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The effect of heat treatment on the nutritive value of milk for the young calf. 4. Further studies on the effects of the preheating treatment of spray-dried skim milk and of ultra-high-temperature treatment

Shillam, K.W.G.; Roy, J.H.B.; Ingram, P.L.

Brit. J. Nutr 16(4): 593-601


Accession: 014239396

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In further experiments with 80 calves under moderate infection conditions (see preceding abstract) weight gains were significantly greater for (ii) and (iii) than for (i). The U.H.T. treatment of (ii) significantly reduced the growth rate of calves fed it. Calves fed (i) reconstituted in diluted whey from (ii) had a significantly better growth rate than those fed (i); the growth response was unlikely to be due entirely to the extra calories.

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