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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 14231

Chapter 14231 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pierach, A., 1958:
The circulation and nutrition

Stepanec, I.T., 1963:
The circulation of ash elements in 10-year Elm and Birch stands on dark chestnut soils.

Ovington, J.D., 1959:
The circulation of minerals in plantations of Pinus sylvestris L

Ehwald, E., 1957:
The circulation of nutrients in the forest.

Georgescu, C.C.; Nitu, G., 1957:
The circulation of sap in Pinus nigra trees, both healthy and suffering from dieback.

Georgescu, C.C.; Nitu, G.; Tutunaru, V., 1960:
The circulation of water in Spruce defoliated by L. monacha.

Kolbel, F.; Sobra, J., 1962:
The circulatory system in patients with familial hypercholesterolaemic xanthomatosis

Burr, G.O.; Hartt, C.E.; Tanimoto, T.; Takahashi, D.; Brodie, H.W., 1958:
The circulatory system of the sugarcane plant

Bruijning, C.F.A., 1961:
The circumovai precipitin test in experimental Schistosoma mansoni infections

Oliver-Gonzalez, J., 1959:
The circumoval test in the diagnosis of infections with Schistosoma mansoni

Stern, W.L.; Chambers, K.L., 1960:
The citation of wood specimens and herbarium vouchers in anatomical research

Zipkin, I.; Gold, R.S., 1963:
The citrate content of teeth

Perkier, J.-M., 1961:
The citric acid content of dried and condensed milk.

Isaac, Erich., 1959:
The citron in the Mediterranean: a study in religious influences

Russell, L.M., 1962:
The citrus blackfly

Touzeau, J., 1960:
The citrus bud mite in Tunisia

Touzeau, J., 1960:
The citrus bud mite on lemons in Tunisia. Control experiments

Costantino, G., 1963:
The citrus bud mite, Aceria sheldoni

D.Martino, E., 1956:
The citrus bud mite, Aceria sheldoni, and its control

Atkins, E.L.; Jr., 1958:
The citrus cutworm Xylomyges curialis Grote: economics, biology, and control

Coda Nunziante, Giovanni., 1963:
The citrus fruit market; foreign experiences and suggestions for Italy

Buffa, A.; D.L.G.roniere, H.; Lemoine, J.-P., 1960:
The citrus industry in Algeria

Burke, J.H., 1962:
The citrus industry of Mexico

Spurling, M.B., 1963:
The citrus industry of South Australia

Nunziante, G.C., 1963:
The citrus market. Foreign experience and suggestions for Italy

Vessia, R., 1960:
The citrus moth

Hannon, C.I., 1961:
The citrus nematode Tylenchulus semipenetrans in relation to decline of citrus

Reynolds, H.W.; O'bannon, J.H., 1958:
The citrus nematode and its control on living citrus in Arizona

Hannon, C.I., 1963:
The citrus nematode, Tylenchulus semipenetrans. in relation to declines of citrus

Macabasco, C.B., 1961:
The citrus pests and their control

Fochessati, A.P., 1961:
The citrus psylla

Jenkins, C.F.H., 1959:
The citrus red scale

Kraaijenga, D.A., 1963:
The citrus rootstock problem in Surinam

Vergani, A.R.; Valsangiacomo, F.J., 1961:
The citrus rust mite in the region of Concordia, Entre Rios

Johnson, R.B., 1962:
The citrus rust mite-zineb situation and attempts to improve control

Jenkins, C.F.H., 1958:
The citrus white fly

Ebeling, W., 1957:
The citrus woolly white fly

Beingolea G.; O.D., 1960:
The citrus woolly white fly problem in Peru

Fuguitt, Glenn V., 1963:
The city and countryside

Vincienne, Monique., 1962:
The city and the peasants

Majcenko, Z.G., 1959:
The clary variety S786).

Cannon, M.J.; Davis, J.S.; Pate, J.L., 2007:
The class II major histocompatibility complex molecule BoLA-DR is expressed by endothelial cells of the bovine corpus luteum

Stefanescu, E.; Lupusanschi, S., 1963:
The classification and amount of waste wood in logging operations.

Matsui, Z.; Inoue, M., 1959:
The classification and ecological study of soft Pine, and its species planted in Hokkaido.

Edward, D.G.; Freundt, E.A., 1956:
The classification and nomenclature of organisms of the pleuropneumonia group

Simmonds, N.W., 1962:
The classification and nomenclature of the bananas and potatoes: some implications

Kuoch, R., 1957:
The classification of Fir forests.

Danert, S., 1959:
The classification of P. crispum (Mill.) Nym

Watson, I.A.; Luig, N.H., 1963:
The classification of Puccinia graminis var. tritici in relation to breeding resistant varieties

Presnyakova, G.A., 1959:
The classification of alluvial soils.

Sarasto, J., 1961:
The classification of bogs drained for afforestation.

Davis, G.H.; Baird, P.Rker, A.C., 1959:
The classification of certain filamentous bacteria with respect to their chemical composition

Leroux, J.K.; Burns, R.H., 1956 :
The classification of crimp in Merino wool

Grillot, G., 1959:
The classification of cultivated barleys (H. sativum Jessen) and new barley varieties

Burg, P., 2007:
The classification of defoliators in relation to damage and quality of bunches

Ikehata, Y.; Nakayama, T.; Ando, S., 1957:
The classification of developmental types of mint for warm regions and their physiological and ecological characteristics.

L.Rue, G.R., 1957:
The classification of digenetic trematoda: a review and a new system

Ling, P.; Ling, R.- S., 1956:
The classification of evergreen fruits in Taiwan

Harris, S.A., 1959:
The classification of gilgaied soils; some evidence from northern Iraq

Rake, B.A., 1958:
The classification of gooseberries: I. Useful characters for the classification and identification of varieties

Rake, B.A., 1957:
The classification of gooseberries: I. Useful characters for the classification of varieties

Schaufelberger, P., 1963:
The classification of loess soils of Eurasia.

Taylor, B.W., 1959:
The classification of lowland swamp communities in northeastern Papua

Ikehata, Y.; Nakayama, T., 1958:
The classification of mint varieties of warm regions into growth types and their physiological and ecological characteristics. I. The classification of Japanese mint varieties into growth types.

Ikehata, Y.; Tsuboi, H.; Ando, S., 1958:
The classification of mint varieties of warm regions into growth types and their physiological and ecological characteristics. II. The characteristics of the distribution of the root system.

Skarbilovich, T.S., 1959:
The classification of nematodes of the family Anguillulinidae Baylis & Daubney, 1926.

Kato, Y.; Matsui, T., 1960:
The classification of paddy soils at the western foot of Mt. Fuji with special reference to the surface geology.

Geidel, H.; Hoppner, E., 1963:
The classification of potatoes according to cooking quality

Hoppner, E., 1957:
The classification of present-day potato varieties

Anonymous, 1957:
The classification of rice in Burma

Arany, S., 1956:
The classification of saline soils of the Great Hungarian Plain.

Szebenyi, L., 1959:
The classification of skeletal soils in Hungary.

Kachinskii, N.A., 1960:
The classification of soil according to texture (for agronomical purposes).

Kubiena Walter L., 1958:
The classification of soils

Schaufelberger, P., 1960:
The classification of soils.

Strijbosch, T., 1960:
The classification of sou suitability for crops under glass

Hawkins, R.P., 1958:
The classification of strains (varieties) of herbage plants

Szabolcs, I.; Jasso, F., 1959:
The classification of szik soils in Hungary.

Goodey, J.B., 1960:
The classification of the Aphelenchoidea Fuchs 1937

Matuszkiewicz, A., 1958:
The classification of the Fagion communities in Poland.

Arany, A., 1960:
The classification of the Hungarian alkali (szik) soils.

Subramanian, C.V., 1962:
The classification of the Hyphomycetes

Krassilnikoff Krasil'nikov, N.A., 1957:
The classification of the antibiotic-producing actinomycetes

Matuszkiewicz, W.; Borowik, M., 1957:
The classification of the floodplain forests of Poland.

Vasquez Soto, J., 1963:
The classification of the forest stands of Campeche.

Matuszkiewicz, W.; Traczyk, H.; Traczyk, T., 1958:
The classification of the swamp forest associations (Alnetalia glutinosae) in Poland.

Kundler, P., 1962:
The classification of transitional forms between brown earths and podzols.

Kozo-Poljanskij, B.M., 1960:
The classification of useful plants

Walter, H., 1956:
The classification of vegetation in Anatolia.

Bazilevich, N.I., 1956:
The clay content of takyrs.

Rich, C.L Thomas, G.W., 1960:
The clay fraction of soils

Khadr, M., 1963:
The clay mineral composition of some soils of the U.A.R

Walsh, T.; Mcuonnell, P.M.; Ryan, P., 1957:
The clay mineral status of some Irish soils

Uziak, S., 1960:
The clay minerals in soils formed from loess.

Vander Merwe, C.R.; Weber, H.W., 1963:
The clay minerals of South African soils developed from granite under different climatic conditions

Martin-Vivaldi, J.L.; Sanchez Camazano, M.; Lucena Conde, F., 1962:
The clay minerals of soils of Salamanca Province. 2. The clay fraction of various profiles.

Martin Vivaldi, J.L.; Sanchez Camazano, M.; Lucena Conde, F., 1961:
The clay minerals of soils of Salamanca Province. I. The clay fraction of the arable layer.

Martin Vivaldi, J.L.; Sanchez Cama-Zano, M.; Lucena Conde, F., 1963:
The clay minerals of soils of Salamanca Province. III. Relationship between mineralogical composition, physico-chemical and dynamic properties of the profile, and soil type.

Schwertmann, U.; Polttz, U., 1961:
The clay minerals of some marsech soil and their behaviour towards potassium.

Punter, A.W.; Holden, M., 1959:
The clayburn menace

Lotti, G., 1958:
The clays in a series of Mio-Pliocene soils in Tuscany.

Carloni, L.; Lotti, G., 1960:
The clays of soils derived from trachytes in Tuscany.

Ferriere, F.D.; Millot, G.; Camez, T., 1959:
The clays of soils of some Tertiary and Quaternary formations in Aquitaine.

Phillips, D.J., 1962:
The clean stock program and the shoot tip

Katlap, M.A., 1960:
The clean yield from unwashed wool of sheep in the Latvian S. S. R

Hays, G.L.; Burroughs, J.D.; Johns, D.H., 1958:
The cleanability of materials in contact with dairy products

Hays, G.L.; Burroughs, J.D.; Pearson, L.R., 1960:
The cleanability of materials in contact with dairy products. II. The clean-ability of methyl methacrylates

Huurnink, J., 1959:
The cleaning and disinfection of tanks with the aid of iodophors.

Mair-Waldburg, H.; Sauer, J., 1962:
The cleaning and sterilization of milking machines.

Conochie, J.; Franklin, J.; Fraser, P., 1963:
The cleaning of terylene press cloths

Botham, G.H., 1956:
The cleaning of ultra high temperature plate type milk heat exchangers

Klein, R., 1961:
The clearance and removal of brush from crop land in the Sahelo-Sudan zone of Africa. Observations made at the CRA, Bambey, on chemical procedures.

Chanarin, I.; Mollin, D.L.; Anderson, B.B., 1958:
The clearance from the plasma of folic acid injected intravenously in normal subjects and patients with megaloblastic anaemia

Benacerraf, B.; Sebestyen, M.; Cooper, N.S., 1959:
The clearance of antigen antibody complexes from the blood by the reticuloendothelial system

Felt, V.; Reichl, D.; Grafnetter, D., 1958:
The clearance of nonesterified fatty acids from the bloodstream

Schreler, K.; Ittensohn, R.; Sievers, U.; Sievers, H.; Sievers, W., 1957:
The clearance rate of some amino acids in infants and premature infants

Arthur, A.P., 1961:
The cleptoparasitic habits and the immature stages of Eurytoma pini Bngbee (Hymenoptera: Chalcidae), a parasite of the European pine shoot moth, Rhyacionia buoliana (Schiff.) (Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae)

Ford, F.J.; Lurie, G.M.; Wittmann, W.; Harris, F., 1961:
The clientele of a children's hospital in Cape Town. A year's survey of the patients seeking advice, their distribution with regard to age, sex, and race, the broad picture of their nutrition, and the most common kinds of illness

Puscas, A.; Luca, E.; Ceclan, A., 2006:
The climate and soil conditions for the sugar beet water consumption crop technology researches in Transylvania's field

Rosayro, R.A De, 1958:
The climate and the vegetation of the Knuckles region of Ceylon. (A reconnaissance study with special reference to aerial photographic interpretation.)

Walstedt, L., 1958:
The climate and vegetation of mountains.

Soubies, L., E.Al., 1960:
The climate in the Toulouse region and its influence on the yields of wheat and maize

Kvifte, G.; Heldal, B., 1958:
The climate of As. l. Meteorological means at As

Kelso, C.-; Vogel, C., 2007:
The climate of Namaqualand in the nineteenth century

Waggoner, P.E.; Pack, A.; Reifsnyder, W.E., 1959 :
The climate of shade. A tobacco tent and a forest stand compared to open fields

Havens, A.V.; Mcguire, J.K., 1961:
The climate of the Northeast

Dethier, B.E.; Vittum, M.T., 1963:
The climate of the Northeast: growing degree days

Burgos, J.C., 1960:
The climate of the Sequoias and the climatic possibility of their cultivation in Argentina.

Burgos, J.J., 1963:
The climate of the arid regions of Argentina.

Wagner, R., 1957:
The climate of the forest.

Waldmann, G., 1960:
The climate of the soil, and soil frost, in stabilized forest roads.

Milosavljevic, M., 1963:
The climatic basis for the cultivation of peaches in Serbia.

Michaux, P., 1961:
The climatic components of the annual productivity cycle in the oil palm

Arsdel, E.P.Van, E.Al, 1961:
The climatic distribution of blister rust on White Pine in Wisconsin

L.D.ngLiang; Zhong HaiLing, 2007:
The climatic formation cause and the future developing trend of sand-dust storm in China

Davidson, B.R., 1958:
The climatic limitations of subterranean clovers in Kenya

Hunter, J.R., 1959:
The climatic limits of cacao, coffee and rubber

Seljaninov, G.T., 1960:
The climatic requirements of wheat.

Szasz, G., 1961:
The climatic restrictions on the distribution of rye

Bouchet, R.J., 1963:
The climatic significance of real & potential evapotranspiration.

Whittle, R.M.; Lawrence, W.J.C., 1960:
The climatology of glasshouses, in. Air temperature

Whittle, R.M.; Lawrence, W.J.C., 1960:
The climatology of glasshouses. II. Ventilation

Whittle, R.M.; Lawrence, W.J.C., 1960:
The climatology of glasshouses. IV. Soil temperature

Whittle, R.M.; Lawrence, W.J.C., 1960:
The climatology of glasshouses. V. The heat consumption of glasshouses

King, E., 1963:
The climatology of the cooling effects of pad cooling systems in glasshouses

Ishii, H.; Numata, M., 1963:
The climax forest of the Sengen Shrine, Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture. I. The community structure.

Anonymous, 1961:
The climbing bean collection

Keitel, H.G.; Ting, R.; Schlitt, L.; Moon, H.; Price, A.; Cohn, R.; Liddy, T.; Harnish, D.; Bernardin, R., 1959:
The clinical and laboratory findings of premature infants fed a concentrated form of a low-solute-content breast-milk substitute

Ezrin, C.; Salter, J.M.; Ogryzlo, M.A.; Best, C.H., 1958:
The clinical and metabolic effects of glucagon

Watanabe, H., 1956:
The clinical and pathohistological study on the schistosomiasis patients diagnosed by liver biopsy

Litvishko, N.T.; Pustovar, Y.P., 1960:
The clinical and pathological anatomy of bilharziasis in domestic ducks.

Fox, M.W., 1963:
The clinical application of the formol-gel reaction in the dog

Panasyuk, D.I., 1959:
The clinical course and pathogenesis of dictyocauliasis in sheep.

van CREVELD, 1963:
The clinical course of glycogen disease

Jerstad, A.C.; Hamilton, C.M.; Smith, V.E., 1959:
The clinical course of infectious sinusitis in experimentally infected turkeys

Goodwin, R.F.W., 1957:
The clinical diagnosis of haemolytic disease in the new-born pig

Furcolow, M.L., 1956:
The clinical diagnosis of histoplasmosis

Blount, W.P., 1961:
The clinical diagnosis of poultry diseases

Emanuel, R.W., 1956:
The clinical diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of anorexia nervosa

Bongers, M.E.J.; de Lorijn, F.; Reitsma, J.B.; Groeneweg, M.; Taminiau, J.A.J.M.; Benninga, M.A., 2007:
The clinical effect of a new infant formula in term infants with constipation: a double-blind, randomized cross-over trial

Smith, W.O.; Hammarsten, J.F.; Eliel, L.P., 1960:
The clinical expression of magnesium deficiency

Dziewit, J.T.; Kuchargzyk, W.; Przesmycka, I.; Skorczynski, M., 1962:
The clinical features of an epidemic of trichinellosis treated in the Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Ghorzow in March-April 1960

Hancock, J.L., 1962:
The clinical features of the reproductive organs of pregnant and non-pregnant cattle

Manson-Bahr, P.E.C., 1958:
The clinical features, diagnosis, and host parasite relationship of schistosomiasis in East Africa

Parrish, H.M.; Scatterday, J.E.; Pollard, C.B., 1957:
The clinical management of snake venom poisoning in domestic animals

Peters, R.A.; E.A., 1960:
The clinical nature of the toxic compounds containing fluorine in the seeds of Dichapetalum taxicarium

Yoeli, M.; Most, H.; Herman, H.H.; Scheinesson, G.P., 1963:
The clinical picture and pathology of a massive Strongyloides infection in a child

Ihlenburg, H., 1959:
The clinical picture of Borna disease in sheep

Walser, K., 1962:
The clinical picture of meningitis associated with coli septicaemia in calves.

Demidov, N.V.; Sorokina, V.V., 1959:
The clinical picture of monieziasis in lambs.

Kraus, N., 1962:
The clinical problem of latent trichinellosis

Furcolow, M.L.; Rubin, H., 1959:
The clinical recognition and treatment of histoplasmosis, blastomycosis and cryptococcosis

Takai, T.; Mino, M.; Kishi, S., 1957:
The clinical significance of free and esterified vitamin A of blood plasma

Rachmilewitz, M.; Stein, Y.; Aronovitch, J.; Grossowicz, N., 1958:
The clinical significance of serum cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) in liver disease

Durrum, E.L.; Jencks, W.P.; Smith, E.R., 1956:
The clinical significance of the analysis of serum protein distribution by filter paper electrophoresis

Taubert, H.D.; Smith, A.G., 1960:
The clinical use of Taschdjian's medium in the diagnosis of vulvovaginal candidiasis

Parraud, J.; Aquerreta, R.; Tewes, A.; Galan, H., 1958:
The clinical use of electro-ejaculation in the bull

Brinkman, E.L.; Biller, D.S.; Armbrust, L.J.; O'Brien, R.T., 2007:
The clinical utility of the right lateral intercostal ultrasound scan technique in dogs

White, J.B., 1958:
The clinician's approach to mastitis

Meier, H.; Clark, S.T., 1958:
The clinico-pathological aspect of thyroid disease in the dog and cat. Part II. Clinical features

Brookfield, S.H., 1959:
The cloche that slides like a curtain

Glazyrin, V.A., 1959:
The clonal selection of the Unshu mandarin.

Abraham, J.; Rerat, A.; Jacquot, R., 1962:
The close relation between requirements of energy and protein for growth. Spontaneous adjustment of calories and proteins

Christensen, P.A., 1960:
The clotting of milk by staphylococci

Kummerow, J.; Matte, V.; Schlegel, F., 1961:
The cloud forests of the central Chilean coast.

Grandison, G.S., 1963:
The clover cyst nematode (Heterodera trifolii Goffart) in New Zealand. (A note)

Kiffmann, R. , 1961:
The clover-like plants in the permanent pasture of the Bavarian alpine and fore-alpine area

Blattny, C., 1958:
The co-existence of TMV strains in P.franchettii and their re-isolation. P. alkekengi as a symptomless carrier of a green strain of TMV

Swinbourne, J.M.; Touyz, S.W., 2007:
The co-morbidity of eating disorders and anxiety disorders: a review

Jurgensmeier, H.-L., 1961:
The co-operation of different factors in the decolorization of anthocyanin in begonias

Axelsen Drejer, A., 1962:
The co-operative bacon factories in Denmark 1887-1962

S.A.Maarsso, 1956:
The co-operative cattle breeding associations using artificial insemination. Annual report for 1955

Maarsso, S.A., 1957:
The co-operative cattle breeding associations using artificial insemination. Annual report for 1956

S.A.Maarsso., 1958:
The co-operative cattle breeding associations using artificial insemination. Annual report for 1957

Anonymous, 1959:
The co-operative cattle breeding associations using artificial insemination. Annual report for 1958

S.A.Maarsso., 1961:
The co-operative cattle breeding associations using artificial insemination. Annual report for 1960

S.A.Maarsso., 1962:
The co-operative cattle breeding associations using artificial insemination. Annual report for 1961

Eriksson, Torsten., 1960:
The co-operative cattle-sheds in Bjarme and Tragsta studied from the economic viewpoint

Kamm, L., 1961:
The co-operative drying of hops

D.Franco, J., 1962:
The co-operative extension service of the United States. (Materiales de Ensenanza en Extension 10)

Anonymous, 1959:
The co-operative idea under to-day's conditions

Chaves, Fernando., 1961:
The co-operative movement in Latin America

Weigert, Gideon., 1960:
The co-operative movement in the Arab world

Petersen E.O., 1963:
The co-operative movement with special reference to dairying

Brandesten, Olof Karl Berntsson, 1963:
The co-operative movement. Part 3. RLF

Kassandreas, P., 1961:
The co-operative resin industry and its factory in Poseidonia.

Anonymous, 1958:
The co-operative winter wheat test

Ellerstrom, S., 1959 :
The co-variation of chromosome number and environment in Phleum pratense

Mims, C.A., 1956:
The coagulation defect in Rift Valley fever and yellow fever virus infections

Hamdi, H.; Fathi, A., 1963:
The coagulation of compost H-humus sol with the different cations

Fantl, P.; Marr, A.G., 1958:
The coagulation of horse blood

Hofmann, P.; Burgkart-Schnepf, P., 1959:
The coagulation of skim-milk with citric acid.

Knyazeva, E.N., 1962:
The coarse of raised infection with brucellosis and Q fever in guinea-pigs.

Coaldrake, J.E., 1957:
The coastal and sand dunes of southern Queensland. Soil

Lamb, F.B., 1959:
The coastal swamp forests of Narino, Colombia

Frechkop, S., 1959:
The coat of the zebras

Scroll, W., 1961:
The cobalt content of rocks in the Black Forest, its dependence on their genesis, and its relationship to pining disease.

Rudin, V.D.; Shcherbakova, S.S., 1956:
The cobalt content of some soils of the Stavropol region.

Matveeva, E.P.; Znamenskaja, L.A., 1959:
The cobalt content of wild grassland plants.

Ozanne, P.G.; Greenwood, E.A.N.; Shaw, T.C., 1963:
The cobalt requirement of subterranean clover in the field

Singleton, W.R.; Caspar, A., 1957:
The cobalt-60 machine as a plant breeding tool

Kusch, T.; Heinrich, I., 1959:
The cocarboxylase content of the organs of rats as affected by sex hormones

Lee, R.P.; Armour, J., 1959:
The coccidia oocysts of Nigerian cattle

Joyner, L.P., 1960:
The coccidiostatic activity of 3, 5-dinitro-ottho-toluamide against Eimeria tenella

Marthedal, H.E.; Veiling, G., 1963:
The coccidiostatic activity of amprolium and zoalene against E. tenella infections

Shumard, R.F., 1956:
The coccidiostatic activity of soluble furacin against Eimeria necatrix

Gersdorf, E., 1958:
The cockchafer in Lower Saxony.

Stancic, J., 1958:
The cockchafer in the district of Vlasenica and Srebrnica (Bosnia)

Jorgensen, J., 1960:
The cockchafers Melolontha melolontha and M. hippocastani

Jorgensen, J., 1960:
The cockchafers, M. melolontha and M. hippocastani

Tarshis, I.B., 1962:
The cockroach--a new suspect in the spread of infectious hepatitis

Krieg, N.R.; Wedberg, S.E.; Penner, L.R., 1959:
The cockroaches Blaberus craniifer and Blaberus discoidalis as vectors of Salmonella typhosa

Ekanayake, U.B.M., 1963:
The coconut caterpillar and its control

Wickramananda, I.R., 2007:
The coconut leaf beetle, Brontispa longissima

Gressitt, J.L., 1959:
The coconut leaf-mining beetle Promecoiheca papuana

Fonseca, J.P., 1962:
The coconut palm peduncle borer

Fonseca, J.P., 1962:
The coconut peduncle borer (H. coriaceus)

Klrthisinghe, F., 1962:
The coconut scale (Aspidiotus destructor) and its control

O'connor, B.A., 1959:
The coconut treehopper, Sexava spp., and its parasites in the Madang district

Mattick, L.R.; Patton, S.; Keeney, P.G., 1959 :
The coconut-like flavor defect from milk fat. III. Observations on the origin of delta -decalactone in fat-containing dairy products

Keeney, P.G.; Patton, S., 1956:
The coconut-like flavor defect of milk fat. 1. Isolation of the flavor compound from butter oil and its identification as 5-decalactone

Keeney, P.G.; Patton, S., 1956:
The coconut-like flavor defect of milk fat. 2. Demonstration of 8-decalactone in dried cream, dry whole milk, and evaporated milk

Lloyd, N.C., 1960:
The codling moth

Balevski, A.D.; Vasev, A.N.; Ivanov, S.K.; Lazarov, A.V.; Tsvetkova, T. T., 1958:
The codling moth (Laspeyresia pomonella L.), bionomics, ecology, control measures and possibilities for the introduction of a warning service.

Balevski, A., E.Al., 1958:
The codling moth (Laspeyresia pomonella L.). Biology, ecology, control and the possibilities of organizing a warning service.

Karadzhov, S., 1962:
The codling moth in the Kolarovgrad region and its control.

Lloyd, N.C., 1960:
The codling moth. Recent developments in its control

Pijanowski, E., 1959:
The coeffcient of the dilution of butter serum, its developmed and methods of determination

Passeri, M.; Gnudi, A., 1961:
The coefficient of carbohydrate assimilation in the hamadryad monkey in basal conditions and after treatment with alloxan

Pijanowski, E., 1959:
The coefficient of dilution of butter serum as an aid in the laboratory control of butter manufacture

Binet, F.E.; Leslie, R.T., 1960:
The coefficient of inbreeding in case of repeated full-sib-matings

Ogarkova, T.V., 1958:
The coefficient of shrinkage of compressed Birch.

Jekic, M., 1957:
The coefficient of utilization of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from fertilizers on lucerne and grasses.

Sekhar, A.C.; Negi, G.S., 1960:
The coefficients of variation of the mechanical properties of wood.

Putter, J.; Dardenne, U., 1958:
The coenzyme A content of young, old and cataractous eye lenses

Barnett, J.A., 1959:
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The coffee industry in Sao Paulo

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The cold soak preservative treatment of 4/4 rough sawn hardwood lumber

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The cold spell in February, 1956, and the winter-wheat crop

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The cold storage of dry-cleaned eggs

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The cold storage of several apple varieties 1952-56

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The cold storage of strawberry plants

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The cold storage of vinifera table grapes

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The cold-resistance of some provenances of Pinus pinaster.

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The coli test by means of liquid TTC containing media from the point of view of official milk control.

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The coliform bacteria associated with Potato black-leg and other soft rots. I. Their pathogenicity in relation to temperature

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The coliform bacteria associated with Potato black-leg and other soft rots. II. Biochemical characteristics of low- and high-temperature strains

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The coliform count of raw milk as an index of udder cleanliness

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The coliform test at 30 degrees C for pasteurized milk.

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The collaboration between research, training and extension work in agriculture

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The collagen content of the liver in pregnancy and lactation

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The collagen content of the normal and atherosclerotic human aortic intima

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The collagen-like nature o metacercarial cysts of a new species of Ascocotyle

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The collagenaselike enzymes of skin-penetrating helminths

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The collar grub, Alurnus humeralis (Rosemberg), as a pest of African oil palms, and its chemical control in Ecuador.

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The collar in olive trees

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The collar rot problem in our orchards

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The collar rots of Artichoke caused by S. sclerotiorum, S. rolfsii, and Corticum solani in Sardinia

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The Collection and Freezing of Semen from an Impotent Bull

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The collection and maintenance of approved varieties of agricultural crops and the required regulations and methods of management

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The collection and maintenance of varieties of cultivated plants and the methods of study employed

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The collection and preparation of forest seed.

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The collection and testing of seed from some Victorian Eucalypts with results of viability tests

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The collection of Pine cones from standing trees.

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The collection of Pine cones.

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The collection of Podocarpus sp. in tropical rain forest in the state of Miranda, at 500 m. alt.

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The collection of Salix spp. in the Botanical Garden of the Moscow State University.

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The collection of Spruce cones.

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The collection of bamboo germplasms and their utility probe in Jiangsu Academy of Forestry

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The collection of boar semen

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The collection of boar semen and experiments comparing storage temperatures of plus 4 degrees C and plus 12 degrees C including special consideration of a skim milk diluent.

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The collection of bull semen by massage of the ampullae and the suitability of this method for artificial insemination

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The collection of cock's semen without milking the copulatory organ

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The collection of cream

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The collection of foreign varieties in Colombia and their use in breeding programmes

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The collection of fruit crops of the Turkmenian Experimental Station of the Institute of Plant Industry and the possibilities of its utilization.

Jack, W.H., 1962:
The collection of growth information for management

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The collection of lucerne plants tolerant of acid soils

Benedictsson, R.; Larsson, A., 1956:
The collection of milk for the Stockholm market

Eklund, H., 1956:
The collection of milk from farms with particular regard to geographical situation and size of herds

Majsuradze, N.I., 1959:
The collection of oranges at the Suhumi Research Station.

Hoppner, E.; Geidel, H., 1956:
The collection of potato varieties suitable for pregermination

Debruyne, R., 1962:
The collection of semen in bulls by massage of the ampullae through the rectum

Scholtyssek, S., 1958:
The collection of semen in cocks

Maccuaig, R.D., 1962:
The collection of spray droplets by flying locusts

Stehno, Z.; Milotova, J., 2005:
The collection of spring and winter barley genetic resources in the Czech Republic

Luzny, J., 1963:
The collection of white cabbage of the storing. type

Anonymous, 1958:
The collection, compilation and analysis of forest accident statistics

Vaclav, E., 1958:
The collection, germination and storage of Betula verrucosa pollen.

Mackay, I., 1963:
The collection, storage and use of budwood

Scharpf, R.F.; Parmeter, J.R., 1962:
The collection, storage, and germination of seeds of a dwarfmistletoe

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The collective agricultural societies

Anonymous, 1962:
The collective contract in the Venezuelan sugar industry

Martinot, R., 1962:
The collective cowhouse at Montreal.

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The collective economy of the Israeli Kibbutzim

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The collectivisation of agriculture in the countries of Eastern Europe

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The collectivization of agriculture in the people's democracy of Poland 1944-1960

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The colloid chemical properties of Egyptian compost humus

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The colloid-chemical method for determining the rates of application of reclamation materials for solonetses.

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The colloid-complement fixation reaction in the diagnosis of brucellosis

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The colloidal gum mastic reaction in experimental trypanosomiasis

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The colloidal phosphate of milk. II. Influence of citrate

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The colloidal phosphate of milk. III. Nature of its association with casein

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The colloidal- chemical properties of plant cells and the susceptibility of plants to herbicides.

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The colloidal-chemical nature of soil aggregates.

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The colloids in grapes and wines

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The colon-metric estimation of small amounts of aluminium in KCl extracts of soil with alizarin-red S.

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The colonization and establishment of imported parasites of the spotted alfalfa aphid in California

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The colonization of a swamp forest clearing (with special reference to Mitragyna stipulosa)

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The colonization of several species in Vojvodina.

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The colonizing of the products of autolysis of Merulius lacrymans by fungi of the genus Scopularopsis. Part. I.

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The colony of R. prolixus in the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Investigations

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The coloration of rocks & soils

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The colorimetric determination of dipeptides by means of oxygenated cobalt complexes

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The colorimetric determination of phosphorus in acid extracts of soils..

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The colorimetric determination of urinary lipase

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The colorimetric estimation of alpha-amino nitrogen in tissue fluids

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The colorimetric estimation of calcium in serum with ocresolphthalein complexone

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The colorimetric estimation of serum fatty esters

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The colorimetric micro-determination of long-chain fatty acids

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The colorimetric reaction between vitamin A2 aldehyde and antimony trichloride

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The colostrum of Turino and Turino x Friesian cows

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The colostrum of sheep and its change into milk

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The colour and fragrance in plants and their inheritance

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The colour of leaves and fruits in apple and pear

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The colour of milk fat.

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The colour of milk powders.

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The colour of oil palm fruits

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The colour of the seed coat in broad bean (V.faba L.). A study of the inheritance of different colours

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The colour of wood and its changes

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The colour of wool

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The colour reaction of olive oils with nitric acid.

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The colour test for neutralizing antibodies against foot and mouth disease virus.

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The colouration at present of the bill of Pekin ducks treated in 1956 with desoxyribonucleic acid from Khaki Campbell ducks and of the descendants of the former

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The colouring matter from Millettia stuhlamannii

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The colouring matter of Rhus cotinus wood (young fustic)

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The colouring matter of the flowers of Carthamus tinctorius

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The colouring matters of Garcinia morella. Part III The constitution of morellin

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The colouring matters of the wood of Artocarpus integrifolia: Part I Artocarpin

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The colouring matters of the wood of Artocarpus integrifolia: Part II-artocarpetin, a new flavone, and artocarpanone, a new flavanone

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The colouring of cheese with annatto and carotene dyes and their detection.

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The com-parative effect of various forms of nitrogen at different levels on the yield and sugar content of sugar cane

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The combination and specificity of glutenins in cereal meals. 1. Seed proteins

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The combination of B-complex vitamins and ascorbic acid in aqueous solutions

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The combination of biological and chemical methods in the control of orchard pests.

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The combination of milk and beef production in breeding Glan-Donnersberg cattle with special reference to the testing of young bulls for fattening and slaughter performance

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The combine drilling of lime and lucerne

Lipovskii, M.I., 2006:
The combine harvesters of new generation have a high technical level

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The combined action of vernalization and photoperiod in some legumes, in particular Vicia villosa Roth

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The combined activity of bacteria and insects in producing a deterioration of flavour in Kivu coffee, and the role of bacteriophages in the elucidation of the interaction

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The combined application of DDT with preparations of diene synthesis.

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The combined effect of an herbicide and disease on the emergence of peanut seedlings

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The combined effect of azotobacter and activating bacteria on yield of sugar-beet.

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The combined effect of environmental and plant variation

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The combined effect of ethylene-diamine tetraacetic acid and X-irradiation upon microspores of Tradescantia paludosa at inter-phase.

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The combined effect of gibberellic acid and derivatives of phenoxyacetic acid on fibre-flax plants.

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The combined effect of orotic acid and L-methionine

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The combined effect of photoperiod and the level of applied nitrogen on potatoes

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The combined effect of visible and infra-red radiation on the induction of ear initiation in Hordeum vulgare.

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The combined liquid ferment C-3

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The combined state of water in mulberry leaves and mulberry farm soils.

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The combined stocking of multiple species combinations

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The combined use of gas ehromatography and radioactive C14 for investigating the lipid metabolism of apple skins

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The combined use of hexachlorethane and carbon tetrachloride against chronic fascioliasis in sheep and goats.

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The combined use of pumpkin seed and areca nut in the treatment of tapeworm infections

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The combined use of trace elements and of seed mordants.

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The combining ability of self-pollinated maize lines as interline hybrids.

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The combining ability of some varieties and strains of Gossypium hirsutum

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The combining of oats

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The combustibility of Beech logs in wind damaged stands.

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The coming task: to lower costs and increase yields of cotton

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The commensal role of Actinobacillus lignieresi

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The commercial importance of Australian Native Orchids

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The commercial potential of the dwarf tomato

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The commercial production of maize in Puerto Rico

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The commercial use of nitrogenous fertilizers and autumn sown oats for the production of winter dairy forage

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The commercial value of varieties of the Kentucky type in experiments at Skroniow in the years 1949-1953

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The commercialisation of eggs

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The committee reports. Propositions and views

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The common agricultural policy in the E.E.C. and the system of levies

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The common agricultural policy in the E.E.C.; advice of the Landbouwschap concerning the preliminary proposals of the European Commission

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The common agricultural policy of the European Economic Community

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The common fig

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The common furniture beetle

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The common market proposals for oils and fats

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The common salt-marsh Tabanidae of Long Island, New York

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The common tick Ixodes ricinus L. as a reservoir and vector of tick-borne encephalitis. II. Experimental transmission of encephalitis to laboratory animals by ticks at various stages of development

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The commonest diseases of Kangaroos in zoological gardens

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The commonest fodder tree species of the cattle zones of Tucuman Province

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The commonest injurious insects in the State of Bolivar and the Delta Amacuro Territory and the diseases that they cause to man

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The communes and agriculture

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The communicating pore between the nucleus and the vacuole in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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The community development programme as a means of development for rural India

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The community of Nachoca

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The community of Pillapi

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The community resource management plan: a tool for integrating IKS into natural resource management

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The compacted snow road. II. The significance of the weather.

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The compaction of sugar-belt soils at various moisture levels

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The comparability of management and results of State farms and private farms in the Wieringermeer and the North-Eastpolder. (Van Zee tot Land No. 28.)

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The comparative absorption of labeled fat and fatty acid in the study of pancreatic disease

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The comparative action in vitro of nystatin and trichomycin on yeast like fungi of the genera Candida from cases of vulvo-vaginitis

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The comparative action of continuous administration of pheno-thiazine upon males and females of Dictyo-caulus

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The comparative activity of monosporous and mycelial isolates of Ophiobolus graminis Sacc. from the same source as wheat pathogens in natural and sterilized soil

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The comparative activity of some enzymes in sheep, cattle and rats-normal serum and tissue levels and changes during experimental liver necrosis

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The comparative agronomic value of fertilizers in solid & liquid form.

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The comparative anatomy and systematic significance of the head in the nematode family Heterakidae

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The comparative anatomy of the respiratory pathways in the domestic fowl (Gallus domesticus), pigeon (Columba livia) and domestic duck (Anas platyrhyncha)

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The comparative anatomy of the subulurid head (Nematoda): with a consideration of its systematic importance

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The comparative anti-fungal efficiency of organic fungicides with and without autoclaving

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The comparative behaviour of scions

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The Comparative Biochemistry Of Developing Ascaris Eggs. Ii. Changes In Cytochrome C Oxidase Activity During Embryonation

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The comparative biology of closely related species living in the same area. 7. Interference between individuals in pure and mixed populations of Papaver species

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The comparative biology of closely related species living in the same area. V. Inter- and intraspecific interference within cultures of Lemna spp. and Salvinia natans

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The comparative biology of closely related species. 6. Analysis of the growth of Trifolium repens and T. fragiferum in pure and mixed populations

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The comparative bionomics of American Cryptolestcs (Coleoptera-Cucujidae) that infest stored grain

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The comparative development of young cattle out of Black Pied stock imported from Sweden and local Black Pied Lowland cattle

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The comparative ecology of two canyons and an upland area in west central Oklahoma

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The comparative effect of 2,4-D as a spray and an aerosol on the epinastic curvature of hypocotyls of Lupinus albus L.

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The comparative effect of mosaic-free seed and roguing as a control for common lettuce mosaic

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The comparative effect of spray combinations of selective pesticides on the changes of arthropod community in mature apple orchard

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The comparative effectiveness of a milk powder and calcium carbonate as sources of calcium, in relation to the calcium content of the diet

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The comparative effectiveness of several acaricides against the mcdaniel mite on apple

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The comparative effectiveness of some farm milk-cooling methods

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The comparative effectiveness of the action of different phosphates on the growth and yield of oats and maize.

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The comparative effects of 28% and 21% protein levels in a turkey starting ration on early-hatched and late-hatched turkeys grown to market age

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The comparative effects of chlortetracycline and oxytetracycline in the treatment of turkeys with ornithosis

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The comparative effects of cottonseed oil and lard on cholesterol levels in the tissues of rats

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The comparative effects of dietary iodides and iodates on the growth of young chickens and on the hemoglobin, methemoglobin, and cell counts of their blood

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The comparative effects of manuring with fertilizer lance and broadcasting

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The comparative effects of radiation and hybridization in plant breeding

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The comparative effects of various fungicide programs on fruit numbers and yields of apple trees

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The comparative efficacy of six anticoccidial compounds

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The composition of South Pacific foods

Endres, H., 1959:
The composition of Spruce bark tannin, a new class of condensable vegetable tannins.

Holoubek, V., 1963:
The composition of tobacco mosaic virus protein after the incorporation of 5-fluorouracil into the virus

Surikov, I.M., 1956:
The composition of a rye population with regard to self fertility of the plants comprising it.

Morse, W.L.; Soeldner, J.S.uart, 1963:
The composition of adipose tissue and the nonadipose body of obese and nonobese man

Klauzer, Ivan., 1963:
The composition of agricultural and of mixed households

Maisurjan, N.A.; Edel'stein, M.M., 1960:
The composition of alkaloids in wild and cultivated species of lupin.

Stephens, S.G., 1956:
The composition of an open pollinated segregating cotton population

Kruse, I.; Dam, H., 1963:
The Composition Of Bladder Bile Of Chicks Reared On Six Different Diets

Adams, E.W., 1962:
The composition of bovine teat canal keratin with special reference to the antistreptococcal power of its lipid components

Budslawski, J.; Damicz, W.; Tomasik, M., 1959:
The composition of bulk milk in the north of Poland.

Veselovskaya, N., 1959:
The composition of butter produced by a continuous process.

Libets, S.P., 1962:
The composition of butterfat and quality of butter from cows fed rations containing soya bean feed.

Steger, H.; Liebenberg, O., 1958:
The composition of butterfat from cows kept at low temperatures

Aristova, V.P., 1961:
The composition of butterfat in various portions of milk.

Posthumus, G.; Zuthof, J.B.I.; Dlepman, A.J., 1961:
The composition of buttermilk is influenced by the churning technique.

Bruyere, R., 1962:
The composition of cattle herds in Burundi.

Brooke, R.O.; Ravesi, E.M.; Steinberg, M.A., 1962:
The composition of commercially important fish taken from New England waters. 2. Proximate analyses of butterfish, flounder, pollock, and hake, and their seasonal variation

Schiere, C., 1958:
The composition of cows' milk in the Netherlands.

Szczygiel, A., 1962:
The composition of crude fibre and its influence on some functions of the digestive tract.

Alcaraz Bayan, A.; Leverton, R.M., 1957:
The composition of dilis fish flour

Benassi, R., 1963:
The composition of fat of ewes' milk.

Pritchard, H.; Smith, P.A., 1957:
The composition of feeding meat and bone meal

Fox, H., 1958:
The composition of food stuffs commonly used in Jamaica

Jekat, F.; Weber, M., 1963:
The composition of foods.

Salmenkova, E.A., 1962 :
The composition of free amino-acids in the body fluid of Ascaris suum and its changes during cultivation under conditions of protein deficiency.

Raafat, M.A.; Abou-Raya, A.K.; El-Samman, S., 1960:
The composition of goat's milk in Egypt, with reference to total-solids calculated milk laws

Galoppini, C.; Lotti, G., 1963:
The composition of grape seed oil during fruit ripening.

Krutul, D.; Zawadzki, J.; Kazem Bek, D.; Radomski, A.; Hrols, J., 2005:
The composition of hexane extractives from oak wood (Quercus robur L.) investigated by chromatographic methods

Ely, R.E.; Moore, L.A., 1956:
The composition of holocellulose prepared from various forages and the corresponding feces

Hegsted, D.M.; Jack, C.W.; Stare, F.J., 1962:
The composition of human adipose tissue from several parts of the world

Khan, D.V., 1959:
The composition of humic substances and their combination with the mineral fraction of soils.

Bogdanov, N.I., 1961:
The composition of humus in chernozems of western Siberia.

Bogdanovic, M., 1962:
The composition of humus in reddish-brown forest soils developed on limestones in the mountainous regions of Serbia.

Kaurichev, I.S.; Panov, N.P., 1957:
The composition of humus in solonets-like soils.

Mcilwain, H.; Thomas, J.; Bell, J.L., 1956:
The composition of isolated cerebral tissues: ascorbic acid and eozymase

Dowse, C.M.; Saunders, J.A.; Schofield, B., 1956:
The composition of lipid from jejunal contents of the dog after a fatty meal

Anke, M.; Sasum, K.; Oll, U.; E.A., 1962:
The composition of lucerne on soils of different geological origin.

Smirnova, K.M., 1960:
The composition of lysimeter waters under spruce forests.

Wood, R.A., 1963:
The composition of manures produced in open & covered kholas in Nyasaland

Adam, R.C., 1956:
The composition of milk and milk products in Turkey.

Bredholt, R., 1958:
The composition of milk and milk products-vitamin and mineral content.

Steger, H.; Rasch, D., 1959:
The composition of milk from Jersey cows, crossbreds and Black Pied Lowland cows in the course of lactation under similar environmental conditions.

Hamdy, A.; Abd E.A.iz, M., 1961:
The composition of milk from sheds in Cairo

Lankamp, H., 1959:
The composition of milk in East Friesian cattle with special reference to protein and solids-not-fat

Reinart, A.; Nesbitt, J.M., 1956:
The composition of milk in Manitoba

Akmal'khanov, Sh., 1961:
The composition of milk of Black Pied and Bushuev cows in Uzbekistan.

Egorov, I.; Dobrynina, P., 1958:
The composition of milk of Jersey and Friesian cows.

Bakalor, S.; Labuschagne, J.H., 1959:
The composition of milk produced in a semi-arid area in South Africa

Drawert, F., 1962:
The composition of musts and wines. II. Gas chromatographic methods of analysing aroma compounds, in particular alcohols.

Sil'nikova, V.K., 1962:
The composition of nitrogen in the sap of pea plants inoculated with races of nodule bacteria of different effectiveness.

Yardley, H.J., 1958:
The composition of normal and pathological urine with an estimate of the concentration of unanalysed substances

Jekat, F.; Weber, M., 1963:
The composition of our foods.

Bro, R.Smussen, F.; Killmann, S.A.; Thaysen, J.H., 1956:
The composition of pancreatic juice as compared to sweat, parotid saliva and tears

Tischer, J., 1957:
The composition of perilla oil

Andreeva, T.F.; Nal'borcik, E.J., 1957:
The composition of photosynthetic products as affected by the physiological condition of the plant and certain external factors.

Tsugita, A.; Fraenkel, C.Nrat, H., 1962:
The composition of proteins of chemically evoked mutants of TMV RNA

Jart, A.; Funch, J.P.; Dam, H., 1959:
The composition of rat milk fat

Nawa, S., 1961:
The composition of ribo-nucleic acid in yeast irradiated with ultraviolet light

Mitlin, N.; Cohen, C.F., 1961:
The composition of ribonucleic acid in the developing house fly ovary

Smith, H.; Horwitz, W.; Weiss, W., 1962:
The composition of roasted peanuts and peanut butter

Lombard, R.; Rotovic, B.; Criqui, A., 1956:
The composition of secretions of Abietineae. The oleo-resin of A. balsamea (Canada balsam).

Halliday, J.H.; Burden, E.H.W.J.; Lamont, J.J., 1960:
The composition of some New Zealand skimmed-milk powder and its influence on the determination of milk-solids-not-fat

Webster, J.; Davies, F., 1956:
The composition of sorghum forages at various stages of maturity and effects of weathering

Lodge, G.A., 1959:
The composition of sow's milk during lactation with particular reference to the relationship between protein and lactose

Salmon-Legagneur, E., 1961:
The composition of sow's milk. Relationship between the variations in the content of lactose and of other constituents.

Salmon-Legagneur, E., 1959:
The composition of sow's milk: first observations on some factors causing variation

Markkula, M.; Myllymaki, S., 1958:
The composition of the Apion (Col., Curculionidae) population of grassland legumes and some wild leguminous plants

Markkula, M.; Koppa, P., 1960:
The composition of the Sitona (Col., Curculionidae) population on grassland legumes and some other leguminous plants

Lauzne, E.Ya., 1956:
The composition of the aerobic microflora of some soil types of the Latvian SSR.

Perkins, A.E., 1960:
The composition of the blood, urine and saliva of dairy cows as affected by extremes in the level of protein feeding

Schipper, C.J.; Mulder, H., 1962:
The composition of the caseinate-phosphate-complex of milk of poor stability

Andersson, J.; Bosvik, R.; Von Sydow, E., 1963:
The composition of the essential oil of black currant leaves (Ribes nigrum L.)

Miric, M.O.; Damanski, A.F., 1963:
The composition of the fatty materials in the apricot kernel during the development and maturation of the fruit

Belic, J., 1962:
The composition of the fleece of Karakuls and their crosses.

Kahila, S.K., 1957:
The composition of the gum oleoresin acid of Picea excelsa

Novikova, A.V., 1959:
The composition of the humus of solonets soils of the Crimea.

Aschaffenbur , R.; Gregory, M.E.; Rowland, S.J.; Thomson, S.Y.; Kon, V.M., 1961:
The composition of the milk of the African black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis Linn.)

Aschaffenburg, R.; Gregory, M.E.; Rowland, S.J.; Thompson, S.Y.; Kon, V.M., 1962:
The composition of the milk of the giraffe

Aschaffenburg, R.; Gregory, M.E.; Kon, S.K.; Rowland, S.J.; Thompson, S.Y., 1962:
The composition of the milk of the reindeer

Ben Shaul, D.M., 1962:
The composition of the milk of wild animals

Fontan, R.; Heraud, M.; Hldiroglou, M., 1959:
The composition of the milks of French Guiana.

Landis, J., 1960:
The composition of the nitrogenous fractions in grass and silage and their utilization by growing rabbits

Koops, J., 1958:
The composition of the phosphatides of butter made from ripened cream. De samenstelling van de fosfatiden van boter uit gezuurde room

Busson, F.; Perisse, J.; Rolland, M.; Meal, H., 1957:
The composition of the proteins of baobab seeds

Dittmar, H.F.K., 1956:
The composition of the pulp of various varieties of Bahia cocoa.

Kotov, V.I., 1963:
The composition of the soil in fruiting orchards.

Mann, T.; Leone, E.; Polge, C., 1956:
The composition of the stallion's semen

Gebgardt, A.G.; Ripetskii, R.F.; Shteinberg, Z.I., 1960:
The composition of thiamin in soils.

Hall, C.B.; Burdine, H.W.; Guzman, V.L., 1961:
The composition of three celery varieties at several stages of maturity

Ljunggren, H.; Ikkos, D.; Luft, R., 1959:
The composition of tissue lost through reduction of diet in obese patients

Winsor, G.W.; Davies, J.N., 1958:
The composition of tomato foliage from blocks B and C during 1955, and its relation to crop yields

Massey, D.M.; Winsor, G.W., 1957:
The composition of tomato fruit

Massey, D.M.; Winsor, G.W., 1958:
The composition of tomato fruit in relation to variety, state of ripeness and fruit quality

Winsor, G.W.; Massey, D.M., 1958:
The composition of tomato fruit. I. The expressed sap of normal and blotchy tomatoes

Winsor, G.W.; Massey, D.M., 1959:
The composition of tomato fruit. II.-Sap expressed from fruit showing colourless areas in the walls

Ovington, J.D., 1956:
The composition of tree leaves

Kniga, M.; Babak, A.; Khmelik, G., 1958:
The composition of triglycerides in milk in relation to fat and carbohydrate levels in fodder

French, M.H., 1959:
The composition of tropical grassland herbages

Muller, L.L.; Hayes, J.F., 1961:
The composition of waters used for washing casein

Webster, J.R., 1962:
The composition of wet-heath vegetation in relation to aeration of the ground-water and soil. 2. Response of Molinia caerulea to controlled conditions of soil aeration and ground-water movement

Webster, J.R., 1962:
The composition of wet-heath vegetation in relation to aeration of the ground-water and soil. I. Field studies of ground-water and soil aeration in several communities. II. Response of Molinia coerulea to controlled conditions of soil aeration and ground-water movement. J

Webster, J.R., 1962:
The composition of wetheath vegetation in relation to aeration of the ground-water and soil. 1. Field studies of ground-water and soil aeration in several communities

Bodo, G., 1960:
The composition of wheat protein at different levels of applied nitrogen

Bray, J.R.; Dudkiewicz, L.A., 1963:
The composition, biomass and productivity of two Populus forests

Watte, R.; Paterson, J.A., 1959:
The composition, of bulk milk measured on Scottish milk-recorded farms

Blumel, F.; Sedlacek, M., 1963:
The composition, physical properties and the amelioration of some heavy chernozem-like alluvial meadow soils (smonitza) in Lower and Upper Austria.

Bohme, L., 1957:
The composting of activated sludge by a natural composting technique.

Farkasdi, G., 1958:
The composting of organic wastes.

Zubov, M.F., 1958:
The compound zinc ethylene-bisdithiocarbamate-a new effective fungicide against mildew

Mcdonogh, S., 1956:
The compounding of poultry rations on the farm

Waite, R.; Gorrod, A.R.N., 1959:
The comprehensive analysis of grasses

Wiklander, L.; Vahtras, K., 1957:
The con

Rogalev, I.E., 1962:
The concentration gradient of chlorine and sulphur 35S in plants at different stages of development.

Yamaguchi, M., E.Al., 1962:
The concentration in the internal cavity and utilization of carbon dioxide by the pepper fruit at different maturities

Miotto, G.; Maetini, A., 1959:
The concentration of Bordeaux mixture and the copper residue after rain

Bartels, R., 1958:
The concentration of Potato virus Y in Potato plants

Lloyd, G.A., 1963:
The concentration of bis-ethylmercury phosphate in air resulting from its use in glasshouses

Goodwin, R.F., 1957:
The concentration of blood sugar during starvation in the newborn calf and foal

Miotto, G.; Martini, A., 1959:
The concentration of bordeaux mixture and residual copper after rain

Handle Y.W.R.C.; Sanders, C.J., 1962:
The concentration of easily soluble reducing substances in roots and the formation of ectotrophic mycorrhizal associations-a re-examination of Bjorkman's hypothesis

Appelboom, J.W.; Brodsky, W.A.; Rehm, W.S., 1959:
The concentration of glucose in mammalian liver

Gey, K.F., 1956:
The concentration of glucose in rat tissues

Boyd, E.M.; Crandell, E.M., 1956:
The concentration of lipids and water in skeletal muscle of albino rats bearing Walker carcinoma 256

Gohler, F., 1960:
The concentration of nutrient solutions for the soilless culture of tomatoes under glass

Fitzpatrick, R.J.; Walmsley, C.F., 1962:
The concentration of oxytocin in bovine blood during parturition

Keitel, H.G., 1959:
The concentration of potassium in the plasma; studies of clinically well premature infants given formulas of varying mineral composition

Hague, N.G., 1958:
The concentration of potato root diffusate under reduced pressure

Storozuk, A.; V.Z.movec., 1962:
The concentration of production and its influence on labour productivity and production costs on collective farms

Graf, H.; Riemann, S., 1959:
The concentration of pyrrolidine-methyl-tetracycline in breast milk

Graf, H.; Riemann, S., 1959:
The concentration of pyrrolidino-methyl-tetracycline in human milk.

Wright, Evan, 1958:
The concentration of radioactive iodine by the thyroid glands of normal sheep under various conditions

Wright, E.; Sinclair, D.P., 1959:
The concentration of radioiodine by the foetal thyroid gland and its relation to congenital goitre in sheep

Trembaczowski, E., 1960:
The concentration of radon in the soil substratum of certain regions in the Lublin district.

Davis, R.B., 1959:
The concentration of serotonin in normal human serum as determined by an improved method

Uvarov, O., 1960:
The concentration of some antibiotics in the milk after intramammary infusion

Fisher, E.W., 1960:
The concentration of some of the inorganic constituents in the plasma of healthy Ayrshire cattle

Filippov, L.A., 1959:
The concentration of the ceil sap of the leaves as a physiological index of the moisture regime of cotton.

Bulmer, M.G., 1957:
The concentration of urea in thermal sweat

Mason, A.C., 1958:
The concentrations of certain nutrient elements in apple leaves taken from different positions on the shoot and at different dates through the growing season

Brigham, M.P.; Stein, W.H.; Moore, S., 1960:
The Concentrations Of Cysteine And Cystine In Human Blood Plasma

Bessman, M.J.; Hickey, M.D.; Schmidt, G.; Thannhauser, S.J., 1956:
The concentrations of some constituents of egg yolk in its soluble phase

Remezov, N.P.; Makeev, O.V., 1959:
The concept sou type.

Ekwueme, O.E.C.; Aghaji, M.N., 2006:
The concept and attitudes of primary health care workers towards mental illness in rural Igbo Land of Nigeria

Tran, D.V.; Nguyen, N.V., 2006:
The concept and implementation of precision farming and rice integrated crop management systems for sustainable production in the twenty-first century

Ehwald, E., 1963:
The concept and nature of soil fertility.

Tavernier, R.; Smith, G.D., 1957:
The concept of Braunerde (brown forest soil) in Europe and the United States

Holopainen, V., 1959:
The concept of a roundwood price level and its determination in forestry

Gelsi Bidard, Adolfo., 1963:
The concept of agricultural law

Mauron, J., 1961:
The concept of amino acid availability and its bearing on protein evaluation. (Nat. Acad. Sci.-Nat. Res. Counc., Washington, D.C., Publ. No. 843)

Justin-Besancon, L.; Tremolieres, J.; Lamotte, M.; Lamotte-Barrillon, S.; Sautier, C., 1957:
The concept of body compartments

Suarez, M.; Marquesan, G., 1956:
The concept of body volume and its application to the study of dystrophy

Churchill, E.D.; Hanson, H.C., 1958:
The concept of climax in arctic and alpine vegetation

Sutton, W.A.; Jr.; Kolaja, J., 1960:
The concept of community

Mazharov, P.P., 1956:
The concept of drought.

Jacquard, P., 1961:
The concept of earli-ness in forage grasses

Svennilson, Ingvar., 1961:
The concept of economic growth

Svennilson, Ingvar., 1963:
The concept of economic growth. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of Agricultural Economists (Cuernavaca 1961)

Coburn, A.F., 1960:
The concept of egg yolk as a dietary inhibitor to rheumatic susceptibility

Hopwood, M.L.; Rutherford, E.R.; Gassner, F.X., 1956:
The concept of fructose utilization by bull sperm and its relation to fertility

Bracken Louise J.; Croke Jacky, 2007:
The concept of hydrological connectivity and its contribution to understanding runoff-dominated geomorphic systems

Waterlow, J.C.; Scrimshaw, N.S., 1957:
The concept of kwashiorkor from a public health point of view

Barua, D.N., 1962:
The concept of maintenance leaves

Lindenmayer, A., 1962:
The concept of mating compatibility

Starosta, W., 2006:
The concept of modern training in sport

Appadurai, R.R., 1961:
The concept of moisture regimes & its application in irrigation research

Appadurai, R.R., 1961:
The concept of moisture regimes and its application in irrigation research

Lerner, I.M., 1959:
The concept of natural selection : a centennial view

Li, C.C., 1956:
The concept of path coefficient and its impact on population genetics

Seigue, A., 1956:
The concept of permanent fire danger.

Schwerdtfeger, F., 1956:
The concept of population dynamics.

Jeuthe, H., 1959:
The concept of productivity in forestry, its increase and its determination.

Holt, L.E., Jr.; Halac, E., Jr.; Kajdi, C.N., 1962:
The concept of protein reserves and its effects on the diet.

Holt, L.E.; Halac, E.; Kajdi, N., 1962:
The concept of protein stores and its implications in diet

Battaglia, Emilio, 1956:
The concept of pseudopolyploidy

Amen, R.D., 1963:
The concept of seed dormancy

Geze, B., 1959:
The concept of soil age and its application to some regional examples.

Hoffmann, F., 1963:
The concept of soil fertility.

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