The effect of heat treatment on the nutritive value of milk for the young calf. 3. The effect of the preheating treatment of spray-dried skim milk and a study of the effect of ultra-high-temperature treatment of separated milk

Shillam, K.W.G.; Roy, J.H.B.; Ingram, P.L.

Brit. J. Nutr 16(4): 585-91


Accession: 014239394

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Calves, after an initial feed of 400 ml. colostrum, were fed (i) skim-milk pre-heated to 74 degrees C for 30 min. before spray-drying, (ii) skim-milk heated to 77 degrees C for 15 sec. before drying, (iii) fresh skim-milk or (iv) U.H.T.