The effect of immediate and delayed insemination upon the fertility of Merino ewes following hormonal synchronisation of oestrus with progesterone and pregnant mare serum

Houlahan, P.M.; Roberts, E.M.

Artificial breeding of sheep in Australia., 48-54


Accession: 014239625

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In a flock of 500 six- to eight-yr-old Merino ewes run with 10 vasectomised rams 2 groups each of 100 ewes were given progesterone and PMS treatment on 22nd March or 5th April. Rams were removed during treatment and then reintroduced. The 1st group was inseminated with pooled semen at the 2nd oestrus, 17 days after the cessation of hormone treatment and the 2nd group at the 1st oestrus following the cessation of hormone treatment.