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The studies in the nutritive value of Bombay fish. V. The digestibility and the biological value of fish proteins

Valanju, N.N.; Sohonie, K.

Indian Journal of Medical Research 45(1): 125-132


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5340
PMID: 13415680
Accession: 014273684

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The biological value (BV) of fish proteins was assessed by 5 different methods. The N balance method showed high BVs. There was good correlation between the BVs and percent urinary creatinine N in rats fed different proteins. The rat growth method showed that proteins of Ghol and Mandell possessed nearly the same BV. The nutritive value of proteins was also tested by studying the growth of larvae (Corcyra cephalonica). Larvae are suitable as test animals for evaluating the nutritive quality of a protein.

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