Section 15
Chapter 14,255

The influence of the method of cultivation upon the feeding value of some forage crops. 5. The influence of fertilization by N, P, and K on the digestibility and yields of nutrients of some gramineous forage crops. 6. The influence of the fertilization upon the lignin contents of some gramineous forage crops and the digestibility of the lignin by rabbits.

Suzuki, K., E.Al.

J. Kanto-Tosan Agric. Exp. Sta, 12, 26-66; 67-77


Accession: 014254825

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The crops studied were rye and oats, cut green, and Dactylis glomerata. N fertilization markedly increased the grass yield and percentage of digestible crude-protein, while it significantly reduced the percentage of N-free extract. The most efficient rate of application was 4kg. N/10 ar. P2O5 and K2O each at about 2.3 kg. per 10 ar. were necessary for the efficiency of the N fertilizer. N, P and K each increased the lignin content of the forage.

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