The secretory capacity of the autotransplanted hypophysis as indicated by the effects of steroid hormones on the mammary glands. I. Effects of ovarian hormones

Ahren, K.

Acta Endocrinologica 38: 449-468


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-5598
PMID: 13859757
Accession: 014271408

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The response of the mammary gland to oestrone and progesterone was used to determine the secretory activity of pituitary autotransplants in castrated male and female rats. Slight duct growth and marked, but not maximal, lobule-alveolar development were found in rats with kidney pituitary transplants after daily injections of 10 jag. oestrone and 4 mg. progesterone. Development was not as great in these animals as in similarly treated intact rats.