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The effect of heat treatment on the nutritive value of milk for the young calf. The factor in a milk substitute associated with a high incidence of scouring and mortality

Shillam, K.W.; Roy, J.H.

British Journal of Nutrition 16: 267-277


ISSN/ISBN: 0007-1145
PMID: 13911904
Accession: 014239393

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Calves were fed 400 ml. colostrum and then either (i) a synthetic milk based on spray-dried skim-milk, (ii) skim-milk or (iii) whole milk. The incidence of scouring and death was greatest in (i) and it is concluded that this is due to the denaturation of about 50% of the whey proteins during preheating and spray-drying. (See D.S.A.

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