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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14270

Chapter 14270 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

The requirements of a good field sprayer and problems concerned with its development and use
, Proc. 10th Meet, agric. Pest. tech. Soc, Canada, 6-8 (1963)

The requirements of bacon and heavy pigs for certain essential amino acids
, Animal Prod 3: 331-339 (1961)

The requirements of maize regarding the water regime of the soil.
, Izv. Akad. Nauk Latviisk. SSR (Bull. Acad. Sci. Latvian SSR), 7 (156), 213-18 (1960)

The requirements of soil bacteria for vitamins of the B group
, Ann. agron. Paris 11: 331-346 (1960)

The requirements of some soil micro-organisms for ions of the alkaline-earth elements.
, Vestn. s.-kh. Nauki. 8, 107-115 (1959)

The requirements of textile workers with respect to quality of cotton fibre.
, Hlopkovodstvo (Cotton Growing), 6, 40-44 (1962)

The requirements of the Euro-american poplar varieties and of Populus canescens and the tree willows as regards habitat
, Allg. Forstztg 68: 97-99 (1957)

The requirements of the brewing industry as regards hop quality
, Chmelarstvi 34: 115-16 (1961)

The requirements of vernalization, photoperiod and emergence from dormancy as conditions of the habitat
, J. Agric. trop. Bot. appl 10: 20-32 (1963)

The research and experimental record of the Ministry of Agriculture, Northern Ireland for the year ended 31st December, 1959
, The research and experimental record of the Ministry of Agriculture, Northern Ireland for the year ended 31st, Belfast: Ministry of Agriculture., 9: Part 2, 107-282 ; 227-242 (1960)

The research and experimental record of the Ministry of Agriculture, Northern Ireland, 1958. Vol. VIII, Pt. II
, The research and experimental record of the Ministry of Agriculture, Northern Ireland, Vol. VIII, Pt. II, Belfast: Ministry of Agriculture, Northern Ireland., 73-254 (1959)

The research and experimental record of the Ministry of Agriculture, Northern Ireland, 1960
, The research and experimental record of the Ministry of Agriculture, Northern Ireland Belfast : Ministry of Agriculture, Northern Ireland ?. 10: Pt. 2, 151-335 (1961)

The research at the Chair of Horticulture and the Horticultural Research Station of the Timirjazev Agricultural Academy.
, Izv. Timirjazev sel'skohozjajstv. Akad. (News Timirjazev agrie. Acad.). 4, 131-42 (1957)

The research of functions-oriented municipal land management
, Journal of Nanjing Forestry University Natural Sciences Edition 29(5): 57-60 (2005)

The research of groundwater table levels, input of heavy metals and crown condition in forest ecosystems of Croatia
, Radovi Sumarski Institut Jastrebarsko (Spec.Ed.9): 159-180 (2006)

The research program of USDA organization, coordination, nature, location
, Misc. Publ. U.S. Dep. Agric, 779: 94 (1958)

The research status of the lowbush blueberry Vaccinium spp
, XVIth International Horticultural Congress, Brussels, Belgium, August 31-September 8 1962. 3, 426-32 (1962)

The resent status of Endothia parasitica in Italy.
, Schweiz. Z. Forstw 111(7): 341-7 (1960)

The reserves for increased production of hard and strong-floured wheats.
, Zemledelie (Agriculture). 1, 58-66 (1960)

The reserves of agricultural development
, Gospodarka Planowa. Warszawa, 3, 26-32 (1963)

The reserves of agricultural production of the central and southern provinces of Poland
, Gospodarka Planowa. Warszawa 6: 55-61 (1961)

The reserves of available phosphates in soils and their accumulation when phosphorus fertilizers are applied.
, Pochvovedenie, 2, 1-9 (1958)

The reserves of increased yields of winter wheat in the Kuban'.
, Zemledelie (Agriculture), 7, 54-58 (1959)

The resettlement idea
, Agr. History. Champaign, Ill., Oct 33(4): 159-164 (1959)

The residual action of Thimet and Bayer 19639 against the cotton aphid and the greenbug
, Jour Econ Ent 52(2): 304-305 (1959)

The residual action of a phosphorus product on P. americana under laboratory conditions
, Arq. Inst. biol. Sao Paulo 28: 277-286 (1961)

The Residual Action Of Two Organophosphorus Compounds And A Carbamate On Dried Muds
, Bulletin of the World Health Organization 28(1): 69-76 (1963)

The residual effect of DNC in the ground.
, Landbouwvoorlichting, 205-208. bibl.1 (1956)

The residual effect of certain organophosphorus insecticides on various insects in olive groves
, Ann. Inst. phytopath. Benaki. 4: 138-47. bibl. 8 (1962)

The residual effect of diethylstilbestrol on fat finish in turkeys
, Poultry Sci 40(1): 265-266 (1961)

The residual effect of fertilized wheat on following maize
, Ann. agric. Sci., Fac. Agric., Ain Shams Univ., Cairo 1(1): 199-207. bibl. 10 (1956)

The residual effect of fertilizer
, Advanc. Agron 9: 205-216 (1957)

The residual effect of fertilizers applied to lucerne before sowing
, Ann. Sta. chim.-agr, Roma, 171, 177-83. bibl. 6 (1960)

The residual effect of fertilizers in a vegetable rotation.
, Udobr. Urozh, 3, 47-50 (1959)

The residual effect of herbicides must be taken into consideration in the crop rotation
, Pflanzenarzt 14(4): 33-5 (1961)

The residual effect of insecticides applied to meadow and pasture sod for control of the European chafer
, J. econ. Ent. Menasha, Wis. 51(6): 765-767 (1959)

The residual effect of mineral fertilizers applied to Sudan grass.
, Inst. agron. "I. lonescu de la Brad"Iasi Luc. stiint, 65-73 (1962)

The residual effect of molybdenum fertilizer on improved pastures on a prairie-like soil in sub-tropical Queensland
, Australian Jour Exptl Agric And Animal Husb 3(8): 20-25 (1963)

The residual effect of nitrogen fertilizing.
, Landbouw-voorlichting 20: 149-154 (1963)

The residual effect of phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers in leached smonitsa.
, Izv. pochv. Inst. Sofiya. 6: 251-317 (1959)

The residual effect of submersion on soil structure.
, Afr. Soils 5: 123-148 (1960)

The residual effect of superphosphate in soils of the smonitsa type.
, Pochvovedenie. 1, 80-86 (1960)

The residual effect of the previous vears' simazine and Gesaprim spraying on maize
, Pflanzenarzt 14(8): 76-7 (1961)

The residual effectiveness of insecticidal powders for protection of stored maize and kidney beans
, Agric. trop. Bogota 14: 47-50. bibl. 3 (1958)

The residual effects of a range of grass and clover species
, Grassl. Res. Inst. Exp. in Progr. 11. Ann. Rep. 8 Hurley, 1959. 49-50 (1959)

The residual effects of chemicals
, Proc. 13th N.Z. Weed Control Conf, 95-101 (1960)

The residual effects of malathion on fruit flies and beneficial insects.
, Bol. Estac. exp. agric. Tucuman. 75: 5 (1962)

The residual effects of phosphorus fertilizers on yields of arable crops. Preliminary results of six rotation experiments
, Exp. Husbandry, 8, 85-103 (1962)

The residual effects of the manurial and cropping treatments in the Agdeil rotation experiment
, Rep. Rothamst. exp. Sta., 1958. 252-260 (1958)

The residual insecticidal effect of Bayer Compound S-17S2 (Bayer 29 493) in laboratory tests
, J. econ. Ent, Menasha, Wis. 52(6): 1096-1099 (1960)

The residual quality of some insecticides used on apple to control codling moth
, Proc. Wash. St. hort. Ass, 38-9 (1960)

The residual toxicity of insecticides to Scolytus multistriatus
, Jour Econ Ent 51(2): 256-257 (1958)

The residual toxicity of monuron, simazine and 2,3,6-TBA
, Proc. 14th N.Z. Weed Control Conf, 87-91 (1961)

The residual toxicity of monuron, simazine and 2,3,6-TBA. Final results
, Proc. 15th N.Z. Weed Control Conf, 185-8. bibl 1 (1962)

The residual value of fertilizer phosphate applied in two field experiments
, Plant and Soil 18: 267-272 (1963)

The residual value of phosphatic fertilisers
, Scot. Agric 43: 81-85 (1963)

The Residual Variability in Intensity of Coat Color at Birth in a Guinea Pig Colony
, Genetics 45(5): 583-612 (1960)

The resin acids of Ricinocarpus stylosus. Two minor diterpenoid constituents of Ricinocarpus stylosus
, Chem. & Ind, 44, 1801-2 (1963)

The resin canals of Pinus contorta Loudon
, Irish For 20(2): 69-85 (1963)

The resin-agglutination test for vesicular stomatitis
, American Journal of Veterinary Research 19(72): 761-764 (1958)

The resiniferous system of P. obovata.
, Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk 3(5): 24-36 (1960)

The resistance behaviour of some maize varieties and hybrids to artificially produced fungal infections of the ear with respect to the fungal flora most frequently occurring on maize ears in the Bernburg area
, Zuchter 32: 200-10 (1962)

The resistance of Barley to Erysiphe graminis
, Abs. in Idia. Oct.-Dec. 8: 32-33 (1956)

The resistance of Beans to virus diseases
, Ann. Soc. Hort. Fr 6(21): 3-7 (1960)

The resistance of Castanea sativa Mill, to Curculio (Balaninus elephas Gyll.
, Izv. Inst. Zast. Rast. Gara Kostinbrod (News Inst. PL Protect. Gara Kostinbrod). 4: 159-68 (1963)

The resistance of Catongo Cacao (mutant of the common var. of T. leiocarpa) to black rot (P. palmivora)
, Boln Inst. biol. Bahia, 63 6(1): 32-41 (1962)

The resistance of Chestnut tree to Endothia parasitica
, Annales de l'Amelioration des Plantes, Paris 12(1): 59-65 (1962)

The resistance of Douglas Fir
, Bull. Soc. For. Belg 70(7): 372-9 (1963)

The resistance of Eucalypts to CaCO3 in the soil: report of a preliminary test.
, Pap. FAO World Consult. For. Genet., Stockholm 1963. FAO/FORGEN 63/-4/10, ii + 8 (1963)

The resistance of Gammarus spp. to infection by Polymorphus minutus (Goeze, 1782) (Acanthocephala)
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 52(3): 376-383 (1958)

The resistance of Maize seed to moulds
, Kukuruza 5(9): 38-39 (1960)

The resistance of Oncomelania to molluscicides. I. Sodium pentachlorophenate.
, Japanese Journal of Parasltology 10(6): 674-678; 678 p (1961)

The resistance of Opisthorchis metacercariae in the drying of fish.
, Nauchnaya Konferentslya Posvyashchennaya 40-Letlyu Moskovskoi Veterinaraol Akademli. 91-93 (1960)

The resistance of Picea abies and Pinus nigra seedlings to the action of 2,4-D.
, Lucrari Stiintifice, Institutul Politehnic, Orasul Stalin (Ser. silvic.). 4: 211-21 (1960)

The resistance of Potato hybrids to Phytophthora
, Kartofel' Ovoshchi 5(6): 30-32 (1960)

The resistance of Potato varieties to storage decay caused by Fusarium sambucinum f. 6 and Fusarium coeruleum
, Amer. Potato J 33(8): 249-254 (1956)

The resistance of Setaria varieties to drought.
, Selekcija i Semenovodstvo (Breeding and Seed-growing), 6, 61-63 (1958)

The resistance of Spruce to barkbeetles.
, Allg. Forst- u. Jagdztg, 127: 7; 8/9, 129-45; 168-87 (1956)

The resistance of Tomato varieties to septoriosis and macrosporiosis in the conditions of the foothills of the western part of the north Caucasus
, Rep. Lenin Acad. agric. Sci 22(7): 25-29 (1957)

The resistance of apple to leaf blotch.
, Agrobiologija (Agrobiology). 625-26 (1961)

The resistance of apple to the woolly aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum Hausm.).
, Bul. Akad. Sti. RSS Mold. (Bull. Acad. Sci. Moldav. SSR). 3, 3-16 (1962)

The resistance of apple trees to leaf spot.
, Agrobiologija, 4, 625-6 (1961)

The resistance of apple varieties to fungous diseases and its practical utilization under different ecological conditions.
, Sel'sk. Hozjajstv. sev. Kavkaz. (Agric. North Caucasus), 9, 51-55 (1960)

The resistance of apples to Penicillium expansum and its possible connection with the presence of anthocyanins in the epidermis of the fruits
, Riv. Ortoflorofruttic. ital 44: 462-73. bibl. 19 (1960)

The resistance of apples to damage
, J. agric. Engng Res 7: 155-7 (1962)

The resistance of bacterial spores to superheated steam
, Food Technol 10(10): 477-481 (1956)

The resistance of bajra seedlings to soil drought
, Indian J. Agron 7: 240-45 (1963)

The resistance of barley and wheat seed to gamma rays in connexion with the growing conditions before irradiation.
, Agrobiologia (Agrobiology), 95-102 (1961)

The resistance of butter to penetration
, Int. Dairy Congr. 1962. B: 42-48 (1962)

The resistance of cereal seedlings to potassium chlorate as a distinguishing character of material of damp and of dry provenance
, Z. landw. Vers.- UntersuchWes 6: 50-59 (1960)

The resistance of certain Finnish red clover varieties to the stem nematode Ditylenchns dipsaci Kuhn) Filipjev
, Ann. Agric. Fenn 2: 1-6 (1963)

The resistance of certain Finnish red clover varieties to the stem nematode Ditylenchus dipsttd (Kuhn) Filipjev
, Annales Agricultrae Fenniae 2(1): 1-6 (1963)

The resistance of certain cotton pests to organic insecticides in the Canete Valley
, Rev. peruana Ent. agric, Lima 1(1): 47-51 (1958)

The resistance of certain species of Poplars to insect pests.
, Nauc. Dokl. Vyss. Skoly (Biol. Nauki), Moskva. 1, 23-7 (1963)

The resistance of certain tobacco varieties to black root rot.
, Tabak 21(1): 21-3. bibl. 8 (1960)

The resistance of chloro-cide-treated E. coli bacteria to streptomycin
, Acta vet, Acad. Sci, hung., 13: 285-287 (1963)

The resistance of codling moth to DDT.
, Zasc. Rast. Vred. Bolez 6(1): 25-7 (1961)

The resistance of different barley varieties to loose smut.
, Agrobiologija (Agrobiology), 1, 62-69 (1956)

The resistance of different maize and potato varieties to wire-worms
, Latv. PSR Zinat. Akad. Vestis. 3, 71-73 (1962)

The resistance of different pea varieties to the pea weevil.
, Agrobiologia. 2, 306-7 (1960)

The resistance of different vines to attack by Haltica lythri ssp. ampelophaga
, Bull. Off. int. Vin 35(375): 611-15 (1962)

The resistance of flax varieties to Anthracnose.
, Doklady Akad. Nauk BSSR (Proc. Acad. Sa. Beloruss. SSR), 5: 11, 523-4. bibl. 5 (1961)

The resistance of french beans to virus diseases
, Ann. Soc. nat. Hort, France., 6: 24-7. bibl. 5 (1960)

The resistance of gladiolus varieties to fusarium wilt.
, Bjull. glav. bot. Sada. 37, 92-6. bibl. 10 (1960)

The resistance of grafted cottons to Verticillium wilt.
, Vopr. Biol. kraev. Med., Akad. Nauk Uzbek. SSR. (Quest. Biol. Fringes Med., Acad. Sci. Uzbek SSR), Taskent., 4, 59-62 (1963)

The resistance of hard wheat to Hessian fly.
, Selekcija i Semenovodstvo (Breeding and Seed-growing). 6, 66-67 (1957)

The resistance of hard wheats of different geographical origin to root rot.
, Sborn. Trud. Aspirant, molod. nauc. Sotrud. Inst. Rastenievodstv. (Symp. Wk. postgrad. jun. sci. Wkr. Inst. PI. Industr.). Leningr., 52-55 (1960)

The resistance of herbage sward to gas fumes.
, Bot. Z., SSSR (Bot. J., USSR) 44(7): 990-2. bibl. 4 (1959)

The resistance of hookworm eggs to lower temperatures.
, Japanese Journal of Parasitology 8(4): 637-641 (1959)

The resistance of hybrid maize populations to low temperatures.
, Agrobiologlja (Agrobiology), 298-301 (1961)

The resistance of interspecific Tomato hybrids to septoriosis and macrosporiosis
, Bull. Acad. Sci. Arm. SSR 10(11): 119-124 (1957)

The resistance of living organisms to low temperature.(Biological basis of the freezing of semen. )
, Med. wet 13: 462-466 (1957)

The resistance of maize to smut.
, Kukuruza (Maize), 7, 35-36 (1958)

The resistance of maize to the action of herbicides.
, Vestn. sel'skohozjajstv. Nauk (Rep. agric. sci.), 1, 134-36 (1958)

The resistance of milk samples to the activity of Streptococcus agalactiae as affected by feeding silage
, American Journal of Veterinary Research 17(63): 231-234 (1956)

The resistance of milk samples to the activity of Streptococcus agalactiae as affected by pasture
, American Journal of Veterinary Research 17(63): 227-230 (1956)

The resistance of native and some foreign wheat varieties to black rust
, Zastita Bilja 36, 3-16 (1956)

The resistance of oats and barley to the cereal root eelworm
, Report of the Welsh Plant Breeding Station, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, for, 1962. 120-23 (1962)

The resistance of ornamental plants to flue gases.
, Bjull. glav. bot. Sada, 33, 48-52. bibl. 6 (1959)

The resistance of particle boards to biological
, Derev. Prom 12(3): 11-2 (1963)

The resistance of pea varieties to Fusarium wilt
, Plant Pathol 8(2): 39-45 (1959)

The resistance of plants of rice fields, particularly weeds. to flooding by sea water.
, Jap.J.Ecol 5(4): 167-171 (1956)

The resistance of plants to high and low temperatures in relation to the type of nitrogen applied.
, Fiziol. Rast 5: 353-6. bibl. 8 (1958)

The resistance of plants to insects and its beneficial effects in warding off pest damage. III
, KoetoimintajaKaytanto 20(8-9): 26-27 (1963)

The resistance of polyploid plants to the toxic action of potassium chlorate and its significance for plant breeding
, Proceedings of the International Genetics Symposia, Tokyo and Kyoto, September 1956. 1957. 325-26 (1957)

The resistance of potato to potato nematode (Heterodera rostochiensis W.).
, Dokl. Vsesojuzn. Akad. seljskohozjajstv. Nauk Lenin. (Proc. All-Un. Lenin Acad. agric. Sci.), 9, 24-28 (1958)

The resistance of potato to the potato nematode (Heterodera rostochiensis W.).
, Dokladi Vsesoyuznoi Ordena Lenina Akademii Selskokhozyaistvennikh Nauk Imeni V. I. Lenina. 9, 24-28 (1958)

The resistance of potato tubers to damage
, Europ. Potato J 3: 13-29 (1960)

The resistance of potato varieties to late blight
, Agriculture, Montreal 14(1): 13-15. bibl. 6 (1957)

The resistance of potato varieties to late blight caused by Ph. infestans (Mont.) de Bary
, Zuchter 28: 99-105 (1958)

The resistance of potato varieties to storage decay caused by Fusanurn sambucinum f.6 and Fusarium coeruleum
, Amer. Potato J 33: 249-54 (1956)

The resistance of potato varieties towards the Y virus
, Kartoffelbau 9: 231-33; 236 (1958)

The resistance of potatoes to root eelworm
, Nematologica 1(2): 88-91 (1956)

The resistance of promising wheat varieties in our country to Gibberella zeae and the relevant components in hybridization.
, Nogyo oyobi Engei/Agric. & Hort 33: 309-14 (1958)

The resistance of soft wheat specimens to brown rust depending on the phase of development of the host.
, Dokl. Vsesojuzn. Akad. sel'skohozjajstv. Nauk Lenin. (Proc. All-Un. Lenin Acad. agric. Sci.), 5, 34-37 (1959)

The resistance of some Urals tree and shrub species to gases.
, Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk 5(4): 32-5 (1962)

The resistance of some cigar tobacco varieties to black root rot (Thielaviopsis basicola) in the light of field experiments
, Roczn. Nauk rol 88: 143-58. bibl. 20 (1963)

The resistance of some grafted hybrid vines to low winter temperatures
, Ann. EC. nat. super. agron, Toulouse 5: 29-44 (1957)

The resistance of some species of soil micro-organisms to the action of anabasine.
, Mikrobiologiya 29: 234-237 (1960)

The resistance of some strains of maize to Ostrinia nubilalis
, Agron. Glasn, Zagreb, pt. 5-7, 404-407 (1962)

The resistance of some tobacco varieties to black shank (Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae).
, Rast. Zastit. (Pl. Protect.). 8: 25-31 (1960)

The resistance of some varieties of castor oil plant (R. communis) to the fungus B. cinerea Pers
, Acta agrobot, Warszawa 7: 117-24 (1958)

The resistance of some varieties of winter wheat to a population of races of P. graminis from eastern and southeastern Serbia
, Arh. poljopr. Nauk 13(39): 46-53 (1960)

The resistance of some wheat varieties to A. tritici, and the development of the parasite
, Arh. poljopr. Nauk 13(41): 95-105 (1960)

The resistance of some wheat varieties to bunt
, Zastita Bilja, 44, 83-88 (1957)

The resistance of some winter and spring Wheats, depending on their stage of development, to different physiological races of the group of race 21 of brown rust P. recondita
, Bull. Plant Prot, Sofia 7(1-2): 14-25 (1958)

The resistance of some woods to fungal decay.
, Holzzerstorung durch Pilze: Internationales Symposium Eberswalde, Akademie-Verlag,Berlin, 1963. 277-84 (1963)

The resistance of spring wheat to excess moisture.
, Fiziol. Rast 5: 409-416 (1958)

The resistance of spring wheats to brown rust under irrigation in the Volga region.
, Izv. Kuibyshevsk. s.-kh. in-ta. 23, 60-65 (1960)

The resistance of sugar beet to storage rots in relation to cutinization of injured roots.
, Sborn. nauc. Rab. belocerkov. opyt.-selekc. Sta. (Rep. sci. Wk. Belaja Cerkov' exp. breed. Sta.). 2: 241-48 (1962)

The resistance of sugar cane to 2,4-D, TCA and CMU
, Rev. agron. Noroeste argent. 4: 85-7 (1963)

The resistance of the Oncomelama snail to molluscicides. I. Sodium pentachlorophenate
, Japanese Journal of Medical Science and Biology 14(3): 131-137 (1961)

The resistance of the chicken embryo to low temperature exposure
, Poultry Sci 35(4): 753-757 (1956)

The resistance of the spider mite to internal plant poisons.
, Hlopkovodstvo (Cott. Prod.) 12(5): 15-18 (1962)

The resistance of tomatoes to streak as affected by ecological conditions.
, Doklady Akad. Nauk S.S.S.R 111: 1127-9. bibl. 3 (1956)

The resistance of tortricids to low winter temperatures.
, Soobsc. Inst. Les, 12, 75-83 (1959)

The resistance of tropical timbers to mineral acids.
, Bois For. Trop, 74, 25-34 (1960)

The resistance of various flax varieties to Polyspora lini.
, Len i Konoplja (Flax and Hemp. 4, 26-28 (1962)

The resistance of various grasses to Ophiobolus graminis
, Plant Dis Reporter 42(1): 26-29 (1958)

The resistance of wheat-Agropyron hybrids to salinity.
, Trud. rostov. Otd. vsesojuzn. bot. Obsc. (Proc. Rostov Div. Ail-Un. bot. Soc.). 1, 140-47 (1960)

The resistance of wheats to fungous diseases in central Asia.
, Uzbek, biol. Z. (Uzbek, biol. J.). 6, 9-13 (1960)

The resistance of wild species and hybrids of potato to Epilachna vigintioctomaculata Mtsch. and diseases.
, Sborn. Trud. Aspirant, molod. nauc. Sotrud. Inst. Rastenievodstv. (Symp. Wk. post-grad, jun. sci. Wkr. Inst. PI. Industr.). Leningr, 128-37 (1960)

The resistance of wild species of potato to wart (S. endobioticum
, Sborn. csl. Akad. zemed. Ved : Rada rostiinna Vyroba. 35: 123-30 (1962)

The resistance of winter rye and wheat to drenching.
, Fiziol. Rast. (Pl. Physiol, USSR) 9(5): 589-94. bibl. 11 (1962)

The resistance of winter-wheat varieties to mildew.
, Selekcija i Semenovodstvo (Breeding and Seed-growing). 6, 52-53 (1959)

The resistance of wood to peeling.
, Lesn. Z., Arhangel'sk 4(6): 120-8 (1961)

The resistance of wood-fibre boards impregnated against termites in laboratory and field tests
, Folia zool, Prague, 12: pt. 1, 75-85 (1963)

The resistance of yellow sweet corn hybrids to Stewart's wilt disease
, Res. Circ. Ohio agric. Exp. Sta 49: 3-14 (1958)

The resistance pattern in a strain of the cocoa Capsid (Distantiella theobroma (Dist.)) resistant to BHC
, Ent. exp. appl, Amsterdam 6(4): 304-308 (1963)

The resistance status and management strategies of Bemisia tabaci B biotype in Xinjiang
, Acta Phytophylacica Sinica 34(3): 311-315 (2007)

The resistance to black root rot of some introduced tobacco varieties.
, Tabak (Tobacco), 1, 21-23 (1960)

The resistance to diseases of the varieties of the Czech approved collection of potatoes
, Za socialist. Zemed 8: 599-604 (1958)

The resistance to frit fly of maize specimens differing in tolerance of cold.
, Sborn. Trud. Aspirant. molod. nauc. Sotrud. Inst. Rastenievodstv. (Symp. Wk. post-grad. jun. sci. Wkr. Inst. Pl. Industr.). Leningr., 83-91 (1960)

The resistance to frost of some winter-barley varieties cultivated in our country
, Probl. Agric, Bucuresti 12(9): 69-74 (1960)

The resistance to fungi of treated and untreated woods.
, Thesis - Forstiliche Fakultat, Universitat zu Gottingen. Forstiliche Fakultat, Universitat zu Gottingen, Hann. Munden., Germany, 57 (1960)

The resistance to influenza infection of suckling mice born to immunized mice.
, Stud. Cercet. Inframicrobiol 10(3): 315-26 (1959)

The resistance to shedding of the fruits of C. abyssinica and testing for it
, Zuchter 33: 190-96 (1963)

The resistance, of different vines to attack by H. lythri Aubre ssp. ampelophaga Guer
, Bull. OIV 35: 611-15 (1962)

The resistant strain of Candida albicans against trichomycin
, Nippon Saikingaku Zasshi 14: 29-31 (1959)

The resistibility of potato tubers to injury
, Europ. Potato J 3(1): 13-29. bibl. 15 (1960)

The resolution of hop bitter substances by reversed-phase partition chromatography
, Proc. eur. Brewery Conv., Copenhagen 1957. 22-6. bibl. 6 (1957)

The resolution of the neutron scattering method for soil moisture determination
, Trans. 7th int. Congr. Soil Sci 1: 321-329 (1960)

The respective effects of starvation and changed body composition on energy metabolism in malnourished infants
, Pediatrics 23(6): 1085-1090 (1959)

The respective roles of kidney, intestine and bone in osteomalacia with low blood phosphorus and vitamin resistance: treatment with large amounts of vitamin combined with sodium phytate
, Sem. Hop 36: 1261-1267 (1960)

The respiration and composition of the mammary gland of the guinea pig during pregnancy and lactation
, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 60(2): 485-495 (1956)

The respiration climacteric in apple fruits
, Proceedings Roy Society Ser B Biol Science 158(973): 514-535 (1963)

The respiration drift of harvested pasture plants during drying
, J. Sci. Fd Agric 10(9): 495-501. bibl. 7 (1959)

The respiration of Aspergillus nidu-lans variants greatly modified by ultraviolet rays.
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