Section 15
Chapter 14,246

The effects of leaf sprays of urea on rooting of Cryptomeria japonica cuttings. Studies on races difficult to root in the Kitayama district of Kyoto.

Ooyama, N.

Bull. For. Exp. Sta., Meguro, Tokyo. 105, 163-85


Accession: 014245165

Summarizes experiments with cuttings from trees of various races and ages, using different rooting techniques and soils. Planting cuttings with their ends covered by a ball of red earth was beneficial in soils where rotting or drying out were great dangers. Rooting capacity of cuttings from young trees (5 years) was good (85-92.5% for untreated controls) even for Shibahara Sugi, the most difficult race, but decreased considerably with increasing age.

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