The dynamics of nutrient uptake by crops. XXI. The significance of carbohydrate metabolism on potassium uptake, especially compared with phosphorus uptake in rice plants.

Mitsui, S.; Hirata, H.

J. Sci. Soil Tokyo 30: 263-268


Accession: 014235584

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After germination and growth in distilled water in the dark at 28-30 degrees C for about 15 days, rice seedlings were supplied with culture solutions low in salts and sugars. The O2 uptake of roots increased with the addition of glucose, ribose, malate, pyruvate, succinate and gluconate to the solutions. During the first 10 hours NH3-N and P uptake were not affected by the additions; K uptake was increased by carbohydrates; Na uptake was decreased by carbohydrates and organic acids.