956:
Teski oblik gastrita praseta prouzrokovan dejstvom Gnathostoma hispidum (Fedtschenko 1872)

Markau, W., 1963:
Tesricular hypoplasia in bulls.

Brumfield, H.P.; Pomeroy, B.S., 1959:
Test based on normal serum component implementing fixation of complement by turkey antiserum

Mahlstede, J.P., 1958:
Test container stock for mail orders

Hubek, H.A.; Olson, G.E.; Gooch, R.M., 1960:
Test data as a guide for preservative specifications

Koyanagi, T.; Hareyama, S., 1961:
Test dose experiments of thiamine and riboflavin on undernourished children

Doll, C.C., 1961:
Test effects of fertilizer, mulch for apple orchards

Lantz, H.L., 1958:
Test fertilizers on turf and bent grass

Golding, N.S., 1961:
Test for S.N.F. which is quick, cheap, accurate

Kosikowski, F.V.; Ledford, R.A., 1960:
Test for antibiotics in milk

Bros, B., 1963:
Test for measuring the approximate value of the coefficient of earth pressure at rest in cohesion soils.

Zundel, G.; Rinjard, P., 1962:
Test for oestrogens in food products.

Auerbach, C.; Falconer, D.S.; Isaacson, J.H., 1962:
Test for sex-linked lethals in irradiated mice

Petrukhina, Mme, M.T., 1958:
Test for the control of mildew in the incubation period

Taranov, M.T., 1956 :
Test for the diagnosis of occult forms of melanosarcoma in horses.

Zakamyrdin, I.A., 1961:
Test for the protection of cattle against blood-sucking Dipterous insects.

Maske, H., 1957:
Test for vitamin B6 deficiency. Quantitative estimation of xanthurenic acid in the urine after administration of eff-tryptophan

Ramsch, H.; Kuhne, C., 1958:
Test fungi within the framework of textile testing

Mahlstede, J.P., 1959:
Test herbicide use with nursery stock

Swalve, H.H.; Konig, S., 2007:
Test herds in dairy cattle breeding programmes 1st communication: general considerations

Casarosa, L., 1960:
Test intradermico nella microascaridiosi sperimentale da Toxocara cams del suino e della cavia

Mahlstede, J.P., 1958:
Test lightweight media for potting ornamentals

Plarre, W.; Vettel, F., 1961:
Test methods and heterosis effects in diploid winter rye (S. cereale L.)

Mitchell, J.W.; Livingston, G.A.; Marth, P.C., 1958:
Test methods with plant-regulating chemicals

Cebron, P., 1957:
Test of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T for poisoning trees in Teke forest, Ivory Coast. Application of results to the improvement of dense forest.

Peterson, G.W.; Nuland, D.; Weihing, J.L., 1960:
Test of 4 fungicides for control of Cedar blight

Klawitter, R.A.; Stubbs, J.; Johnson, F.M., 1963:
Test of Arasan 75-Endrin 50W rodent repellent on Shumard and Swamp Chestnut Oak acorns

Bratanov, V., 1963:
Test of Neguvon (trichlorphon) against paramphistomiasis in cattle.

Togliani, F., 1962:
Test of Russian lines of H. cannabinus

Welch, H.E., 1958:
Test of a nematode and its associated bacterium for control of the Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say)

Eck, A., 1956:
Test of a new machine to drain whey, called the Berge oscillator.

Nakao, Y.; Auerbach, C., 1961:
Test of a possible correlation between cross-linking and chromosome breaking abilities of chemical mutagens

Newsome, J., 1957:
Test of cure in schistosomiasis

Paquin, R.; Santerre, J.; Genereux, H.; Coulombe, L.J., 1960:
Test of different chemical products as disinfectants of Potato seed pieces inoculated with C. sepedonicum

Pedersen, A.H.; Fisker, A.N.; Madsen, H., 1956:
Test of fully automatic butter wrapping machine Kustner, Simplex, type AX.

Pedersen, A.H.; Fisker, A.N.; Madsen, H., 1958:
Test of fully automatic butter wrapping machine, Make SIG, type FHI.

D.Leon, R.G., 1957:
Test of fungicides for the control of tomato leaf mold

Desouche, J., 1959:
Test of mechanical equipment for afforestation of calcareous wasteland in Saone-et-Loire.

Kbl. Pedersen, A.H.; Birkkjaer, H.E.; Hermansen, J.L.; Tofte, N.J., 1956:
Test of renneting-stabilizer Arogen KBL.

Kartaloff, P., 1963:
Test of some indigenous and introduced cucumbers and the F1 hybrids under glass

Domsch, K.H.; Schicke, P., 1960:
Test of success of fungicidal soil treatments

Uemura, T., 1956:
Test of the Siemens moisture meter.

Patino, V.M.; Daza, P.E.; Roberts, L.M., 1958:
Test of the comparative germination energy and germination power in distinct types of grain in Colombian maizes

Mazurek, J.; Ruszkowski, M., 1960:
Test of the conversion of biotype in two varieties of spring barley

Bonilla, J.A.; Bottazzi, J.A., 1963:
Test of the effectiveness of simazine in the control of weeds in Pinus pinaster seedbeds.

Nienhaus, F., 1960:
Test of the mosaic viruses Y, X, and A directly from the Potato tuber

Burchinal, L.G.; Eppright, E.S., 1959:
Test of the psychogenic theory of obesity for a sample of rural girls

Bode, O., 1961:
Test of the resistance of potato varieties to potato virus Y

Grente, J.; Sauret, S., 1961:
Test of the resistance to ink disease and to Endothia on tissue-cultures of Chestnut clones

Derbeneva-Ukhova, V.P.; Lineva, V.A., 1959:
Test of the use of khlorofos in controlling a population of Musca domestica L. resistant to chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Van Diest, A.; Jesperson, H.W.; White, R.F.; Black, C.A., 1960:
Test of two methods for measuring a labile fraction of inorganic phosphorus in soils

Paquin, R., E.Al., 1960:
Test of various chemicals as disinfectants for cut potato setts inoculated with C. sepedonicum

Vllareal, E.P.; Santos, O., 1959:
Test on the effect of Gibrel upon the growth and yield of sugar cane. Preliminary account

Kasahara, Y., 1957:
Test on the weed control on the rice nursery by the use of 2,4-D.

Morris, H.J., 1958:
Test paper for detecting peroxidase

Wirjomidjojo, R., 1962:
Test plot of legitimate hevea seedling families.

Dougherty, E.C.; Hansen, E.L., 1959:
Test procedures used in nutritional studies of Caenorhabditis briggsae

Lzholz, G.; Lang, R.; Lembke, A.; Wasserfall, F., 1962:
Test report concerning a uperization plant installed in the factory of the Berner Alpenmilch-Gesellschaft, Konolfingen, Switzerland.

Walzholz, G.; Lang, R.; Seelemann, M.; Kruger, K.-E., 1963:
Test report on tank-cleaning unit made by Fa. A. Karcher.

Anonymous, 1963:
Test reports (Nos 301-342) N.I.A.E. 1962. being Suppl A.R. Nat. Inst. agric. Engng 1961-62

Mcardle, A.A., 1959:
Test results give guide to egg production levels with pullets

Ruzinov, P.G., 1960:
Test results with 50% thiram for the treatment of Maize seed

Mothe, Alain, 1962:
Test survey, using objective methods, of wheat and barley yields

Wang, C.Y.; Hu.H.S., 1962:
Test tube culture method for qualitative and quantitative diagnosis of hookworm infection

American Nurseryman., 1960:
Test weed chemicals

Kudler, J.; Lysenko, O.; Hochmut, R., 1959:
Test with bacterial suspensions against C. crataegana.

Frens, A.M., 1958:
Test with beef cows on the effect of the fattening preparation, Vevoron

Frens, A.M., 1958:
Test with fattening cows of the effect of the fattening preparation Vevoron

Burrell, A.B., 1959:
Test with herbicides in Champlain Valley apple orchards

Parr, C.L.; Veierød, M.B.; Laake, P.; Lund, E.; Hjartåker, A., 2006:
Test-retest reproducibility of a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) and estimated effects on disease risk in the Norwegian Women and Cancer Study (NOWAC)

Biggers, J.D.; Mclaren, A., 1958:
Test-tube animals. The culture and transfer of early mammalian embryos

Kanta, K.; Maheshwari, P., 1963:
Test. tube fertilization in some angiosperms

Loferski, J.R.; Albright, D.; Woeste, F.E., 2006:
Tested guardrail post connections for residential decks

Lauenstein, A.; Rimpler, R., 1963:
Tested machines and implements for fruit grow-ing

Salazar, B.Angel; Lonnquist, J.H., 1963:
Tester sampling bias in the topcrossing of inbred lines of corn

Lorenz, T.; Dobrzecki, W., 1961:
Testicular actinomycosis

Ostertag, W., 1958:
Testicular atrophy in stallions

Leidl, W., 1958:
Testicular biopsy and semen quality in bulls

Ullner, W., 1956:
Testicular biopsy in diagnosis

Knudsen, Odd, 1960:
Testicular biopsy in the bull

Ullner, W., 1956:
Testicular biopsy in the evaluation of fertility

Bourg, R., 1956:
Testicular changes and desquamation induced at the level of the deferens of the rat. Effect of oestradiol benzoate in an oily solution and of vitamin E

Basu, A.K., 1961:
Testicular changes in cockerels fed with vanaspati

Barboriak, J.J.; Cowgill, G.R.; Whedon, A.D., 1958:
Testicular changes in pantothenic acid-deficient rats

Kaufman, N.; Klavins, J.V.; Kinney, T.D., 1956:
Testicular damage following ethionine administration

Attal, J.; Courot, M., 1963:
Testicular development and the onset of spermatogenesis in bulls.

Jacob, W.K., 1963:
Testicular diseases of A.I. bulls.

Veznik, Z., 1961:
Testicular disturbances hi stud bulls in relation to fertility.

Benoit, J.; Assenmacher, L.; Brard, E., 1956:
Testicular evolution in the domestic duck subjected to permanent artificial lighting for two years from an early age

Arata, L.; Pecora, P., 1962:
Testicular hyaluronidase in the rat on a diet lacking vitamin E

Veznik, Z., 1962:
Testicular hypoplasia of stud bulls.

Knudsen, O., 1961:
Testicular hypoplasia with multipolar spindle formation in the spermiocytes of the bull

Ruch, J.V., 1961:
Testicular modifications observed in chick embryos from double eggs.

Jacomini, J.O.; Esper, C.R.; Diniz, E.G.; Vieira, R.C.; Beletti, M.E., 2007:
Testicular morphogenesis in the embryos and fetuses of Nelore cattle (Bos taurus indicus)

Cotchin, E., 1960:
Testicular neoplasms in dogs

Galloway, D.B., 1961:
Testicular pathology in bulls sent for slaughter in N. S. W. A preliminary survey

Stevens, L.C., 1962:
Testicular teratomas in fetal mice

Dow, C., 1962:
Testicular tumours in the dog

Rohde, K., 1959:
Testierungsmethode von Filarien-Praparaten an mit Litomosoides carinii infizierten weissen Ratten

Zentmyer, G.A.; Mircetich, S.M.; Thorn, W.A.; Burns, R.M., 1961:
Testing Avocados for root resistance

Nieuwhof, M.; Wiering, D., 1961:
Testing Cabbage plants for clubroot resistance (Plasmodiophora brassicae Woron.)

Fernandes, V.T., 1961:
Testing Cotton vars. for wilt resistance

Konvicka, O., 1957:
Testing Czechoslovak onion varieties for their suitability for set production

Konvicka, O., 1957:
Testing Czechoslovakian varieties of cooking onion (A. cepa) for production of sets

Warmbrunn, K., 1959:
Testing German wheat varieties for resistance to dwarf bunt (T. controversa Kuhn)

Simons, M.D., 1962:
Testing Oats In the field with specific races of crown rust

Zarhina, E.S., 1963:
Testing Poplar varieties in the Amur region.

Mackinnon, J.P.; Rankin, D.F.; Young, L.C., 1960:
Testing Potato seedlings for resistance to the leaf roll virus

D.Bokx, J.A., 1961:
Testing Potato tubers for presence of virus YN

Nikmann, E., 1962:
Testing Red and White Clover for rot resistance

Anonymous, 1957:
Testing Soviet varieties and hybrids of maize in the German Democratic Republic.

Pawlik, A.; Schmid, K.; Sprau, F.; Krauss, E., 1963:
Testing Tobacco for resistance in the seedleaf stage to P. tabacina

Gleichauf, R.; Mehnert, M., 1956:
Testing a Leghorn flock for performance

Peltola, E.; Malkki, Y., 1959:
Testing a detergent sterilizer Pb 1891.

Alderlieste, P.J.; Labots, H., 1962:
Testing a jet-cleaner, model B, with rotor and hand nozzle, and partial test of the model Super Booster 30, made by Sellers Injector Corporation, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Framhus, O.; Sauge, P., 1957:
Testing a milk cooling unit for farm use.

Kopecky, J.; Jezek, J., 2006:
Testing a potassium salt concentrate preparation in hop growing

Friedrich, G.; Hoffmann, P., 1956:
Testing a wild apricot from the Hindu Kush mountains for use as a rootstock

Freese, Frank, 1960:
Testing accuracy

Grundbacher, F.J., 1962:
Testing alfalfa seedlings for resistance to the stem nematode Ditylenchus dipsaci (Kuhn) Filipjev

Becker, G., 1961:
Testing and assessing the natural termite-resistance of wood.

Atkins, J.G.; Jodon, N.E.; Bollich, C.N., 1962:
Testing and breeding for blast-resistant Rice

Andersson, G.; Loaf, B., 1959:
Testing and breeding of silage maize at the Swedish Seed Association. (Studies of hybrid maize for silage.)

Racinski, T., 1963:
Testing and improving local varieties of haricot bean.

Safranskij, V.P., 1962:
Testing and regional allocation of pea varieties in the Leningrad and Novgorod provinces.

M.L.uXuan; Wei TianLu; Wang JunFa; Yang ChuanHua, 2007:
Testing and research on the machine to pave geomembrane lining on the trapezoid canal

Schmidle, A., 1960:
Testing apple stem builders for their susceptibility to collar rot

Akramovski, M.N.; Egorov, Y.G.; Bashkirtseva, B.V., 1957:
Testing arsenic preparations against monieziasis in sheep.

Lowry, D.C.; Shultz, F.T., 1959:
Testing association of metric traits and marker genes

Zentmyer, G.A., E.Al., 1961:
Testing avocados for root rot resistance

Hubbeling, N., 1957:
Testing beans for resistance to anthracnose

Docke, F., 1957:
Testing bull ejaculates for their suitability for deep-freezing (-79 degrees C. )

Foote, R.H.; Henderson, C.R.; Bratton, R.W., 1956:
Testing bulls in artificial insemination centres for lethals, type and production

Ruzinov, P.G., 1963:
Testing cabbage varieties for resistance to Fusarium wilt.

Hagedorn, D.J., 1956:
Testing canning pea seed for adequacy of seed treatment

Bielczyk, S.; Bobrowicz, E., 1960:
Testing certain properties of Spruce resonance wood of Polish and Rumanian origin.

Motalev, S.V.; Ponomareva, R.V.; Sahsuvarjan, A.V.; Baljasnikova, T.I., 1962:
Testing certain vine varieties in the preparation of sherry-type wine.

Neusser, H., 1960:
Testing chipboards in research laboratory and in workshop.

Barydsev, I.I.; Gusakova, M.V.; Bazyl'cik, V.V., 1962:
Testing chlorinated organic insecticides-hlorten and hlorfen-against pests of forest plantations.

Pag, H., 1962:
Testing chrysanthemum cuttings in the U.S.A.

Sandison, A., 1956:
Testing crop varieties

Kovalevic, M.D., 1960:
Testing cultivars and hybrids in the Kaliningrad province.

Gardner, R., 1963:
Testing dahlias for cut flower production

Anonymous, 1957:
Testing dairy products in Austria in 1956.

Zagordnikh, A.N.; Sukhov, S S., 2006:
Testing device for analysis of dangerous factors

Pazourek, J., 1960:
Testing different factors with the aid of the mitotic number

Splittgerber, H.; Gysae, M., 1963:
Testing different proportions of sugar as a component of balanced feeds for fattening poultry.

Dadasev, E.N., 1963:
Testing different strains of sherry yeast in making of sherry-type wines in Azerbaijan.

Walter Piesnack, 1957:
Testing different ways of planting Poplar cuttings. (No. Spec. Die Pappel II)

Pirson, H., 1960:
Testing different winter wheat varieties for susceptibility to S. nodorum Berk. with the aid of artificial infection

Cvetkov, S., 1960:
Testing double maize hybrids for silage.

Splittgerber, H.; Gysae, M.; Wein, F., 1962:
Testing dried, sliced sugar beet as a component in all-mash fattening rations for poultry.

Aufhammer, G., E.Al., 1960:
Testing drought resistance in spring cereals

Richards, S.A., 2005:
Testing ecological theory using the information-theoretic approach: examples and cautionary results

Vallega, J.; Zukovskij, P.M., 1956:
Testing ecological types belonging to different wheat species for resistance to the physiological races of brown and stem rust by artificial inoculation under Argentine conditions.

Uhlmann, W.; Traub, E., 1958:
Testing foot and mouth disease vaccines on adult mice

Adler, H.C., 1956:
Testing for Vibrio fetus infection of Danish A.I. bulls

Baten, W.D.; Kohls, H.L., 1961:
Testing for a difference between two strains of sugar beets by use of a discriminant function

Frazier, W.A., E.Al., 1961:
Testing for combined resistance to certain diseases in snap beans

Haring, F.; Gruhn, R., 1960:
Testing for fattening performance and carcass value of different types of poultry breeds and their crosses (1954-1959)

Pugai, B.N., 1963:
Testing for methods of chemoprophylaxis of ascaridiasis in chickens.

Borchardt, G., 1962:
Testing for quality (virus test) of seed potatoes

Theden, G.; Becker, G., 1961:
Testing for reaction to organisms

Colhoun, John, 1959:
Testing for resistance to Polyspora lini Laff. in flax breeding

Glasscock, H.H., 1956:
Testing for the Carnation wilts

Doran, W.J., 1959:
Testing forages in pure stand, simple or complex mixtures

Bingefors, S.; Umaerus, M., 1963:
Testing foreign lucerne varieties at the Swedish Seed Association

Gallay, R.; Zweifel, J., 1963:
Testing foreign varieties of winter wheat

Hamann, I., 1960:
Testing fowl pox vaccines

Freudiger, U., 1962:
Testing gastric acidity without the use of a stomach tube: dye tests in dogs

Boksberg, I.P.; Domanskaja, Z.B., 1960 :
Testing glued plywood by bending in the plane of the plies.

Clad, W., 1958:
Testing glues with fillers.

Nissen, o., 1960:
Testing hay varieties of grasses as spaced plants, in a pure stand or in a mixture with a legume

Shlyakova, E.V., 1957:
Testing herbicides in the Murmansk Region.

Scheunert, A.; Theile, E., 1956:
Testing hesperidin, rutin and citrin for vitamin P activity by the guineapig test

Krugljakova, N.P., 1963:
Testing heterotic cucumber combinations in an outdoor greenhouse

Wirjomidjojo, R., 1962:
Testing hevea seedlings obtained by hand-pollination during 1940, 1941 and 1943.

Deackoff, L.P.; Rees, L.H., 1957:
Testing homogenization efficiency by light transmission

Coley-Smith, J.R., 1959:
Testing hop varieties for resistance to downy mildew disease Pseudoperonospora humuli (Miy. and Tak.) Wilson. I. Preliminary detached leaf and shoot tests

Coley-Smith, J.R., 1960:
Testing hop varieties for resistance to downy mildew disease, Pseudoperonospora humuli (Miy. and Tak.) Wilson. I. Preliminary detached leaf and shoot tests

Arnon, Y.; Berkovitz, I.; Berkovits, Y., 1959:
Testing hybrid sorghum.

Petkov, N., 1963:
Testing hyperphos-pfaate efficacy in sunflower fertilizing.

Roemmele, O.; Panneel, M., 1963:
Testing ice-cream for its bacteriological and hygienic qualities.

Yoshida, M.; Suzuki, Y., 1958:
Testing laboratory methods of agricultural chemicals against injurious insects in soil

Kerr, W.E., 1957:
Testing maize hybrids for ear rots in Southern Rhodesia

Martinovic, M., 1960:
Testing materials used for increasing the retention of bordeaux mixture

Huijsman, C.A., 1959:
Testing methods for the determination of the population dynamics of the potato eelworm and the nematode resistance, their sources of error and their limitation

Foster, J.D., 1957:
Testing milk and cream for butterfat, together with the administration of Kentucky's Creamery License Law

Eisenreich, L., 1958:
Testing milk dispensing devices.

Rogers, J.A., 1957:
Testing milk for preclinical signs of ketosis

Schonberg, F.; Jaremko, N., 1961:
Testing milk with Nessler's reagent as an index of quality and especially keeping quality of milk.

Bowen, W.K.; Chillingworth, C.A.; Liebelt, M.A., 1957:
Testing milking machine efficiency

Sadyhov, D.M., 1963:
Testing nematicides for the control of root-knot nematodes in the open ground in Azerbajdzan.

Mcguire, D.C.; Allard, R.W., 1958:
Testing nematode resistance in the field

Batts, C.C.V., 1956:
Testing new cereal varieties for disease resistance

Schwendiman, J.L., 1958:
Testing new range forage plants

Leont'eva, M.Y.A.; Gerasimov, B.S., 1958:
Testing new treatments for Maize against diseases and soil pests

Siman, J.; Vendys, L., 1958:
Testing new wrappers for Camembert cheese.

Peltola, E.; Antila, V., 1961:
Testing of Glad rennet powder.

Alden, M.R., 1961:
Testing of 27 herbicides on 16 vegetable crops and sugar beets on mineral soil

Andersen, K.L.; Dohn, J.; Nielsen, F.; Moller-Madsen, A., 1963:
Testing of 8 milk cooling plants and a milk tanker.

Andersen, K.L.; Christensen, R.H., 1956:
Testing of A.P.V. plate pasteurizer type HX.

Poulsen, P.R.; Hansen, K.; Mondorf, U., 1963:
Testing of Alfa-Laval Clarifixator, type 4385 M.

Dovle, H., 1958:
Testing of Bacto-strip, type Goli-strip for milk.

Focke, I.; Focke, R., 1963:
Testing of Fusarium resistance in maize in the embryo test

Warmbrunn, K., 1959:
Testing of German official Wheat varieties for resistance to dwarf bunt (T. contraversa)

Hamann, I., 1958:
Testing of Newcastle disease vaccines. Examination of fowl sera with the haemagglutination-inhibition test and comparison with a lyophilized Newcastle disease serum

Peltola, E.; Syrjanen, H., 1963:
Testing of Paul-Lewis rennet extract.

Young, C.W.T., 1963:
Testing of Poplars and Pines against Pine twisting rust, Melampsora pinitorqua

Lankes, C., 2007:
Testing of Prunus rootstock clones for virus tolerance

Focke, I.; Focke, R., 1960:
Testing of Pythium resistance in maize in the embryo test

Peltola, E.; Kyla-Siurola, A.-Liisa, 1962:
Testing of Tego 51 disinfectant.

Dovle, H.; Framhus, O.; Sauge, P., 1959:
Testing of a control panel for pasteurization plants.

Pugai, B.N., 1963:
Testing of a piperazine compound against ascaridiasis in chickens.

Matassino, D., 1960:
Testing of an active principle derived from wheat

Rieth, H.; Ito, K.; Hansen, P.; List, G., 1958:
Testing of antifungal substances in rubber of different qualities

Klink, G., 1958:
Testing of aphids on the rotating disk, with a discovery about static orientation

Pilich, E.; Roszkowski, M., 2005:
Testing of bathroom furniture elements exposed to variable climatic conditions

Forsek, Z.; Tunkl, B.; Romic, Z., 1958:
Testing of bovine tuberculin in sensitized cattle. I. Sensitization with killed tubercle bacilli.

Berde, B.; Cerletti, A., 1961:
Testing of bradykinin and hyper-tensin on the mammary gland.

Overaa, P., 1961:
Testing of cereal seed disinfectants.

Koller, J.; Heinen, A.; Laramberge, R.D., 1956:
Testing of cereal varieties in the East-Central Region and in Alsace. (Experimentation sur cereales 1950-1955.)

Gildenblat, A.A.; Potemkin, V.I.; Pavlova, N.V., 1958:
Testing of chlorophos as an anthelmintic.

Khorava, G.V.; Kurmaziya, N.M.; Akusba, Z.V., 1961:
Testing of chloroquine against ascariasis in man.

Anonymous, 1958:
Testing of cultivated races of potato for resistance to wart disease 1957/58

Pirson, H., 1960:
Testing of different winter Wheat varieties for susceptibility to S. nodorum using artificial infections

Boden, W., 1963:
Testing of disinfectants against Br. abortus Strain 19.

Kotelnikov, G.A., 1959:
Testing of filixan against fascioliasis in cattle.

Valaskova, Eva, 1962:
Testing of fungicides for soil disinfection

Balla, L., 1962:
Testing of immunogenicity of vaccines against fowl pox.

Afanasiev, M.M.; Sharp, E.L., 1961:
Testing of inbred lines of sugar beets for resistance to Aphanomyces, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium root rots

Erdey, L., 1958:
Testing of matter by derivative thermogravimetry.

Starkov, Yu. M.; Petrushova, Mme, N.I., 1961 :
Testing of mustard oils for control of the fusariosis of Wheat

Ozerskaya, V.N., 1959:
Testing of new anthelminties against Muellerius in sheep.

Krivoshta, E.E., 1956:
Testing of new drugs against Dicrocoelium in sheep.

Hanson, N.S.; Bumanglag, J., 1957:
Testing of new herbicides

Boubals, D., 1963:
Testing of new varieties

Funnikova, S.V., 1959:
Testing of organic phosphorus compounds for the control of molluscs.

Anonymous, 1962:
Testing of packaging material for dairy products.

Davey, P.M.; Amos, T.G., 1961:
Testing of paper and other sack materials for penetration by insects which infest stored products

Olah, P.; Palatka, Z., 1962:
Testing of pathogenicity of Newcastle disease virus by intra-cerebral infection of pigeons.

Sarimsakov, F.S., 1958:
Testing of phenothiazine against Bunostomum in sheep.

Gildenblat, A.A., 1958:
Testing of phenothiazine against Ganguleterakis in geese.

Sauge, P., 1959:
Testing of plastic buckets.

Anonymous, 1960:
Testing of plastic emulsion Setal N 9815 hv-c/o.

Klesov, M.D.; Popova, Z.G., 1958:
Testing of prophylactic methods against Dicrocoelium in sheep.

Martinovic, Milica, 1960:
Testing of some preparations to increase the adhesiveness of Bordeaux mixture

Budisic, M., 1959:
Testing of soya-bean varieties in Slavonia

Van Der Giessen, A.C., 1960:
Testing of spinach for mosaic resistance on a small and a large scale

Peltola, E.; Antila, V.; Malkki, Y.; Savanoja, O., 1959:
Testing of stainless steel butter churn, model BFA 4.

Domsch, K.H., 1962:
Testing of substances active against Thielaviopsis and Fusarium

Mork, R.; Framhus, O.; Solberg, P.; Ystgaard, O.M., 1958:
Testing of tank washing apparatus.

Peltola, E.; Antila, V., 1961:
Testing of the Kello-dural light metal milk can.

Smith, W.R., 1963:
Testing of the Charollais breed in Britain

Andersen, K.L.; Christensen, R.H.; Svejgaard, T., 1957:
Testing of the Rauer plate pasteurizer, type PK 11.

Dovle, H.; Sauge, P., 1960:
Testing of the Tuchenhagen control panel for pasteurization plants.

Grigorev, N.K.; Osipov, A.N.; Bachinski, V.P., 1960:
Testing of the anthelmintic action of a piperazine-adipate and phenothiazine mixture against mixed Ascaridia and Heterakis infections in chickens.

Liovic, B.; Zupanic, M., 2006:
Testing of the effectiveness of fungicides for the control of fungus Microsphaera alphitoides, Griff et Maubl. on oak seedling plants

Hecke, F., 1960:
Testing of the foot-and-mouth disease vaccine in Germany

Ramazanov, V.T., 1963:
Testing of the scolex precipitation reaction in hydatidosis of farm animals.

Parnas, J.; Blitek, D.; Kozicka, A.; Zuber, S., 1957:
Testing of the virulence of Brucella strains in relation to chick embryos and white mice

Van Dijk, G.E., 1958:
Testing of timothy in mixed cultures. (De eerste tien jaren.)

Shakiev, E.S., 1963:
Testing of tin arsenate and calcium arsenate against Avitellina in sheep.

Gersonde, M.; Becker, G., 1958:
Testing of wood preservatives against fungi in buildings under semipractical conditions ('fungus-cellar' tests)

Purushotham, A.; Tewari, M.C., 1959:
Testing of wood preservatives, Part IV. (Leaching of fire retardant-cum-antiseptic compositions). Part V. (Solubility in water of Ascu in treated wood)

Tewari, M.C., 1959:
Testing of wood preservatives. Part III. Basilit UA and Basilit UA Spl

Lohano, H.D.; Mari, F.M.; Memon, R.A., 2005:
Testing onion market integration in Pakistan

Horawski, M., 1963:
Testing organic matter in moss peat with HNO3.

Telkiev, G.; Tomov, N., 1958:
Testing our first double-cross hybrids of maize.

Walter, F., 1961:
Testing particle-boards - bending tests on samples loaded in the direction of the board plane.

Moller, K.-H., 1957:
Testing populations in degeneration areas, an auxiliary method in breeding potatoes resistant to degeneration

Mohr, W.; Krone ., 1956:
Testing preserved milk exported to tropics in 1956.

Splittgerber, H.; Gysae, M., 1962:
Testing pressed potato meal as a component of all-mash broiler feed

Bohm, H., 1962:
Testing rabies vaccines. II. Immunization of mice

Niemann, E., 1962:
Testing red and white clover for resistance to clover rot

Nedbal, F., 1961:
Testing screw- and nail- holding in particle boards.

Yacubson, D.; Lugea, M.J., 1960:
Testing seed of Argentine forest species.

Jeuic, J.; Ristanovic, B., 1961:
Testing several isolates from bovine rumen contents with Escherichia coli 113-3

Woodruff, C.M.; Mcintosh, J.L., 1960:
Testing soil for potassium

Duggan, J.J., 1958:
Testing soil samples for beet root eelworm (Heterodera schachtii Schmidt)

Duggan, J.J., 1957:
Testing soil samples for beet root eelworm (Heterodera schachtii Schmidt.)

Hodgkins, E.J., 1956:
Testing soil-site index tables in southwestern Alabama

Bacsis, G.; Pipie, A., 1961:
Testing some Bulgarian varieties of cotton

Kartaloff, P., 1963:
Testing some native and foreign cucumber varieties and their F1 progeny under glass

Shulman, E.S.; Burakovskaya, K.A., 1956:
Testing some new methods of treating Trichuris infections.

Abdelkader, S.; Zaklama, S., 1960:
Testing some new systemic insecticides against internal infestations of fig trees by the stem borer Sphenoptera trispinosa

Splittgerber, H.; Gysae, M., 1963:
Testing soya flakes as a component of poultry fattening feeds.

Kirsch, W.; Fewson, D.; Fender, M., 1962:
Testing stations as an aid to selection in pig breeding. 1. Model calculations to examine the effectiveness of different testing methods and systems

Fewson, D.; Fender, M.; Kirsch, W., 1962:
Testing stations as an aid to selection in pig breeding. 2. Selection experiment to test the effectiveness of indivual performance testing of boars.

Schipper, M.A.A.; Heybroek, H.M., 1957:
Testing strains of N. cinnabarina (Tode) Fr. on living shoots in vitro

Chu, T.-L.; Liu, H.-P.; Lo, H.-C., 1957:
Testing sugar cane variety for resistance to Sclerospora sacchari.

Gutstein, I.; Gutstin, Y. ] Weizman Wltsman], L., 1958:
Testing sugar-beet varieties.

Kunter, E., 1963:
Testing susceptibility to antibiotics and sulphonamides of mastitis agents.

Kunter, E., 1963:
Testing susceptibility to antibiotics and sulphonamides of mastitis organisms.

Giamalva, M.J.; Hernandez, T.P.; Martin, W.J.; Miller, J.C., 1961:
Testing sweetpotato progenies for nematode resistance

Vogt, H.; Stute, K., 1963:
Testing tapioca meal in all-mash feed for fattening chickens when the addition began at different ages.

Warmbrunn, K., 1959:
Testing the German varietal collection for resistance to dwarf bunt (T. controverse Kuhn)

Lin, Ch'ang-Shan Cheng, Cheng-Liang, 1958:
Testing the Number of Generations of the Army Worm (Cirphis unipuncta Haw.) occurring in various geographical Regions in China by the Method of Thermal Sums.

Peltola, E.; Hukari, E.; Malkki, Y.; Savanoja, O., 1958:
Testing the Silkeborg TOP churn.

Riasova, T., 1961:
Testing the abrasion resistance of wood.

Rosa, W., 1961:
Testing the accuracy of the

Guminski, J.; Rieger, R., 1961:
Testing the accuracy of the Grundner-Schwappach volume tables for Beech.

Rieger, R., 1960:
Testing the accuracy of the Grundner-Schwappach volume tables for Silver Fir.

Glabinski, J., 1960:
Testing the accuracy of the Grundner-Schwappach volume tables in two Scots Pine stands in the Tuchola forests.

Mincheva, N., 1956:
Testing the anthelmintic effect of Chenopodium ambrosioides grown in Bulgaria.

Walter, F., 1961:
Testing the behaviour of fibre- and particle-boards in wetting and drying.

Kollmann, F.; Teichgraber, R., 1961:
Testing the burning properties, especially the resistance to combustion, of boards of wood and wood-based materials.

Peltola, E.; Antila, V.; Malkki, Y.; Savanoja, O., 1959:
Testing the butter churn BFA 4.

Schulze, J., 1960:
Testing the combining ability of inbred lines of sunflower (H. annuus L.) by means of the topcross method

Sachelarescu, F.; E.A., 1963:
Testing the durability of wood with the help of radioactive isotopes.

Popov, M., 1962:
Testing the effect of gibberellin on oriental tobacco grown on fertilized and non-fertilized soil.

Taranenko, I.L., 1963:
Testing the effect of some chemical compounds on Ascaridia galli eggs.

Lilov, D., 1962:
Testing the effect of some stimulants on the production of rooted vine grafts.

Von Bulow, V., 1962:
Testing the efficacy of adsorbed, formolized foot and mouth disease vaccines by the immunity of mice born to vaccinated mothers

Eissner, G., 1963:
Testing the efficacy of fowl pox vaccines.

Mohlmann, H.; Meese, M.; Gurtler, D., 1963:
Testing the efficacy of swine erysipelas live and adsorbed vaccines.

Macpherson, A.F., 1962:
Testing the efficiency of air-photo stratification used in the New Brunswick forest inventory

Fiolek, S., 1961:
Testing the efficiency of stump-pullers.

Debreczeni, B., 1962:
Testing the efficiency of the Hungarian double fertilizer (Nifos) on the basis of its phosphorus solubility.

Kohler, H., 1960:
Testing the hormonal constitution of cattle by stress. 1. The white blood picture after stress by bleeding or with ACTH

Weirich, H.A., 1960:
Testing the hormonal constitution of cattle by stress. 2. Thorn's test in healthy cows with reference to milk yield and feeding

Hecke, F.; Lorenz, R., 1960:
Testing the immunizing capacity of foot and mouth disease vaccines: reliability of the method of challenge by swabbing the tongue

Roberts, Nest, A., 1962:
Testing the mechanical efficiency of milking machines

Burdelev, T.E., 1956:
Testing the medicinal action of phenothiazine in ascariasis.

Foschi, S., 1961:
Testing the miscibility of fungicides

Skorepa, J.; Jablonska, . M., 1956:
Testing the neutralising capacity of the stomach

Peevy, F.A., 1961:
Testing the new herbicides

Thompson, D.I.; Koepp, E., 1956:
Testing the performance of milk laboratories by means of liquid split-samples

Thiesmeyer, L.R., 1963:
Testing the pipeline concept

Geerts, S.J.; Stumm, C., 1960:
Testing the ploidy of polyploid yeasts with the mass selection technique

Krivanek, V., 1961:
Testing the productivity of vineyards planted with selected material

Szecsenyi, A., 1962:
Testing the quality of concentrates by their effect on feed-conditioned reflex activity and its importance in large pig-fattening organisations.

Hoffer, H., 1963:
Testing the quality of cream in 1959-62.

Deters, R., 1963:
Testing the quality of wood preservation work

Kriz, J.; Taimr, L., 1962:
Testing the range of organophosphates, acaricides and ovicides for the control of hop aphid and spider mite.

Skripen, J., 1962:
Testing the resistance of boards to sudden dynamic loads.

Hubbeling, N., 1962:
Testing the resistance of peas to top-yellows and early browning in relation to the variation of symptoms in the field

Hamann, U., 1962:
Testing the resistance of potato breeding material to leaf-roll virus by means of laboratory methods

Miric, M., 1958:
Testing the resistance of the main domestic and introduced maize varieties and lines to H. turcicum Pass

Pawlik, A., E.Al., 1963:
Testing the resistance of tobacco to Peronospora tabacina Adam in the cotyledon stage.

Aule, O., 1958:
Testing the stability of coffee cream.

Borger, K., 1962:
Testing the suitability of cotton wool disks for milk filtration.

Miric, M., 1960:
Testing the susceptibility of the main maize inbred lines (parental forms) to H. turcicum Pass

Blaauw, M.; Christen, J.A.; Mauquoy, D.; van der Plicht, J.; Bennett, K.D., 2007:
Testing the timing of radiocarbon-dated events between proxy archives

Demidova, Mme, Z.A., 1960:
Testing the toxic properties of an emulsified preparation from the by-products of the coke industry in relation to house fungi

Linden, M.I., 1960:
Testing the toxicity of Tobacco plants infected by mosaic

Mundo, I., A.; Barrera, M., D.; Roig, F., A., 2007:
Testing the utility of Nothofagus pumilio for dating a snow avalanche in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Fischer, R., 1960:
Testing the utility of mechanical indication in investigations on frame saws.

Smirnov, I.V.; Postavnaja, V.I.; Odnorog, H.A., 1963:
Testing the value of a bicarbonate-phosphate diluent for bull semen. .

Borojevic, S.; Misic, T., 1962:
Testing the value of mixtures of wheat varieties

Meinx, R., 1956:
Testing the winter hardiness of winter wheats. (Jahrbuch 1955 der Bundesanstalt fur Pflanzenbau und Samenprufung in Wien.)

Yde Andersen, A., 1963:
Testing three coal-tar oils with reference to their use to control infection of stump surfaces by spores of Fomes annosus.

Pawlik, A.; Schmid, K.; Sprau, F.; Krauss, E., 1963:
Testing tobacco for resistance to P. tabacina Adam at the cotyledonary stage

Jung, G.F.; Jahnke, K.; Burg, H., 1963:
Testing triolein-131I tolerance in diabetes and arteriosclerosis.

Schafer, W., 1957:
Testing vaccines for freedom from virulent organisms

Pruter, A., 1961:
Testing varietal purity of winter- and spring-barley.

Rafay, S.A., 1962:
Testing varietal resistance to cane diseases, Part I - red rot

K.Sicina, E.S., 1958:
Testing varieties of a collection of winter wheat for frost resistance and yield at the Valujsk Research Station for Soil Amelioration.

Pedersen, P.N., 1962:
Testing varieties of barley for physiological resistance to loose smut, Ustilago nuda (Jens.) Rostr

Kuhnel, Waltraude, 1961:
Testing various methods for infecting common and Italian millet with the smut fungi S. destruens and U. crameri as well as investigations of the duration of the infectible state of the host plant

Veckenstedt, A.; Wagner, S., 1963:
Testing various strains of mouse for their susceptibility to neurotropic foot and mouth disease virus, II. Dependence upon age of animal.

Singh, S.N., 1959:
Testing viability of papaya pollen in artificial medium

Greuel, E., 1963:
Testing virtodal disinfectants in experiments using vires culture in ex-embryonated eggs.

Gerhold, H.D., 1962:
Testing white pines for weevil resistance

Clad, W., 1959:
Testing wood glues.

Siman, J., 1960:
Testing wrappers for dried cheese.

Casselman, T.W.; Thayer, P.L.; Genung, W.G.; Wehlburg, C.; Orsenigo, J.R., 1963:
Testing, improvement, and development of agricultural chemical application equipment

Donovan, B.T.; Jacobsohn, D., 1960:
Testosterone and the growth of mammary glands and other tissues of hypophy-sectomized rats treated with thyroxine, insulin and cortisone

Rui, D.; Mori, P.; Giraldi, G., 1961:
Tests against Peronospora on Tobacco in a greenhouse

Granett, P.; J Hansens, E., 1961:
Tests against face flies on cattle in New Jersey during 1960

Granett, P.; Hansens, E.J.; Forgash, A.J., 1962:
Tests against face flies on cattle in New Jersey during 1961

Martin Bolanos, M., 1959:
Tests and criticism of a portable seed drier and extractor with interior heating.

Kabiersch, W., 1960:
Tests and experiments on the control of Hylemya floralis (Fall.)

Marckmann, E.; Hingst, G., 1956:
Tests and results of a one-year study of the protein content of the milk from 1500 cows recorded for a whole year in Schleswig-Holstein

Planes Garcia, S.; Del Rivero, J.M., 1963:
Tests carried out against the olive fly in 1960

Schober, R.; Schutz, A., 1963:
Tests carried out by the German Agricultural Society on dairy products in 1963.

Pulz, A., 1963:
Tests carried out by the German Agricultural Society on market milk.

Kay, H., 1962:
Tests carried out on ice cream by the German Agricultural Society in 1962.

Harding, James, A., 1959:
Tests comparing insecticides for the control of thrips on spinach

Themlitz, R., 1960:
Tests comparing the nutrient uptake of Spruce and Pine seedlings from Rhenania phosphate and dolomite marls, and the distribution of nutrients between aerial and subterranean organs.

Demerec, M.; Ozeki, H., 1959:
Tests for Allelism among Auxotrophs of Salmonella Typhimurium

Van Den Bruel, W.E.; Moens, R., 1957:
Tests for controlling the fresh-water snail Limnaea peregra in water-cress beds

Huang, H.; Giese, A.C., 1958:
Tests for Digestion of Algal Polysaccharides by Some Marine Herbivores

Marcet, E., 1960:
Tests for early selection of Black Poplar hybrids suitable for low or high altitudes.

Ridgway, J.D., 1957:
Tests for effectiveness of homogen-ization of milk

Krienke, W.A., 1959:
Tests for evaluating the milk plasma phase of whole milk

Movsum-Zade, K.K., 1959:
Tests for kidney function in horses and cattle. II.

Primault, B., 1962:
Tests for measuring soil temperature.

French, W.L.; Kitzmiller, J.B., 1963:
Tests for multiple fertilization in Anopheles quadrimaculatus

Kitzmiller, J.B.; Laven, H., 1958:
Tests for multiple fertilization in Culex mosquitoes by the use of genetic markers

Puerta, J.; Alonso, A., 1958:
Tests for resistance to different diseases in various French Bean vars

Haldane, J.B., 1963:
Tests For Sex-Linked Inheritance On Population Samples

Alifax, R.; Bejambes, M., 1956:
Tests for simultaneous determination of iron and copper in milk and dairy products.

Clegg, L.F.L.; Hoy, W.A.; Cousins, C.M., 1959:
Tests for the approval of deter-gent-sterilizers for farm dairy purposes

Lauska, A., 1961:
Tests for the control of Fomes annosus

Semel, M., 1958:
Tests for the control of Tetranychus telarius (L.) on lima beans

Graniti, A., 1963:
Tests for the control of the pathogens causing 'collar rot' of Lettuce in Apulia

Cohen, S.; Nitzany, F.E.; Harpaz, L, 1963:
Tests for the control of the yellowing top virus on Tomatoes.

Foschi, S., 1958:
Tests for the control of vine powdery mildew

Scharpenseel, H.W.; Menke, K.H., 1957:
Tests for the early diagnosis of plant virus diseases

Stute, K., 1956:
Tests for the presence of herbicides and insecticides in dead bees.

D'aguilar, J.; Anglade, P.; Cherblanc, G.; Paitier, G., 1962:
Tests for the protection of potato crops against S. immaculata

Malaguti, G.; Jimenez, H.; Horovitz, S., 1957:
Tests for the transmission of Papaw mosaic to different Carica spp

Nitzany, F.E., 1960:
Tests for tobacco mosaic virus inactivation on tomato trellis wires

Fleck, D.G.; Payne, R.A., 1963:
Tests for toxoplasma antibody

Turri, E., 1959:
Tests in 1958-59 in the Province of Rome of non-copper fungicides to control peach leaf curl

Sinreich, A., 1958:
Tests in Lower Austria with Forst-Viton

Landi, R., 1957:
Tests in space and tests over a number of years

Campacci, C.A.; Pacheco, C.D.N.; D.F.zio, G.M., 1962:
Tests in vitro with antibiotics for inhibition of Pseudomonas solanacearum (Smith)

Cobbett, N.G.; Peterson, H.O.; Jones, E.M., 1957:
Tests involving the oral administration of phenothiazine, hexachloroethane and di-n-butyltin dilaurate for the control of cattle grubs

Catinot, R.; Leroy Deval, J., 1960:
Tests made in Gaboon on the destruction of 'foret dense' by poisoning.

Gambi, G., 1957:
Tests of '66f' in growing P. taxifolia in the nursery.

Fly, L.B.; Kiem, I., 1963:
Tests of Aloe vera for antibiotic activity

Smirnoff, W.A., 1963:
Tests of Bacillus thuringiensis var. thuringiensis Berliner and B. cereus Frankland and Frankland on larvae of Choristoneura fumiferana (Clemens)

Hansens, E.J.; Granett, P., 1963:
Tests of Ciodrin and other materials against face fly, Musca autumnalis

Briscoe, Charles, B., 1959:
Tests of Girard form class estimation from lower bole taper

Johnson, Norman, E., 1962:
Tests of Guthion for the control of the Douglas-fir cone midge

Myers, L.F.; Bailey, E.T.; Squires, V.R., 1963:
Tests of Vicia and Lathyrus species as a late summer supplement for sheep

Dovle, H.; Framhus, O.; Sauge, P., 1959:
Tests of a control panel for pasteurization plants.

Prebble, M.L.; E.A., 1961:
Tests of a microbial insecticide against forest defoliators

Walser, R., 1961:
Tests of a new, cheap rennet extract with reference to its use in Emmental cheesemaking.

Schimke, H., 1963:
Tests of a wind machine as an aid to burning slash

Mehnert, H.; Forster, H., 1961:
Tests of absorption of glucose, fructose and sorbitol by a new method

Chaboussou, P., 1962:
Tests of acaricides on apple against Tetranychus viennensis and T. telarius

Dreve, S.; Vidican, R., 2005:
Tests of accumulation of uranium in soils

Lanza, F., 1957:
Tests of adaptation and yield of six cultivars of soya bean

Cano, F.; Martelli, R., 1959:
Tests of an organic mercury fungicide, Mericol, against apple scab

Wenk, P.; Frey, J.R., 1957:
Tests of antimycotics, using infected human hairs as the test object

Sorgel, P., 1958:
Tests of apple stem-builders in the nursery stage

Liotta, G.; Mineo, G., 1963:
Tests of artificial biological control of Planococcus citri (Citrus mealybug)

Bohm, O., 1961:
Tests of bacterial preparations for pest control in vegetable growing

Wilien, W.; Coenradie, J., 1960:
Tests of breeders' strains of spring barley for brewing quality

Elrick, D.E.; Scandrett, J.H.; Miller, E.E., 1959:
Tests of capillary flow scaling

Cairaschi, E.A.; D'aguilar, J.; Cangardel, H., 1963:
Tests of chemical control against an apple leaf-miner: S. malella

Bellis, E.De, 1960:
Tests of chemical control of P. suffusella.

Krammes, J.S.; Hellmers, H., 1963:
Tests of chemical treatments to reduce erosion from burned watersheds

Quaglia, A., 1959:
Tests of chemical weed control in onions

Little, S.; Mohr, J.J., 1961:
Tests of deer and rabbit repellents on planted Loblolly Pines in eastern Maryland

Langendorf, G., 1960:
Tests of dipping and soaking methods

Sandhu, A.S.; Laude, H.H., 1958:
Tests of drouth and heat hardiness of winter wheat

Mello, E.J.R.; Pigati, P.; Pigatti, A., 1962:
Tests of dusts with a view to selection of insecticides for the control of E. atomaria

Salles, A.C.C.; Assis, F.P.; D.R.cha, G.L.; Becker, M.; Kalil, E.B.; D.O.iveira, N.P., 1962:
Tests of efficiency of commercial balanced rations for cattle.

Loycke, H.J., 1962:
Tests of fast-cutting bow-saw blades.

Yadao, A.I., 1956:
Tests of five insecticida! sprays in the control of insects affecting tobacco

Schneider, C.L.; Gaskill, J.O., 1962:
Tests of foreign introductions of Beta vnlgaris L. for resistance to Aphanomyces cochlioides Drechs. and Rhizoctonia solani Kuehn

Zacharias, R.; Gutschmidt, J., 1963:
Tests of fruit and vegetable varieties for their suitability for freezing

Gorini, F., 1963:
Tests of germinating capacity in apple pollen

Canecchio Filho, V.; Tella, R.D.A.ramides, E., 1957:
Tests of groundnut varieties. II. Eighth and ninth series of trials

Canecchio Filho, V.; Tella, R.D.C.nagin, A., 1957:
Tests of groundnut varieties. III. Tenth and eleventh series of trials

Guazzalli, R.J., 1959:
Tests of herbicide in pork bean (= jackbean).

Guazzalli, R.J., 1959:
Tests of herbicides in black mucuna.

Krugljakova, N.P., 1963:
Tests of heterotic combinations of cucumber in a heated greenhouse

Hart, P.C.; Veen, H.E.V.D.; Frens, A.M.; Dammiers, J.; Geessink, E.F., 1958:
Tests of hormonal castration with Lynoral

Pankratov, A.Y.; Tret'yakova, A.A.; Smirnov, I.I., 1960:
Tests of immunity in sheep inoculated simultaneously against anthrax, brucellosis and pox.

Smith, J.L., 1959:
Tests of injected chemicals for hardwood control in the Arkansas mountains

Paradis, R.O., 1962:
Tests of insecticide treatments for the repression of the green apple aphid, A. pomi, in the orchards of Quebec

Salkeld, E.H.; Scott, H.E., 1958:
Tests of insecticides and application methods against the carrot rust fly in the peat-muck soil of the Holland Marsh, Ontario, 1949-1954

Harries, F.H.; Matsumori, H., 1956:
Tests of insecticides for control of cucumber beetles in Ohio

Moore, B.; Drummond, R.O.; Brundrett, H.M., 1959:
Tests of insecticides for the control of goat lice in 1957 and 1958

Ebert, D., 1962:
Tests of material of different varieties and provenance in a pot experiment ?

Pratt, H.K., E.Al., 1957:
Tests of modified protective services in the transportation of honey dew melons from California to New York City, 1955 and 1956

Ferand, G., 1963:
Tests of new aphicides for the control of fruit-tree aphids

Friesdorf., 1956:
Tests of new chrysanthemum varieties, 1956

Emonnot, P.; Ferand, G., 1963:
Tests of new insecticides for the control of the codling moth

Becerescu, D.; Tusa, C.B.atu, N.V.siliu, N.V.siliu, L.; Osaci, P., 1960:
Tests of new methods of treatment of Barley seed against loose smut

Van Der Veen, J.H., 1959:
Tests of non-allelic interaction and linkage for quantitative characters in generations derived from two diploid pure lines

Chamberlin, F.S.; Dutky, S.R., 1958:
Tests of pathogens for the control of tobacco insects

Krebs, J., 1956:
Tests of performance and suitability for use at stud of Thoroughbreds born at first foalings

Johnson, J.W.; Albert, T.J., 1962:
Tests of power-driven fasteners for plywood

Golding, D.L.; Hall, O.F., 1961:
Tests of precision of cubic-foot tree-volume equations

Pineau, B.; Lherault, P., 1963:
Tests of products against vine mites

Soderlund, J.A., 1960:
Tests of pumping equipment for ice strengthening.

Salazar, V., J., 1959:
Tests of resistance in seedlings of a Wheat collection to races 14, 17, 19, 21, and 24 of P. graminis f.sp. tritici

Grente, J.; Sauret, S., 1961:
Tests of resistance to 'ink' disease and to E. parasitica on tissue cultures from different Chestnut clones.

Sjoblom, P.L., 1962:
Tests of sandwich planting at Green Canyon tree nursery, North Logan, Utah

Lisa, L., 1958:
Tests of soil cultivation to various depths.

Kulunev, D., 1962:
Tests of some chemicals against cercosporosis of Sugar Beet

Warren, W.G., 1958:
Tests of some instruments for measuring tree height

Witkamp, M.; Starkey, R.L., 1956:
Tests of some methods for detecting antibiotics in soil

Toniolo, L., 1961:
Tests of sowing times in a comparison between maize hybrids and local varieties

Corke, A.T.K, 1962:
Tests of spray materials for use against Gloeosporium spp. in Apple orchards

Taksdal, G., 1962:
Tests of sprays against the black-currant gall-mite, C. ribis

Hillmann, H.D., 1957:
Tests of standing capacity on etiolated seedlings of flax

Segalla, A.L.; Alvarez, R., 1956:
Tests of sugar-cane varieties. I. A series of regional tests carried out in the period 1951-54

Schread, John, C., 1962:
Tests of systemics for control of birch leaf miner

Lund, H.O., 1959:
Tests of the ability of Reticulitermes flavipes (Kollar) to build tubes over Pine wood chemically treated for rot control

Schuphan, W.; Schlottmann, H.; Weinmann, W., 1957:
Tests of the action of plant protective and growth regulating chemicals on plant quality with special reference to biochemical characters

Salerno, M.; Romano, A, 1959:
Tests of the action of streptomycin against Olive 'knot' (Pseu-domonas savastanoi) in experiments in vitro, in the greenhouse, and in the field

Pol, G.; Klein Obbink, H.J., 1961:
Tests of the biological activity of nor-vitamin B6

Cano, F.; Martelli, R., 1959:
Tests of the control of Apple scab with mericol, an organo-mercury fungicide

Pieri, G., 1960:
Tests of the control of B. cinerea on Grape

Graniti, A., 1956:
Tests of the control of Olive ' leprosy' in Sicily with mixed treatments, useful also against Olive fly

Mishin, A.V., 1959:
Tests of the effect of BHC on engorged ticks, Ixodes persulcatus P.Sch., In the immature stages.

Baldacci, E.; Betto, E., 1958:
Tests of the fungicidal effect upon U. appendiculatus of some antibiotics applied by coverage and systemically

Cristinzio, M., 1957:
Tests of the fungicidal efficacy of some non-copper products in comparison with Bordeaux mixture

Welch, H.E.; Briand, L.J., 1961:
Tests of the nematode DD 136 and an associated bacterium fop control of the Colorado potato beetle, Lepiz'wo tarsa decemlineata

Huyskes, J.A., 1960:
Tests of the practical value of the new summer lettuce variety Hilde

Davidovic, B.; Cemerikic, M., 1963:
Tests of the principal physical and mechanical properties of Beech from Goc, Zeljin, and Southern Kucaj.

Maksic, S., 1959:
Tests of the quality of B. verrucosa seed from Macedonia.

Thomas, B.; Anders, E.; Plessing, H.; Fuchs, K., 1957:
Tests of the quality of pale-grained rye in comparison with green-grained Petkuser rye

Green, G.J.; Johnson, T., 1956:
Tests of the reaction of wheat varieties to stem-rust races

Magnani, G., 1963:
Tests of the resistance of some Euramerican Poplars to Dothichiza populea.

Magnani, G., 1963:
Tests of the resistance of some Euramerican poplars to D. populea Sacc. et Briard

Bua, G., 1957:
Tests of the transmissibility of Rhizoctonia solani K. (Preliminary note)

Oltvanyi, F.; Moger, J., 1958:
Tests of the value of certain types of the tobacco variety Debrecen

Bonadonna, T.; Colanghis, S.; Curto, G., 1963:
Tests of tolerance for meal of detheobrominised cocoa husks in diets of pigs and lactating cows.

Malaguti, G.; Jimenez, H.; Hoeovitz, S., 1957:
Tests of transmission of papaw mosaic to other species of Carica

Martin, C., 1961:
Tests of treatments against C. undatus

Besson, J.; Joly, E.; Rousse, M., 1962:
Tests of treatments against black rot of Vine, G. bidwellii

Chevallier, M.; Lherault, P.; Pinew, B., 1963:
Tests of treatments against the vine moths in 196l

Bonnemaison, L., 1962:
Tests of treatments against the woolly apple aphid (E. lanigerum)

Shigematsu, Y., 1956:
Tests of tropical woods. Part 1. Mechanical properties of 7 Philippine woods and 2 Tai woods.

Kruger, L.; Lusse, W.; Schulze, G., 1956:
Tests of uniovularity in male Spotted cattle triplets. 1. Diagnosis of identity from phenotypical and physiological characteristics

Ellis, T.O.; Rohrig, P.E.; Arceneaux, G., 1957:
Tests of varietal milling qualities at Romana during 1957

Brown, A.M.; Johnson, T., 1956:
Tests of varieties against physiological races of wheat leaf rust

Boulanger, L.W., 1958:
Tests on Control of the Codling Moth in Maine during 1957

Glazewska, Z Dzislawa., 1963:
Tests on Hop nettlehead control by thermotherapy

Pedersen, A.H.; Fisker, A.N.; Madsen, H., 1957:
Tests on Silkeborg stainless steel TOP-churn, Type UHH No. 32.

Sauge, P.; Framhus, O.; Dovle, H.; Solberg, P.; Ystgaard, O.M., 1958:
Tests on a farm milk cooler.

Framhus, O.; Sauge, P., 1957:
Tests on a flow diversion valve.

Framhus, O.; Sauge, P., 1959:
Tests on a hydraulic jet cleaner.

Meinel, R., 1960:
Tests on a method for microscopic differentiation of pathogenic and apatho-genic mycobacteria in examination of milk.

Lalatta, F., 1956:
Tests on a method of comparing the drought resistance of fruit plants

Mork, R.; Framhus, O.; Solberg, P.; Ystgaard, O.M., 1957:
Tests on a milk cooler.

Sauge, P.; Framhus, O., 1958:
Tests on a milk cooler.

Framhus, O.; Sauge, P., 1959:
Tests on a milk cooler.

Mork, R.; Framhus, O.; Solberg, P.; Ystgaard, O.M., 1958:
Tests on a milk cooling unit for farm use

Cesul, J.; Nowak, E.F.lipkowski, S., 1961:
Tests on a vane pump.

Becker, G.; Puchelt, D., 1961:
Tests on basic procedure for laboratory testing with two-species of Reticulitermes

Schultze Dewitz, G., 1962:
Tests on bog-Oak timber.

Bruhann, W., 1961:
Tests on cattle with diluted tuberculins

Chiu, Shiu-Chou, 1960:
Tests on chemical control of Citrus green stinkbug (Rhynehocoris humeralis Thunberg).

Stenseth, C., 1962:
Tests on chemical means of controlling the soft scale (Coccus hesperidum L.).

Friedrichs, W., 1959:
Tests on chemical thinning of Golden Delicious apples

Kerr, S.H., 1959:
Tests on chinch bugs, and the current status of controls

Ciferri, O., 1956:
Tests on cleaning containers and pumps contaminated with 2,4-D

Holley, W.D.; Matthews, B., 1962:
Tests on cut flower life of carnations

Singer, Gisela Zuhlsdorf, Marianne., 1962:
Tests on dairy detergents and sterilizers. 4. Microbiological effectiveness of sterilizers made in Eastern Germany.

Zuhlsdorf, Marianne, 1962:
Tests on dairy detergents and sterilizers. 5. Testing detergents under conditions of practical use and the summary of all results.

Zuhlsdorf, Marianne., 1962:
Tests on dairy detergents and sterilizers. Part III. Gentle action of the compounds made in Eastern Germany.

Voinov, S.I.; Lutsevich, F.F., 1959:
Tests on deer of experimental foot and mouth disease vaccines prepared from local deer strains of the virus.

Homb, T.; orlid, L.; Welden, T., 1958:
Tests on feediag rape-seed to milking cosys.

Stehle, G., 1963:
Tests on flavoured milk and cultured dairy products organized by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) in 1963.

N.N., 1963:
Tests on fresh cheese in consumer packages.

Koch, G., 1963:
Tests on fresh cheese in consumer packaging carried out by the German Agricultural Society (D.L.G.).

Vovk, A.M.; Andronova, M.A.V., 1962:
Tests on gall nematode as a possible vector of Tobacco mosaic virus.

Hall, W.T.K., 1958:
Tests on grasstree poisoning

Shaburov, M.S.; E.A., 1962:
Tests on horses of the safety of neurotropic avirulent virus vaccine against African horse sickness.

Weigel, C.A.; Sullivan, W.N.; Hornsteins, I.; Thomas, C.A., 1959:
Tests on lindane and aldrin vapors in the control of adult mushroom flies

Ma, T.P., 1963:
Tests on mechanical and physical properties of important timbers in Taiwan (9).

Gibbs, H.C.; Pullin, J.W., 1962:
Tests on Methyridine as an Anthelmintic in Sheep

Parkhe, D.P.; Kurup, A.R., 1959:
Tests on modified vertical suction light trap and various other types of traps for the cigarette beetle (Lasioderma serricorne F.) in the tobacco godowns

Foschi, S.; Govi, G., 1956:
Tests on non-copper fungicides for the control of

Piceo, D., 1956:
Tests on non-copper fungicides on tomato

Boubals, D.; Vergnes, A.; Bobo, H., 1956:
Tests on organic and organo-cupric fungicides for the control of vine downy mildew in 1955

Galassi, D., 1962:
Tests on pigs of foot and mouth disease vaccines prepared from virus grown on calf kidney cells.

Garms, R.; Rehm, W.F., 1961:
Tests on raising the DDT-tolerance of A. labranchiae atroparvus by selection

Simard, J., 1956:
Tests on repressing cabbage yellows

Magnani, G., 1963:
Tests on resistance to Cryptodiaporthe populea of some European-American Poplar hybrids

Darpoux, H.; Louvet, J.; Ponchet, J., 1957:
Tests on seed treatment of crucifers against Phoma lingam and Alternaria brassicae

Sasso, G., 1958:
Tests on sprinkling and furrow irrigation of maize.

Horvathne, L.I., 1960:
Tests on the

Drees, H.; Schwitulla, H., 1956:
Tests on the Use of A. solitarius against L. dispar

Pieri, G., 1957:
Tests on the action of captan on phylloxera of vines

Verzilov, V.F.; Ukolova, M.D.; Kucaeva, A.G., 1960:
Tests on the activity of Soviet gibberellins.

Anglade, P., 1961:
Tests on the application of an American method of judging varieties of maize by rating the damage caused by artificial infestation with the Pyralid (Ostrinia ( = Pyrausta) nubilalis Hubn.).

Bohr, K., 1963:
Tests on the application of plant-protection materials by means of an overhead sprinkler system

Schwenke, W., 1962:
Tests on the biological control of P. flammea with the egg-parasite T. embryophagum

Babicki, R.; Prosinski, S., 1959:
Tests on the chemical composition of lowland Beech.

Kaitazov, A.; Iliev, I., 1961:
Tests on the chemical control of the Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) in Bulgaria in 1959.

Heinrich, W.O.; Araujo, J.B.M., 1961:
Tests on the control of ' wart ' of coffee with systemic insecticides

Behrenz, W.; Technau, G., 1959:
Tests on the control of A. punctatum with symbionticides. (A contribution to the experimental investigation of symbiosis.)

Schmidt, Trude, 1962:
Tests on the control of Bean anthracnose

Waede, M., 1960:
Tests on the control of D. brassicae in flowering rape stands by means of cold aerosols

Stoyanov, D., 1963:
Tests on the control of Ditylenchus allii Beijerinck on garlic.

Lo, S.N.; Huang, P.K., 1963:
Tests on the control of Empoasca subrufa Melichar with DDT and BHC.

Marras, F., 1960:
Tests on the control of Leveillula taurica on globe artichoke

Gospodinov, G., 1962:
Tests on the control of Omophlus proteus Kirsch and Omophlus lepturoides F.

Jannone, G.; Binaghi, G., 1962:
Tests on the control of Paratetranychus ununguis.

Zanardi, D., 1957:
Tests on the control of Peronospora schleideni Ung. on Onion (Allium cepa L.) with zineb

Ferri, F.; Noviello, C Armine., 1963:
Tests on the control of S. rolfsii on Hemp

Puzzi, D.; Stamato, W., 1961:
Tests on the control of a new pest of Citrus

Kramer, K., 1960:
Tests on the control of apple fruit moth (Argyresthia conjugella Zell.)

Alkan, B., 1958:
Tests on the control of mosquito larvae in rice-fields near Ankara in 1947-50

Pucci, E., 1962:
Tests on the control of some plant diseases carried out near the Agricultural Centre for Sidi Mesri, Tripoli, Libya

Popova, V., 1962:
Tests on the control of the Colorado beetle.

Nucifora, A., 1960:
Tests on the control of the Mediterranean fruit fly in 1956-58 with Rogor and other substances

Buhl, G.; Hornig, E., 1961:
Tests on the control of the brassica pod midge (Dasyneura brassicae Winn.) and the brassica pod weevil (Ceuthorrhyn-chus assimilis Payk.) in rape stands with preparations harmless to bees in sprays applied from a helicopter.

Tsvetkov, D.; Tosheva, T.; Ilkov, V., 1961:
Tests on the control of the chewy fruit-fly (Rhagoletis cerasi L.) by the aerosol method.

Pigatti, A., 1960:
Tests on the control of the cutworm, A. ypsilon. with modern organic insecticides

Cairaschi, E.A.; Cwgardel, H., 1963:
Tests on the control of the cyclamen mite (S. pallidus)

Lepigre, A., 1963:
Tests on the control of the date moth (Ectomyelois ceratoniae) on the tree

Tsvetkov, D.; Bogdanov, V., 1961:
Tests on the control of the granary weevil Sitophilus granarius L.-with chemicals for fumigating and dusting wheat grain.

Chrestian, P., 1961:
Tests on the control of the layender beetle.

Lozzia, G., 1956:
Tests on the control of the olive black scale and sooty mould in East Morocco

Baccetti, B.; Zocchi, R., 1962:
Tests on the control of the pine pro-cessionary by means of ionising radiations

Hrulev, V.M., 1958:
Tests on the durability of glued plywood.

Lecrenier, A.; Piquer, G., 1956:
Tests on the effect of cement dust on plants

Corte, A.; Ciferri, R., 1958:
Tests on the effectiveness of gibberellins on a hundred species of cultivated plants

Richous, R.; Quinchon, C.; Chirol, C., 1960:
Tests on the egg yolk medium and maize oil and casein compared to the coagulation of plasma oxalate for the determination of pathogenicity of staphylococci.

Cantillon, P., 1959:
Tests on the health status of a world collection of tobacco varieties and the effect of the preceding crop on the incidence of virus diseases

Burgerjon, A.; D.B.Delta Rjac, H., 1962:
Tests on the insecticidal role of the thermostable toxin produced by B. thuringiensis

Swietochowski, B.; Bors, J.; Przestalski, S., 1959:
Tests on the measurement of small displacements in soil by means of gamma rays.

Boxus, P., 1963:
Tests on the mechanical transmission of ringspot virus from cherries to herbaceous plants

Loreti, F.; Balestrieri, G., 1963:
Tests on the persistence of some herbicides in the soil

Heinze, K., 1959:
Tests on the persistence of the pea enation virus (acute vein mosaic) in Macrosiphum pisum

Kontek, W.; Bauza, J.; Nowak, K., 1960:
Tests on the physical and mechanical properties of block-boards.

Damoiseau, R., 1962:
Tests on the phytopharmaceutical protection of C. excelsa against the gall-making Psyllid P. lata. III. Tests of systemic insecticides

Quelennec, G., 1962:
Tests on the range of action of two insecticides applied against the larvae of S. damnosum in North Dahomey

Martinek, V., 1963:
Tests on the rearing of egg-parasites of the genus Trichogramma from the eggs of forest pests in the laboratory

Hawkins, W.B.; Moore, J.B.; Smith, G.E., 1959:
Tests on the resistance of Anopheles larvae in the region of the Tennessee Valley Authority

Rivera, J.R., 1963:
Tests on the resistance of some varieties and hybrids to smut disease of Sugarcane

Piest, K.H., 1963:
Tests on the speed of power-saw chains.

Martelli, G.P.; Salerno, M.; Ciccarone, A., 1959:
Tests on the spring control of shot-hole fungus of almonds in Sicily

Michalak, J.; Rogalinski, K.; Kubiak, M., 1963:
Tests on the technical properties of Populus X marilandica wood.

Liang, Tung-Ting Lin, Wen-Fang, 1958:
Tests on the toxicity of some aoaricides on the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus telarius Linne) on soybean (I).

Hhinzk, K., 1960:
Tests on the transmission of non-persistent and persistent viruses by aphids

Iglisch, I., 1963:
Tests on the transmission of persistent, semi-persistent and non-peristent viruses by I. nephrolepidis, an aphid injurious on ferns

Steudel, W.; Thielemann, B., 1959:
Tests on the transmission of the yellows virus of beet after passage through individual vector species

Ochs, G., 1960:
Tests on the transmission of three viruses of vines by mites and insects

Itagi, T.; Ito, H., 1960:
Tests on the treatment of cucumber vines. I. Influence of tipping vines and removing the lower leaves on growth and yield.

Damiano, A., 1962:
Tests on the use of aircraft for the control of olive flies (Dacus oleae) in Tripolitania in 1961.

Fankhanel, H., 1963:
Tests on the use of egg parasites of the genus Trichogramma against R. buoliana in the years 1960-62

Pisani, P.L., 1958:
Tests on the use of gibberellins in growing zucchinis

Rozin, V.A.; Evdokimova, V.I., 1960:
Tests on the utilization of radioactive isotopes for the investigation of the movement of water in soil.

Libor, O.; Borovitz, P., 1963:
Tests on the water stability of clay-mineral products used in sprays.

Wertheimer, M., 1956:
Tests on thinning for limiting the cropping of Deglet-Nour date palms in the Ziban region

Franzen, H., 1956:
Tests on unloading and launching timber from a lorry.

Gersonde, M.; Becker, G., 1958:
Tests on wood preservatives, used in building, for their activity against fungi in conditions similar to those in practice ('fungus-cellar' studies).

Kraus, H., 1963:
Tests that led to simple edge gluing

Euzeby, J.; Bussieras, J., 1960:
Tests therapeutiques pratiques dans le but d'ameliorer le traitement des distomatoses hepato-biliaires des ruminants

Wright, E.; Harvey, G.M.; Bigelow, C.A., 1963:
Tests to control Fusarium root rot of Ponderosa Pine in the Pacific Northwest

Hine, R.B.; Kubojiri, K., 1963:
Tests to control clubroot of Chinese head Cabbage at Volcano, Hawaii

Nultsch, W., 1959:
Tests to detect isopropyl-N-phenylcarbamate (IPC) in treated potato tubers

Kobylka, B., 1962:
Tests to determine the most suitable type of wrapping live plant sections for shipments. I

Van Rooyen, J., 1958:
Tests to determine value of beef breeds

Bowling, C.C., 1963:
Tests to determine varietal reaction to rice water weevil

Mello, D.; Queiroz, J.C.; Madureira, F., 1961:
Tests to verify the acaricidal effect of fenchlorphos against B. microplus on cattle

Boodley, James, W., 1958:
Tests try cyclamen growing under mist

Thiel, W., 1960:
Tests with Tego-51 for disinfection of premises infected with tubercle bacilli

Graham, Woen, H., 1958:
Tests with Bayer 21/199 for the control of cattle grubs

Anthony, D.W., 1959 :
Tests with DDT, lindane and malathion for control of the long-nosed cattle louse Linognathus vituli (L.)

Roth, A.R.; Johnson, J.B., 1956:
Tests with Dieldrin as a Systemic against Cattle Grubs

Roth, A.R.; Eddy, G.W., 1957:
Tests with Dow ET-57 against cattle grubs in Oregon

Mcgregor, W.S.; Bushland, R.C., 1957:
Tests with Dow ET-57 against two species of cattle grubs

Drummond, R.O., 1961:
Tests with General Chemical 3582 and 4072 for the control of ticks affecting livestock

Bonfiglioli, O., 1957:
Tests with Italian varieties of wheat in Yugoslavia

Gevaudan, P.; Charrel, J.; Laurent, J.; Sautet, J., 1962:
Tests with O. erraticus as experimental vector of Coxsackie virus (Note II)

Wilson, H.G.; Labrecque, G.C., 1958:
Tests with Organophosphorus Compounds as House Fly Larvicides in Poultry Houses

Eichler, W., 1963:
Tests with Pharaoh's ants

Cole, M.M.; Lloyd, G.W., 1956:
Tests with Repellents against the American Dog Tick

Wilcox, J.; Howland, A.F., 1957:
Tests with Thimet on strawberries and turnips

Parisi, L., 1960:
Tests with a new electrostatic duster

Roth, A.R.; Eddy, G.W., 1959:
Tests with a new organophosphorus compound (Dowco 109) against cattle grubs in Oregon

Krijgsman, H.K.; D.R.iter, J., 1959:
Tests with a new type of picking pail

Hill, R.F.; Johnstone, D.R., 1962:
Tests with a rotary granule dispenser on a Dragonfly helicopter

Mirzabekyan, R.O.; Sinitsuina, M.N.V., 1957:
Tests with actinomycetes against Potato wart

Gargani, G.; Benelli, S., 1957:
Tests with an adsorbed Brucella melitensis vaccine on g.pigs

Legner, E.F.ed; Davis, D.W., 1962:
Tests with attractants and a simple trap for the European earwig, Forficula auricularia

Mason, Horatio, C., 1956:
Tests with bait sprays for the control of Drosophila

Dow, A.I., 1962:
Tests with beans 1961

Rosa, M., 1959:
Tests with certain products for the chemical control of phytopathogenic fungi living in the soil

Schoenberg, F.; Kraus, H., 1956:
Tests with coliform bacteria on TTC nutrient media, with special emphasis on the use of TTC broth, TTC-lactose agar and bromthymol-blue-trypaflavin agar.

L.B.ecque, G.C.; Adcock, P.H.; Smith, C.N., 1960:
Tests with compounds affecting house fly metabolism

Jung, J., 1961:
Tests with different mixtures of crotonylidene-diurea (CD-urea) with quick-acting forms of nitrogen.

Richter, W., 1961:
Tests with diluted Dessau mammalian tuberculin. I

Richter, W., 1963:
Tests with diluted Dessau mammalian tuberculin. II.

Drummond, R.O., 1959:
Tests with dimethoate for systemic control of cattle grubs

Eastin, J.L.; Burden, G.S., 1960:
Tests with five silica dusts against German cockroaches

Petrushova, Mme, N.I., 1957:
Tests with fuclasin for the control of Apple scab

Massey, L.M.; Naegele, J.A., 1956:
Tests with fungicides for blackspot. Second Progress Report

Arnon, Y.; Berkowitz, J.; Berkovits, Y., 1958:
Tests with hybrid sorghum varieties.

Nikolic-Vig, V., 1963:
Tests with hybrid varieties of castor bean in Vojvodina.

Dominick, C.B., 1962:
Tests with insecticides applied to the soil and foliage for tobacco flea beetle control

Medley, J.G.; Drummond, R.O., 1963:
Tests with insecticides for control of lice on goats and sheep

Drummond, R.O.; Moore, B.; Warren, J., 1959:
Tests with insecticides for control of the winter tick

Blazquez, J., 1959:
Tests with larvae of Aedes, Culex and Anopheles in Venezuela

Wilson, H.G.; Labrecque, G.C., 1960:
Tests with larvicides for the control of house flies in poultry houses

Osinga, F.W., 1961:
Tests with lighter moulds for Gouda cheese.

Johnson, Warren, T., 1958:
Tests with malathion for hog lice control

Kudler, J.; Lysenko, O., 1963:
Tests with microorganisms for the control of Stilpnotia salicis

Shands, W.A.; Webb, R.E.; Schultz, E.S., 1962:
Tests with milk and rice polish to prevent Infection of Irish Potato with virus Y transmitted by aphlds

Scott, L.B., 1956:
Tests with new insecticides to control green June beetle larvae in tobacco-plant beds

Marshall, E.R.; Bayer, G.; Robinson, D. , 1956:
Tests with new materials for pre-emergence weed control in red kidney beans

English, L.L., 1961:
Tests with new spray materials for control of the greenhouse spider mite. Ill

Zenisek, Z.; Petkova, R., 1960:
Tests with nitrated furfurol compounds for chickens. (Preliminary communication.)

Sibilia, C., 1956:
Tests with non-copper fungicides in Italy

Boubals, D.; Vergnes, A.; Bobo, H., 1956:
Tests with organic and organo-copper fungicides in the control of Vine mildew carried out in 1955

Boubals, D.; Vekgnes, A.; Lelakis, P., 1956:
Tests with organic fungicides in the control of Oidium of the Vine carried out in 1955

Rosen, P.; Gratz, N.G., 1959:
Tests with organo-phosphorus dry sugar baits against houseflies in Israel

Lofgren, C.S.; Burden, G.S., 1958:
Tests with poison baits against cockroaches

Neel, W.W., 1956:
Tests with self-treating devices for the control of lice on cattle in Mississippi

Lee, S.Y., 1961:
Tests with some insecticides against the paddy borer, Schoenobius incertulas, in Taiwan

Framhus, O.; Sauge, P., 1957:
Tests with starter and cultured milk sterilizer.

Zentsch, W.; Jahnel, H., 1960:
Tests with stratified seed at Rovershagen State forest estate.

Fudulov, D.; Pasev, L., 1962:
Tests with sugar sorghum for fodder production.

Harding, James, A., 1962:
Tests with systemic insecticides for control of insects and certain diseases on potatoes

Drummond, R.O., 1963:
Tests with systemic insecticides for the control of Gasterophilus larvae in horses

Bowling, C.C., 1961:
Tests with systemic insecticides on rice

Longbrake, T.D., 1963:
Tests with the FMC mechanical tomato harvester in 1962

Grammel, R.; Ott, J.; Steinlin, H., 1960:
Tests with the Romer barking machine.

Strehlke, B.; Peine, J., 1960:
Tests with the Wright reciprocating power saw.

Eliason, E.J.; Carlson, D., 1962:
Tests with tree packing materials

Nikolic-Vig, V., 1963:
Tests with varieties and hybrids of castor bean in Voyvodina

Roistacher, C.N.; Klotz, L.J.; Garber, M.J., 1960:
Tests with volatile fungicides in packages of citrus fruits during shipment to eastern markets

Labrecque, G.C.; Smith, C.N., 1960:
Tests with young poultry for the control of house fly larvae under caged laying hens

Kalich, J., 1957:
Tetanus as a local and generalized infection

Arasaratnam, R., 1956:
Tetanus in cattle: a report of two cases

English, P.B.; Carlisle, C.H., 1961:
Tetanus in the dog

Bader, F., 1960:
Tetanus in threedogs

Corrado, A., 1963:
Tetanus prophylaxis with toxoid in oil emulsion.

Durlach, J., 1962:
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