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Chapter 14,274

The studies on Kusaya-no-Himono

Terada, Y.; Kametani, T.

Mie Med Jour 11(2): 183-188


Accession: 014273685

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It was theorized that putrefaction in food does not necessarily give rise to toxic substances involved in food poisoning. An aqueous extract of "Kusaya-no-Himono", a well known rotten fish in Japan, was examined and the following results obtained The pH was 6.1. The amount of volatile basic N was 65.4 mg%. The amount of histidine was 11910 [mu]g/g of extract; 3970 [mu]g/g of original raw fish. The amount of histamine was 151.2 [mu]g/g of extract; 50.4 [mu]g/g of original raw fish. When the extract was applied to the serosa of the small intestine in vitro, it induced a gradual contraction of the intestine, antagonizable with Restamin (Benadryl) or atropine. When the extract was applied to the mucosa of the small intestine in vivo, it did not react. From these results "Kusaya-no-Himono" is concluded tohave the properties of fresh fish.

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