Section 15
Chapter 14,269

The relationship between the total potassium content of tobacco leaves and the exchangeable or assimilable potassium content of the soil on which the plants are grown

Chouteau, J.; Renier, A.

Ann. Inst. exp. Tabac Bergerac 3: 227-38


Accession: 014268437

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Experiments in 1956 and 1957 showed that: (1) the K content of mature leaves is an inverse function of the height of their point of insertion on the stem; (2) the-K content of the lower leaves falls between the date of priming and final harvesting; (3) the K content of the leaf is strongly influenced by the exchangeable K content of the soil; (4) the lower the soil K, the greater is the increase in leaf K resulting from K fertilization; (5) in soils containing more than 0.2 atom percent of exchangeable K2O K manuring is unlikely to affect leaf characters and should be limited to the amounts removed by the crop; (6) in soils containing less than 0.2 atom percent of exchangeable K2O the lower the soil K, the heavier should K manuring be.

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