The comparative genetics of Gossypium hirsutum L. and the synthetic amphiloid, Gossypium arboreum L. x Gossypium thurberi Tod

Giles, J.A.

Genetics 47: 45-59


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6731
PMID: 13898581
Accession: 014230564

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A synthetic amphiploid obtained from the hybrid, G. arboreum x G. thurberi, was crossed to multiple dominant and recessive G. hirsutum marker stocks and testcrossed to hirsutum in order to make a comparative genetic analysis of the two diploid species and the corresponding A and D subgenomes of G. hirsutum. The results of this analysis suggest that the hirsutum mutants, cup-leaf (cu), nectariless (ne) and virescent yellow (v), are located in the A subgenome. The presence of dominant normal genes in the two diploid species with respect to the hirsutum mutants in test was analyzed. Testcross data indicated that in the cases of cluster (cl), crinkle (cr), and virescent yellow (v), the related diploid species did not carry a dominant gene homologous with the hirsutum tester, in spite of the "normal" phenotype of this species with respect to the hirsutum recessive mutant. In these cases, however, it was observed that duplicate genes from the "opposite" species had a cross-masking effect over the hirsutum mutants. Some possible interpretations are discussed.