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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14249

Chapter 14249 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1959:
The first year's operation of the Soviet phytotron.

Samo, M.R., 1959:
The first year's results of cultivating Italian wheat varieties on a large area in the Vojvodina Autonomous Republic

Popovic, Z., 1957:
The fixation 01 phosphoric acid in the main soil types of Serbia.

Saeki, H.; Okamoto, M., 1956:
The fixation and availability of phosphates in soils. 3. Montmorillonite series.

Costin, E., 1959:
The fixation and productive use of sands by deep planting of cuttings.

Moureaux, C., 1959:
The fixation of carbon dioxide by the soil.

Montezuma, D.-Carvalho, J.; Crawley, J.C., 1960:
The fixation of chromosomes for electron microscopy

Alten, F.; Werner, W., 1960:
The fixation of nitrogen during biochemical transformations in soil.

Schlichting, E., 1960:
The fixation of phosphate and molybdate in soil profiles containing bog iron.

Martin, H.; Laudelout, H., 1961:
The fixation of phosphates by suspensions of acid clay.

Hemwall, J.B., 1957:
The fixation of phosphorus by soils

Va.H.Yningen.W.E.; Miller.P.A., 1961:
The fixation of tetanus toxin by ganglioside

Themlitz, R., 1956:
The fixing by Spruce raw humus of N from (NH4)2SO4 at different pH values.

Melkumova, T.A., 1957:
The flagella of lucerne nodule bacteria.

Katsura, K.; Harada, K.; Murakami, M., 1956:
The flagella of zoospores of Phytophthora capsici Leonian as viewed with the phase contrast microscope

Webb, R.J.; Wildy, P.C., 1959:
The flame photometric determination of strontium to calcium ratios in milk and vegetable ashes

Webb, R.J.; Wildy, P.C., 1959:
The flame photometric determination of strontium to calcium ratios in milk and vegetation ashes

Southern, P.J., 1956:
The flame spectrophotometric determination of potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium in coconut water

Pienaar, W.J., 1956:
The flame-photometric analysis of plant and soil extracts and water samples

Kick, H. , 1961:
The flame-photometric determination of Cs and Rb in agricultural chemistry.

Hunter, J.A.; Over, D.L.nden, A.J., 1961:
The flash flame sterilizer. A new approach to soil disinfection by heat

Blodgett, E.C.; Aichele, M.; Coyier, D.L.; Milbrath, J.A., 1963:
The flat apple disease

Singh, S.M., 1962:
The flat-headed tree-borer of stone-fruits in the plains of Uttar Pradesh

Gartel, W., 1959:
The flavescence doree

Koeppen, B.H.; Smit, J.B.; Roux, D.G., 1962:
The flavone C-glycosides and flavonol O-glycosides of Aspalathus acuminatus (rooibos tea)

Pacheco, H.; Brachet, A.M., 1960:
The flavonic heterosides of wood of P.mahaleb.

Herrmann, K., 1958:
The flavonoid and other phenolic compounds of Allium cepa L

Geissman, T.A., 1956:
The flavonoid constituents of normal and virus-infected peach and cherry leaves

Paris, R.R.; Foucaud, A., 1959:
The flavonoids of H. floribunda: isolation of a flavonoside identified as isoquercitroside.

Hergert, H.L., 1956:
The flavonoids of Lodgepole Pine bark

Wu, M., 1957:
The flavonoids of the tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Horhammer, L.; Stich, L.; Wagner, H., 1961:
The flavonol glycosides of lime flowers. I.

Egger, K.; Reznik, H., 1961:
The flavonol glycosides of the Hamamelidaceae.

Roberts, E.A.H.; Cartwright, R.A.; Wood, D.J., 1956:
The flavonols of tea

Rhodes, M.B.; Bennett, N.; Feeney, R.E., 1959:
The flavoprotein-apoprotein system of egg white

Lee, F.A.; Shallenberger, R.S., 1959:
The flavor of canned peas in relation to their pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid content and to certain other factors

Hansen, H.A.; Wood, F.W.; Thornton, H.R., 1957:
The flavour stability of canned butter concentrate

Sevcuk, T.N., 1957:
The flax of Transcarpathia.

Harley, K.L.S., 1962:
The flea, Pygiopsylla hoplia infecting cattle-a new record

Pereedenko, Z.V., 1963:
The fleece of Karakuls of various fleece-constitutional types.

Doney, J.M., 1963:
The fleece of the Scottish Blackface sheep. III. The relative importance of the fleece components

Kovacic-Copic, L.; Sucic, B.; Copic, O., 1962:
The fleece weight of crossbred sheep. .

Evans, W.G.; Gyrisco, G.G., 1960:
The flight range of the European chafer

Bourgenot, L., 1956:
The flinty

Verona, O., 1957:
The flocculation of the argillaceous materials in soil by the action of mucogenous yeasts

Hoore, J.D., 1956:
The flocculation pH of fine fractions. I. Method of determination. II. Results and discussion.

Norman, L.; Donaldson, A.W.; Sadun, E.H., 1956:
The flocculation test with a purified antigen in the diagnosis of trichinosis in humans

Stallen, R.Van Livens, J., 1957:
The flocculation volume of clay and the ultra-clay content of different sediments.

Van Vechten, G.W.; Buell, M.F., 1959:
The flood plain vegetation of the Millstone River, New Jersey

Mjalo, E.G.; Rodman, L.S., 1962:
The flood-plain forests of S.E. European Russia.

Krapfenbauer, A., 1962:
The flood-plains of the March

Ubrizsy, G.; Penzes, A., 1960:
The flora and vegetation of Albania.

Pop, I.; Hodisan, I., 1962:
The flora and vegetation of Cetatea Radesii and Cheile Somesului-Cald in the Bihorului Mts.

Holstener-Jorgensen, H., 1956:
The flora of Moleskoven. Third report.

Stone, B.C., 1959:
The flora of Namonuito and the Hall Islands

Spenge, D.H.N., 1958:
The flora of Unst, Shetland, in relation to the geology

Claustres, G., 1956:
The flora of the pastures of the alpine level in the central Pyrenees of Ariege (France)

Anderson, J.A.R., 1963:
The flora of the peat swamp forests of Sarawak and Brunei, including a catalogue of all recorded species of flowering plants, ferns, and fern allies

Tallon, G., 1958:
The flora of the rice fields in the region of Aries and its repercussions on the growing of rice

Hall, Benedict, A., 1961:
The floral anatomy of Dipteronia

Rao, V.S.; Sirdeshmukh, K.; Sardar, M.G., 1958:
The floral anatomy of the Leguminosae

Demidenko, B.G., 1959 :
The floral biology and production of hybrids in Sorghum.

Nevstrueva, R.I.; Novomlincenko, A.F., 1960:
The floral biology of essential oil-yielding roses.

Kozma, P., 1960:
The floral biology of the vine with a view to increasing yield

Strel'cenko, T.I., 1959:
The floral biology of winter barley.

Furutani, S., 1963:
The floral initiation of Xantkium Strumarium L. 2. Effect of some known chemical substances. 3. Effect of inorganic nutrients.

Kozma, P., 1961:
The floral types of the Furmint grape variety and the cultural value of its clonal types

Joly, P., 1961:
The floras of Banana breakdown

Sobolevskaja, K.A., 1963:
The floro-genetic method in plant introduction.

Cullinane, W.P.; Reeves, J., 1956:
The flour quality of early maturing wheat varieties

Suhlo, V.M., 1963:
The flow

Lascelles, A.K.; Morris, B., 1961:
The flow and composition of lymph from the mammary gland in merino sheep

Linzell, J.L., 1960:
The flow and composition of mammary gland lymph

Kursanov, A.L.; Brovcenko, M.I.; Parijskaja, A.N., 1959:
The flow of assimilates into the conducting tissues in rhubarb (Rheum rhaponticum)lezwes.

Peeters, G.; Cocquyt, G.; Moor, A.D., 1963:
The flow of lymph from the bovine mammary gland.

Jukna, A.D.; Bankieris, J. T.; Ziedin's, I.O., 1963:
The flow of the particle/glue mixture during the pressing of profiled parts from comminuted wood.

Polunina, N.N., 1958:
The flower biology and embryology of Eugenia myrtifolia Sims.

Admiral'skaja, S.A., 1961:
The flower biology and hybridization of fertile forms of Mentha piperita.

Gorrez, D.D., 1962:
The flower biology, morphology, and pollinating and crossing habits of cacao

Vogt, E., 1958:
The flower colour variations of serradella (O. sativus Brotero)

Free, J.B., 1963:
The flower constancy of honeybees

Chorin, M.; Rotem, J., 1960:
The flower types of the Cavendish banana in Israel

Heitmuller, H.H.; Melchior, G.H., 1960 :
The flower-inducing effects of root pruning, branch bending and strangulation on Japanese Larch.

Cameron, M.A., 1958:
The flowering and fruiting of Hoop Pine

Julin, E.; Luther, H., 1959:
The flowering and seed set of Ceratophyllum in Fennoscandia.

Ukolov, A.A.; Maksimov, I.L., 1962:
The flowering biology of a hard winter wheat.

Nevstrueva, R.I.; Novomlincenko, A.F., 1960:
The flowering biology of essential-oil roses.

Aitken, Y., 1963:
The flowering character of the first wheat grown in Australia

Craig, R.; Walker, D.E., 1963:
The flowering of Pelargonium hortorum Bailey seedlings as affected by cumulative solar energy

Champion, H.G., 1962:
The flowering of Stereospermum fimbriatum A.DC.

Gram, K.; Larsen, C.S., 1960:
The flowering of Teak (Tectona grandis) in aspects of tree breeding, based on observations in Thailand

Fritzsche, R.; Schmidt, H.O., 1960:
The flowering of cyclamen below the foliage and its causes

Holdsworth, M., 1961:
The flowering of rain flowers

Matthews, J.D., 1960:
The flowering of some clones of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)

Efimov, V.A., 1963:
The flowering of sour cherries In relation to air temperature

Davies, W.E.; Young, N.R., 1962:
The flowering of white clover under glasshouse conditions

Davidson, J.; Yermanos, D.M., 1963:
The flowering pattern in flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Andrews, F.W., 1956:
The flowering plants of the Sudan. Vol. Ill (Compositae-ramineae)

Rudloff, C.F.; Feucht, W., 1962:
The flowering potential and fruiting ability of young and old plum wood.

Suetsugu, I.; Tanaka, T., 1960:
The flowering response of Astragalus sinicus to photoperiod and temperature.

Lantican, R.M.; Parker, M.B., 1961:
The flowering response of lowland rice varieties to natural photoperiod

Tjurin, A.V., 1958:
The flowering time of Q. robur in the forests of the European part of the USSR (1948-1954).

Tarpo, E.; Cucu, V., 1961:
The flowers of Tagetes spp. as a source of helenin

Porteres, R., 1956 :
The fluctuating agriculture of the Congo-Chad in the savannahs of the Ubangi

Svozil, B.; Pavel, J., 1962:
The fluctuation of protein and butter-fat contents in the milk of Slovak Pied cattle.

Kruger, B.J., 1960:
The fluid intake of under eight year old Queensland children

Dallenbach, F.; Piekarski, G., 1960:
The fluorescein-labeiled antibody technique for demonstrating T. gondii in tissues

Pauli, F., 1960:
The fluorescence microscope in humus research

Litvin, F.F.; Krasnovskij, A.A.; Rihireva, G.T., 1960:
The fluorescence of various forms of chlorophyll in plant leaves.

Kaplan, W.; Kaufman, L., 1963:
The fluorescent antibody technique and fungal diseases

Hopkins, S.R.; Janney, G.C., 1962:
The fluorescent antibody technique applied to vesicular stomatitis virus using serum fractionated with ethodin

White, R.G., 1963:
The fluorescent antibody technique in the detection and localization of bacterial antigens: application to mycobacteria, nocardia and corynebacteria

D.Breer, J.F.P., 1959:
The fluoridation of the water supply at Germiston. Dental aspects: the base-line

Tyler, J.F.C.; Weston, R.E., 1956:
The fluorine content of flour and creta

Lindberg, Z.Ya., 1956:
The fluorine content of the soil and vegetables in the area around a factory manufacturing superphosphate.

Reckendorfer, P., 1957:
The fluorine-iron equilibrium in the plant cell. A report on the microchemistry of chlorosis

Schachter, D., 1959:
The fluorometric estimation of magnesium in serum and in urine

Kissane, J.M.; Robins, E., 1958:
The fluorometric measurement of deoxyribonucleic acid in animal tissues with special reference to the central nervous system

Messeri, A., 1958:
The flushing of Beech in Calabria.

N.L.uJian; Zhang GanLin; Ruan XinLing; Zhao WenJun; Yang JinLing; Zhou LiXiang, 2007:
The flux and pollution character of dust-fall in different functional zones of Nanjing

Kao, Ching-Ming Wei, Ping-Hsing, 1960:
The fly species of Hopel Province.

Kruger, L.; Schulze, G., 1958:
The fodder intake ability of cows and the 'satisfying value' of feeds.

Savvicev, K.I., 1957:
The fodder lupin Bystrorastuscij 4.

Lindberg, S., 1963:
The fodder problem

Johnston, T.D., 1963:
The fodder radish

Caputa, J.; Boulenaz, A., 1958:
The fodder value of herbage

Stahlin, A.; Skirde, W., 1963:
The fodder value of various lucernes of foreign origin.

Katsnel'son, Z.S.; Ledvaeva, E.M.; Aleksandrov, V.P., 1963:
The foetal adrenal cortex in pigs.

Handler, J.J., 1956:
The foetal circulation and its changes at birth in some small laboratory animals

Smirnov, V.V., 1961:
The foliage and the weight of aerial parts of trees in Birch stands of the coniferous/broadleaved-forests subzone.

Poljakova Mincenko, N.F., 1961:
The foliage of broadleaved stands in the steppe zone.

Boroughs, H.; Bornemisza, E.; D.S.lva Cardoso, A., 1963:
The foliar absorption by cacao of P32-labelled sodium, potassium and ammonium phosphate as influenced by pH

Milosavljevic, M., 1962:
The foliar absorption of radioactive phosphorus (P32) by some species and varieties of grape vine.

Ito, S.; Takenaga, H.; Miura, T.; E.A., 1961:
The foliar application and distribution of Sr90 in sugar-beet plants.

Wort, D.J., 1957:
The foliar application of 2,4-D and other growth regulators with and without added minor elements

Wort, D.J., 1956:
The foliar application of minor elements with 2,4-D

Montoya, L.A.; Sylvain, P.G., 1962:
The foliar application of sugar sprays to prevent the premature drop of green coffee berries.

Py, C., 1962:
The foliar application of urea to pineapples.

Button, E.F.; Hawkins, A., 1957:
The foliar application of urea to potatoes

Lockard, R.G., 1956:
The foliar symptoms of deficiencies of the major elements in rice

Kratzer, F.H.; Davis, P.N.; Abbott, U.K., 1956:
The folic acid requirements of turkey breeder hens

Cox, E.V.; Meynell, M.J.; Cooke, W.T.; Gaddie, R., 1958:
The folic excretion test in the steatorrhea syndrome

Hillery, George, A.Jr., 1961:
The folk village: a comparative analysis

Cotea, C.; Oprean, O.Z.; Solcan, C.; Cotea, I., 2007:
The follicular structures in the intermediary lobe of the bull hypophysis

Gottlieb, G., 1961:
The following-response and imprinting in wild and domestic ducklings of the same species (Anas platyrhynchos)

Anonymous, 1963:
The food and agriculture situation in Africa

Lockie, J.D., 1956:
The food and feeding behaviour of the jackdaw, rook and carrion crow

Olney, P.J.S., 1963:
The food and feeding habits of teal Anas crecca crecca L

Carrick, R., 1959:
The food and feeding habits of the straw-necked ibis, Threskiornis spinicollis (Jameson), and the white ibis, T. molucca (Cuvier), in Australia

Thomas, J.D., 1962:
The food and growth of brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) and its feeding relationships with the salmon parr (Salmo salar L.) and the eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) in the River Teify, West Wales

Sukhatme, P.V., 1962:
The food and nutrition situation in India (Part 1)

Poleman, Thomas, T., 1961:
The food economies of urban Middle Africa: the case of Ghana

Holler, G., 1962:
The food for rearing and the intensity of feeding of larvae of A. megatoma

Potgieter, M.; Morse, E.H.; Relenbach, F.M.; Dall, R., 1956:
The food habits and dental status of some Connecticut children

Velez Boza, F.; Gonzalez, M., 1962:
The food habits of pre-school children from moderate income families around Caracas.

Durnin, J.V.; Blake, E.C.; Brockway, J.M.; Drury, E.A., 1961:
The food intake and energy expenditure of elderly women living alone

Durnin, J.V.; Blake, E.C.; Allan, M.K.; Shaw, E.J.; Wilson, E.A.; Blair, S.; Yuill, S.A., 1961:
The food intake and energy expenditure of some elderly men working in heavy and light engineering

Sibbald, I.R.; Bowland, J.P.; Berg, R.T.; Robblee, A.R., 1957:
The food intake and nitrogen retention of weanling rats fed protein-free rations

Banerjee, S.; Mahindra, S.K.; Bandyopadhyay, A., 1963:
The food intake of adolescent college girls of Rajasthan

Pelper, A., 1958:
The food intake of the infant

Inozemcev, A.A., 1960:
The food of Anthus trivialis.

Gabuzov, O.S., 1960:
The food of Capreolus capreolus pygargus.

Lohrl, H., 1960:
The food of Garrulus glandarius.

Morris, K.R., 1962:
The food of Glossina palpalis (R-D) and its bearing on the control of sleeping sickness in forest country

Kohlmeyer, J.; Becker, G.; Kampf, W.D., 1959:
The food of L. tripunctata and its relation to wood-destroying fungi.

Fisher, L.R.; Goldie, E.H., 1959:
The food of Meganyctiphanes norvegica (M. Sars), with an assessment of the contributions of its components to the vitamin A reserves of the animal

Drummond, D.C., 1960:
The food of Rattus norvegicus Berk. in an area of sea wall, saltmarsh and mudflat

Hohn, E.O.; Barron, J.R., 1963:
The food of Wilson's phalarope (Steganopus versicolor) during the breeding season

Corbet, P.S., 1960:
The food of a sample of crocodiles (Crocodilus niloticus L.) from Lake Victoria

Free, J.B., 1957:
The food of adult drone honeybees (Apis mellifera)

Henze, O.; Gornandt, H.J., 1959:
The food of hole-nesting songbirds in an area infested by Tortrix viridana.

Nejfel'dt, I.A., 1961:
The food of passerine birds in S. Karelia.

Fryer, G., 1957:
The food of some freshwater cyclopoid copepods and its ecological significance

Turcek, F.J., 1959:
The food of squirrels in Slovakia.

Boetticher, H., 1958:
The food of squirrels.

Longhurst, Alan, R., 1957 :
The food of the demersal fish of a West African estuary

Skuhravy, V., 1960:
The food of the earwig (F. auricularia) in cultivated fields

Lambert, D.G., 1960:
The food of the redfish Sebastes marinus (L.) in the Newfoundland area

Glasgow, J.P., 1956:
The food of tsetse

Lowenstein, F., 1959:
The food picture in Brazil

Anonymous, 1960:
The food plant as a factor in the regulation of insect populations.

Matsumoto, Y., 1961:
The food plant list of the vegetable weevil, Listroderes costirostris obliquus Klug.

Ellis, R.T., 1959:
The food properties of flint and dent maize

Kovacs, D., 1961:
The food requirements and income of farmers

Evans, D.E., 1962:
The food requirements of Phonoctonus nigrofasoiatus Stal (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)

Vesoux, P., 1958:
The food resources in products of animal origin in Reunion Island. Present situation. Possibilities for improvement and increase

Afzal, Muhammad., 1963:
The food situation in Pakistan

Lenz, Herbert., 1963:
The food situation in the Soviet Union

Mulder, T., 1958:
The food supply of the Netherlands

Lewis, H.E.; Masterton, J.P.; Ward, P.G., 1957:
The food value of biltong (South African dried meat) and its use on expeditions

Lal, B.M.; Rao, K.R., 1956:
The food value of some Indian lichens

Jonniaux, M., 1961:
The food value of vegetables

V.Bulow, V., 1963:
The foot and mouth disease serum protection test in unweaned mice.

Kohler, G.O., 1960:
The forage dehydration industry in the United States of America

Jottrand, M.L'., 1956:
The forage feeding of dairy cattle in the High-Katanga (Belgian Congo)

Larin, I.V., E.Al., 1956:
The forage plants of meadows and pastures in the USSR. Vol. 3. (Geraniaceae-Compositae). Conclusions and discussions.

Boudet, G.; Riviere, R.; Clemensat, J.; Pagot, J.; Lahore, J.F., 1961:
The forage possibilities of Digitaria umfolozi in the Sudan zone.

Luk'janova, M.V., 1958:
The forage quality of green matter of oat varieties of varied geographical origins.

Vasileva, M.; Starbanova, E., 1963:
The forage quality of some species in the genus Vicia.

Blattmann, W., 1961:
The forage yields of oats at different cutting times

Nesterenko, V.G., 1962:
The force and work components of cutting in the trimming of branch stubs.

Schupbach, H., 1959:
The forced ventilation of potato storage houses

Goidanich, A., 1958:
The forced, myrmecogenous migrations of S. Quercus, a holocyclic, monoecious, homotopic aphid.

Bergman, F.; Lantz, A., 1958:
The forcing at low temperature of cut Aspen branches used for crossing.

Axelsson, F., 1962:
The forcing cucumber Rea, a Weibull original national variety

Axelsson, F., 1956:
The forcing lettuce Weibulls 185

Kahn, H., 1958:
The forcing of chicory

Fritz, D., 1961 :
The forcing of chicory

Somos, A.; Sovany, Z., 1963:
The forcing of green peppers in nutrient solution

D.F.na, A.L.; Sabella, L.J., 1958:
The forecast of areas of rain by the new, almost objective, RDF method

Zagorodnikh, A.N.; Tyurikov, B.M.; Gal' yanov, I.V.; Zagorodnikh, N.A., 2006:
The forecast of transport accidents in agriculture

Izmailov, AYu, 2006:
The forecasted agricultural demand for machinery with increased passability

Nichtweiss, Johannes, 1959:
The foreign seasonal workers in agriculture of the eastern and central regions of the German Empire; a contribution to the history of Prussian and German policy 1890-1914

Boone, A., 1962:
The foreign trade of China

Lur'e, N.A., 1962:
The foreign trade of the U.S.S.R. in timber.

Anonymous, 1961:
The forest and forest products industries in Japan.

Holstener Jorgensen, H., 1959:
The forest and ground-water.

Anonymous, 1962:
The forest and land-use planning.

Mann, W., 1956:
The forest and man: the forest as a source of employment

Bochkov, A.P., 1959:
The forest and the river run-off

Eyer, H., 1962:
The forest as a counter-balance to the modern ills of civilization.

Dornik, Otto., 1962:
The forest as a line of production in peasant farming

Fukarek, P., 1962:
The forest associations and types of the Dinaric Mts. according to the Braun-Blanquet system.

Bartoli, C.; Richard, J.L., 1962:
The forest associations of the Grande Chartreuse range; with a supplementary note comparing the Chartreuse and the Jura.

Neuhausl, R., 1963:
The forest communities of the E. Silesian plain.

Banijbatana, D., 1963:
The forest conservation movement in Thailand

Mcintosh, Robert, P., 1962:
The forest cover of the Catskill Mountain region, New York, as indicated by land survey records

Coro, M., 1956:
The forest district of Yacuiba - description of the region from the point of view of climate, soil and vegetation.

Pees, A., 1960 :
The forest economy of the Basque Coast in the context of rural sociology; the devastation of the forest; the uncultivated heaths; experiments in afforestation.

Johnson, P.C., 1958:
The forest entomologist-forester or entomologist

Heatwole, Harold Franklin, 1960:
The forest floor and its utilization by selected species of terrestrial amphibians

Capuron, R., 1962:
The forest flora of Madagascar.

Capuron, R., 1961:
The forest flora of Madagascar. III. Some plants contributing to the forest cover in Madagascar.

Rodenwaldt, U.; Hauff, R., 1957:
The forest history of Villingen municipal forest (Black Forest-Baar).

Perusic, A., 1961:
The forest in apiculture.

Daamen, W.; Dirkse, G.; Schoonderwoerd, H., 2007:
The forest in statistics. Results of the Monitoring network Forest Function 2001-2005

Peche, M.F., 1957:
The forest industry of the Belgian Congo.

Anonymous, 1962:
The forest law consolidation act.

Koptev, V.I., 1963:
The forest margins of the shelterbelts on the Mariupol Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station.

Monteiro, R.F.R., 1962:
The forest of Angolese Mayumbe.

Carvalho, M.Crespo De, 1961:
The forest of Penhalonga: methods used in the forest plantations, with particular reference to Pines.

Gillardin, J., 1958:
The forest of the Belgian Congo.

Anonymous, 1963:
The forest officer (higher grades).

Jones, E.W., 1963:
The forest outliers in the Guinea zone of Northern Nigeria

Keniston, R.F., 1962:
The forest owner-a person

Konekamp, A.H., 1959:
The forest pasture in Volk-enrode

Claudel, Y., 1957:
The forest plantations in the Rharb.

Potzger, J.E.; Potzger, M.; Mccormick, J., 1956:
The forest primeval of Indiana as recorded in the original U.S. land surveys and an evaluation of previous interpretations of Indiana vegetation

Stephanou, A., 1962:
The forest problem

Bigg, J.M., 1961:
The forest problem of Sukumaland and a suggested remedy

Anonymous, 1958:
The forest resources of the State of Michoacan

Canal, M., 1956:
The forest road of Osseja.

Saatcioglu, F., 1957:
The forest shrub problem and investigations in its mechanical control in the Cangal, Ayancik (Black Sea) region.

Johnson, R.S., 1956:
The forest tax situation in Nova Scotia and a proposed remedy

Stanescu, V., 1958:
The forest types on Cenomanian sandstone in the Postavar and Piatra Mare mountains.

Beals, E.W.; Cottam, G., 1960:
The forest vegetation of the Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

Duvigneaud, J.; Mullenders, W., 1962:
The forest vegetation of the Lorraine scarplands: forest of Mont-Dieu (Ardennes, France).

Roisin, P., 1962:
The forest vegetation of the western limits of the Ardennes.

Utenkova, A.P., 1962:
The forest-growth properties of soils under Oak forests and Spruce forests in the Belovezskaja Pusca

Borisova, I.V.; Isacenko, T.I.; Rackovskaja, E.I., 1957:
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The Formation Of Uridine Diphosphate L-Rhamnose By Enzymes Of The Tobacco Leaf

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The formation of young Pine stands on concentrated clear fellings.

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The fractionated method of collecting and preserving boar semen

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The fractionation of Spruce wood

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The fractionation of important constituents of gastric juice other than hydrochloric acid

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The fractionation of soil phosphates by means of an automatic apparatus containing ion exchangers.

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The fractionatipn of urinary iodine. 1. Method of analysis

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The fraitlet mining tortrix

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The free amino acid contents and growth rates of polyploid Saccharomyces

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The free amino acid pool of cultured human cells

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The free amino-acids occurring in the blood and urine of the bitch

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The free amino-acids of certain British fruits

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The free fatty acids of wheat flour: their role in simple flour-water mixtures

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The free sterols of dermatophytes

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The free trade area

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The free-living developmental phase of Bunostomum phlebotomum

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The free-living generation of the nematode Strongyloides papillosus undergoes sexual reproduction

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The free-living stages of Strongyloides spp.

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The freeze-drying of pollens

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The freezing and supercooling of fruit tree blossom

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The freezing and thawing of the soils on felled areas in the ALTI teaching and experimental forest.

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The freezing of bull semen in a glycerol compensated diluent. .

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The freezing of dog spermatozoa to -79 degrees C

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The freezing of plant tissue

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The freezing point of milk produced and sold in the Southeastern United States

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The freezing point of milk. A review

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The freezing preservation of vegetables

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The Frequency and Distribution of Loci Affecting Host Range in the Coliphage T2h

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The frequency and intensity of the phenomenon of heterosis in direct and reciprocal maize hybrids (genetical investigations

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The frequency and intensity of thinnings in artificial stands of A. angustifolia.

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The frequency and pathogenesis of aortic fibro-elastosis in foetal lathyrism in rats

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The frequency distribution of radiation-induced mutants affecting a quantitative character in yeast

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The frequency distribution of schoolboys and schoolgirls of the German Democratic Republic into height classes. A contribution to determining the need for school desks of different sizes

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The frequency distribution of some helminth parasites

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The frequency distribution of time taken in primary conversion.

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The frequency in Neurospora tetrads of multiple exchanges within short intervals

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The frequency of balantidiasis in Milan pigs

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The frequency of cows served twice which remain pregnant to first service: a study of results from parentage tests

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The frequency of directed changes of the fermentative properties of yeasts as a function of concentration in the medium of the specific substrate and of the temperatiire of cultivation

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The frequency of mastitis in different breeds

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The frequency of milking cows.

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The frequency of mitosis in adventitious roots of potato

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The frequency of occurrence of off-type plants in savoy seed stocks

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The frequency of peaberry production in coffee plants grown from irradiated seed.

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The frequency of schistosomal ovideposition in the heart

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The frequency of streptococci sero-logically different from Str. agalactiae in milk from quarters suspected of mastitis.

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The frequency of wind damage and the timing of silvicultural protective measures.

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The fresh blood rapid agglutination test for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in fowls.

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The fresh impregnation of Spruce and Fir wood by the sap displacement method

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The fresh-water mollusc fauna of the Stalingrad region and its role in spreading fascioliasis.

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The freshwater shrimp Gammarus triacanthus, an intermediate host of Streptocara pectinifera, a parasite of water fowl.

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The friction coefficient of bushes made of compressed wood.

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The friction of wood

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The frill: a new technique in chemicals debarking

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The frit fly and allied stem-boring Diptera in winter wheat and host grasses

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The froghopper as a cumin pest

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The froghopper as a pest of caraway

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The frost behaviour of soils : laboratory & field data for a new concept. 1. Vertical sorting

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The frost resistance of different fruit species and varieties

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The frost resistance of new apple varieties in relation to their origin.

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The frost resistance of seedlings and crosses of some pome fruit varieties in 1956

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The frost resistance of the potato and its dependence on biochemical and physiological properties.

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The frost resistance of the principal vine varieties

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The frost resistance of the root system of some woody species.

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The frost resistance of the tuber and its relation to the frost resistance of the foliage

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The frost resistance of the winter buds of American vine rootstocks and the influence of the rootstock on the frost resistance of the scion

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The frost resistance of tobacco and mahorka seeds.

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The frost resistance of varieties and the possibility of extending the area under unscreened vineyards in Central Asia.

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The frost resistance of various fruit species and varieties

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The frost-hardiness of Pinus cembra, especially of naturally regenerated plants and young stock from nurseries.

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The frost-hardiness of plants occurring in deciduous forest.

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The fruit and vegetable trade in the United States

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The fruit merchandising in past days

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The fruit pyralis, Cryptoblabes gnidella

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The fruit quality of tomatoes as affected by para-chlorophenoxyacetic acid (PCA) for increasing fruit set during cool seasons.

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The fruit set in isolated lateral inflorescences of the vine variety Koarna Njagre.

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The fruit trade in West Europe. Foreign trade in fresh and sub-tropical fruit

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The fruit tree leaf rainer

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The fruit tree spider mite, Paratetranychus pilosus

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The fruit variety

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The fruit variety in relation to the climatic environment.

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The fruit viroses in Bulgaria

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The fruit-fly-a new injurious member of our insect fauna

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The fruiting of L. decidua in the Bucegi massif.

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The fruiting of Larch seed-trees on concentrated fellings.

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The fruiting of Pinus nigra var. caramanica.

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The fruiting of Scots Pine in over-mature stands of the Belovezskaja Pusca reserve.

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The fruiting of Spruce.

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The fruiting of forest trees as a basis for the harvesting of forest seed. I. Conifers.

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The fruiting-bodies of macrofungi as habitats for beetles of the family Clidae (Coleoptera)

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The fruits of a great idea. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of G. Darwin's book The origin of species.

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The fruits of creative work by the breeders of White Russia.

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The fruits of creative work linking theory and practice.

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The fruits of the work of 25 years.

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The fuel temperature counter

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The fuelwood problem

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The fuelwood problem in Turkey.

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The fuelwood problem in the

Roten, F., 1957:
The fuelwood problem in the Canton of Valais.

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The full feeding of bacon pigs to various slaughter weights

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The full-scale rice production experiments in a year in which blast was prevalent

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The fully automatic reception of raw milk in cans

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The fumigant action of some insecticides on the grain weevil

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The fumigant toxicity of three pine resins to Dendroctonus brevicomis and D. jeffreyi

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The fumigant toxicity of two new chemicals to stored-product insects

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The fumigation of a house with methylbromide

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The fumigation shed. A warehouse for preparing figs for market

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The function and capacity of the adrenal cortex immediately before radiation sickness death

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The function and finances of special districts in rural areas

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The function and significance of the dam's ancestry in improving Kholmogor cattle.

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The function of CIPK1 gene in Arabidopsis

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The function of agrarian law as a 'jus proprium' with the purpose of reconciling conflicting interests and tending through legal regulation of the economy to surmount opposing ideologies

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The function of agricultural structure

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The function of agriculture in the fully developed consumers' society. (Landw. Hochschule Hohenheim. Reden u. Abhandlungen. 12)

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The function of ascorbic acid in plants. Its action on chlorophyll

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The function of bacterial inhibition by different-aged compound storied forests at the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum scenic spot

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The function of consumption in the Spanish economy

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The function of ferritin in iron absorption

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The function of glycerol, cholesterol and long-chain fatty acids in the nutrition of Mycoplasma mycoides

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The function of grades in an affluent, standardized-quality economy

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The function of ground taxes

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The function of lymphatic tissue in the intestine, with special reference to absorption

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The function of phosphorus donors in protein metabolism. 1. Behaviour of inorganic phosphorus and ATP in blood after a test dose of choline chloride

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The function of potassium in the metabolism of energy-rich phosphates in plant and animal organisms.

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The function of selective standards and quality grading in a market economy

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The function of the Fish and Wildlife Service in insect control programs

Anonymous, 1958:
The function of the antennae, palps and tarsi of A. aegypti in the search for a host

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The function of the brown fat tissue in hibernating mammals

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The function of the compost and casing layer in relation to fruiting and growth of the cultivated mushroom

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The function of the cow's udder in relation to milking two or three times daily.

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The function of the epididymis of the bull. I. A theory for the activation of spermatozoan motility

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The function of the glume pit and the control of cleistogamy in Bothrio-chloa decipiens Hack.) C. E. Hubbard

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The function of the hygienist in the control of natural and fermented milk products.

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The function of the incompatibility alleles in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.). I. The effect of grafting upon self fertility

Denward, T., 1963:
The function of the incompatibility alleles in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.). II. Results of crosses within inbred families

Denward, T., 1963:
The function of the incompatibility alleles in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.). III. Changes in the 5-specificity

Denward, T., 1963:
The function of the incompatibility alleles in red clover, (Trifolium pratense L.) IV. Resume

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The function of the mammary lymphatics in staphylococcal and streptococcal mastitis in the sheep

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The function of the metanephros of foetal rabbits and pigs

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The function of the nucleus in the synthesis of cytoplasmic proteins

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The function of the protein and nucleic acid components of plant viruses

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The function of the reticulo-omasal sphincter in the lamb on milk and plant feeding in relation to the rhythmic activity of the reticulum and the activity of the oesophageal groove on swallowing

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The function of vitamin A in metabolism. 2. Vitamin A and adrenocortical hormones

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The function of vitamin B12 in the metabolism of propionate by the protozoan Ochromonas malhamensis

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The functional activity and control of the apocrine sweat glands of the scrotum of the ram

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The functional anatomy of the cysticercoid of Choanotaenia crassiscolex (Linstow 1890) (Dilepididae) from the digest iveg land of Oxychilus cellarius (Mull) (Stylommatophora) with some observations on development alstages

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The functional condition of the cow's ovary after calving

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The functional development of 'compensating asymmetry' in the higher Monogenea

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The functional development of the calf. 1. Growth of the stomach of the calf

Godfrey, N.W., 1961:
The functional development of the calf. 2. Development of rumen function in the calf

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The functional development of the reticulo-endothelial system of the chick embryo

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The functional significance and origin of the differentiation of the trichuroid body into a filiform anterior and a thicker posterior portion.

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The functional significance of mucopolysaccharide obtained from cattle aorta

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The functional variability of Uterus didelphys

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The functioning of farmers' characteristics in relation to contact with media and practice adoption

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The functions and relationships of mineral N production in forest soils.

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The functions of State farms and the entena of evaluation of their activity

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The functions of the compost and casing layer in relation to fruiting and growth of the cultivated mushroom (Psalliota (Agaricus) hortensis)

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The functions of the experimental forest

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The functions of the registrar of co-operative societies

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The fundamental criteria of the equilibrium of ion-exchange reactions in soils.

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The fundamental differences in reactive mechanism of modifications and mutations, chemical mutations in particular.

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The fundamental elements of agrarian law

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The fundamental factors determining the phenomena of the absorption and exchange of ions in soils.

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The fundamental importance of social factors: the Ghanaian capitalist cocoa farmer

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The fundamental methodological principles on which the genetic classification of soils is based.

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The fundamental morphological characteristics for the botanical description of tobacco

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The fundamental physical and chemical research on raw materials for fibreboard (1st report). Effect of the chemical components in the raw material (I) & (II).

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The fundamental principles of Poplar-growing in Hungary.

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The fundamentals of cost-oriented feeding plans

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The fundamentals of forest site mapping and principles for its accomplishment.

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The fundamentals of fruit and vegetable storage. The development, progress and present status of the storage industry.

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The fundamentals of heterosis breeding for the production of synthetic varieties

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The fundamentals of soil classification.

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The fundamentals of water vapour sorption by wood

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The fungal flora of the canine ear

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The fungal flora of the tonsils

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The fungicidal activity of (aminoalkyl) pyrenes

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The fungicidal effectiveness of Melprex in apple growing.

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The fungicidal effects of some halogenated dinitrobenzenes on Curvularia lunata and Fusarium oxysporum f. gladioli

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The fungicidal efficacy of some forms of zineb with different degrees of fineness

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The fungicidal properties of the oily fractions of wood tars.

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The fungistatic action of some antibiotics on pathogenic strains of actinomycetes and proactinomycetes

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The fungistatic action of some chemical compounds on Candida albicans

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The fungistatic effect of sorbic acid and other preservatives

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The fungus Cephalosporium (Acrostalagmus) lecanii Zimm., a pathogen of beetle larvae.

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The fungus E. fluens attacking C. sativa in the Caucasus

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The fungus Empusa aphidis Hoffman parasitic on the woolly Pine needle aphid, Schizolachnus pini-radiatae (Davidson)

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The fungus Empusa aphidis Hoffman parasitic on the woolly pine needle aphid, Schigolachnus pini-radiatae (Davidson)

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The fungus Entomophthora aphidis Hoffman parasitic on the Cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae L.) in New Zealand

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The fungus Entomophthora aphidis Huffman parasiic on fee cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae L.) in New Zealand

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The fungus Entomophthora erUpta (Dustan) attacking the Black Grass Bug, Irbisia solani (Heidemann) (Hemiptera, Miridae), in California

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The fungus G. lecanii -a pathogen of Beetle larvae

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The fungus S. populiperda as the causal agent of disease of leaves and shoots of Willow in Georgia

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The fungus Termitomyces as food for the larvae of R. flavipes

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The fungus control campaign of 1958

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The fungus flora of the Alma-Ata Botanical Garden, Academy of Sciences, Kazakh S.S.R

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The fungus microflora of a soil in the Puy-de-Dome and of the rhizosphere of Garlic. Effect upon this microflora of the treatment of garlic cloves against S. cepivorum

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The fungus microflora of the soil of the Bois des Rieges (Carmargue).

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The fungus species composition-the causal agents of diseases of forest trees and shrubs in the mountain regions of Uzbekistan and their systematic character

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The fungus species of the sputum

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The fungus spectrum of a soil analysis. III. Demonstration of individual fungi

Domsch, K.H., 1960:
The fungus spectrum of a soil sample. I. Demonstration of homogeneity.

Domsch, K.H., 1960:
The fungus spectrum of a soil sample. II. Demonstration of physiological characteristics.

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The fungus spectrum of a soil sample. III. Identification of individual fungi.

Carruthers, J.F.S., 1956:
The furrowing of veneered blockboard

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The further development of German yield tables.

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The further development of breeding horses for meat and milk in districts where tabun management is in force

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The further development of site classification in the N.E. German lowlands.

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The further development of the 3-part hay valuation key of the DLG.

Gamajunov, M., 1962:
The further development of the Lenin co-operative plan

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The further distribution of blood group systems B and S in Red Spotted cattle.

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The future cotton problems of Tungabhadra Project Area

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The future demand for animal products and its impact on the feed industry

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The future demand for forest products in New Zealand

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The future for blackberries Sweden

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The future for foliar application of boron in relation to anti-parasitic treatments

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The future for oats

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The future forms of agricultural enterprises

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The future of Birch from the viewpoint of the veneer industry

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The future of Brazilian Pine

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The future of Eastern White Pine in Canada

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The future of agricultural cooperation

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