Section 15
Chapter 14,261

The nutrition of rice with reference to the occurrence of Akagare disease. 3. Varietal differences in nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism and inorganic nutrition in relation to the occurrence of the disease.

Baba, I.; Takahashi, Y.; Iwata, I.; Et Al.

Proc. Crop Sci. Soc. Japan 25: 13-14


Accession: 014260641

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In pot experiments the disease was prevalent on K-deficient soil. Susceptibility depended on the variety. A high negative correlation between occurrence of the disease and starch content and positive correlations with the ratios soluble N/starch and soluble N/(protein N x starch) occurred. No correlation with soluble N, soluble N/protein N, K2O/N or with respiratory rate of the leaves occurred, but there was a high correlation with respiratory rate/starch content.