The effect of lime-sulphur sprays applied at different times in the season on the extension growth of an apple rootstock

Llewelyn, F.W.M.

Jour Hort Sci 38(1): 46-51


DOI: 10.1080/00221589.1963.11514058
Accession: 014240126

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On 4 occasions during April and May 2% lime S was sprayed "to run-off" on maiden M.IV apple rootstocks. The weight of the subsequent extension growth was recorded and the damage resulting from the sprays calculated. It was shown that the damage done by a spray varied according to the date of application, that the plants did not recover from this damage, that the interaction between pairs of sprays was in general non-significant but that certain specific interactions occurred. The interaction between the fungicide and fungus on the growth of the host is discussed.