The growth to maturity of sweet and sour cherry trees grafted on Prunus mahaleb rootstocks.

Raptopoulos, T.; Kantartzis, N.

Geoponika, 112/113, 267-72


Accession: 014250167

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The growth of 10 varieties of sweet cherry and 5 of sour cherry grafted on Prunus mahaleb was vigourous for 6 and 4 years, respectively. At this stage the trees began to bear normal crops, the growth rate was abruptly reduced and the incompatibility between the rootstock and some sweet cherry varieties was so high that few or none of the trees survived, but a survival of over 50% for 12 years was recorded for 3 varieties of the sweet cherries. Sour cherries were more compatible with the rootstock. The advantages of dwarfing and early maturity were considerable in cases of good compatibility.