The inhibitory effect of the juice of Phytolacca americana and P. acinosa on infection by the tobacco mosaic virus and beet mosaic virus

Brak, J.Z.P.lak; Pintera, A.

Folia Biol prague 3(6): 374-381


Accession: 014255554

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The crude juice of leaves of P. americana and P. acinosa had the same inhibitory effect on TMV. The inhibitory effect of P. acinosa on the beet mosaic virus was weaker. The experimental conditions also determined the dilution end-point of the juice of P. americana for infection of tobacco with TMV. Prolongation of the incubation period of virus disease in plants infected with a mixture containing an inhibitor is more apparent than real. The juice of leaves of P. americana has a marked toxic effect on Nicotiana tabacum and does not act on the virus after it has systemic ally invaded the plant. The experiments provide a basis for the study of the ability of some vectors to transmit plant viruses, the transmission of which by mechanical inoculation with infectious juice is difficult, because of the presence of inhibitors.