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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 14276

Chapter 14276 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Davidescu, D.; Vines, J., 1962:
The time of nitrogen application to maize on a reddish-brown soil at the Moara Domneasca experiment station.

Delver, P., 1962:
The time of nitrogen manuring.

Son, J. P.; Tapiljskii, I.A.; Ljahov, V.V.; Lednev, P.I., 1963:
The time of ovulation and duration of spermatozoal survival in the genitalia of cows.

Pitkjanen, I.G., 1958:
The time of ovulation in sows

Harper, M.J., 1961:
The time of ovulation in the rabbit following the injection of luteinizing hormone

Elenkov, E., 1959:
The time of planting affects disease incidence in Sweet Pepper

Rlgitano, O.; Ojima, M., 1963:
The time of pruning for figs in Sao Paulo state

Hofman, J.; Heger, B., 1962:
The time of sowing and pre-treatment of Douglas Fir seed.

Wegrzyn, S., 1963:
The time of testing and the influence of visual selection within inbred lines of maize on the general combining ability

Norfolk Agricultural Station, Sprowston., 1957:
The time of top dressing nitrogen for winter wheat

Monov, A.I., 1959:
The time of treatment of fibre-flax (Linum usitatissimum var. elongata) with herbicides

Sasimowski, E., 1961:
The time of utilisation of purebred stallions for breeding in the Lublin district.

Loftfield, R.B.; Eigner, E.A., 1958:
The time required for the synthesis of a ferritin molecule in rat liver

Otlev, I.A., 1961:
The time taken to heat up particle boards.

Harkness, R.D.; Moralee, B.E., 1956:
The time-course and route of loss of collagen from the rat's uterus during post-partum involution

Klapp, E., 1956:
The time-course of grass growth in pasture and its modification by nitrogen manuring

Natarajan, A.T.; Maric, M.M., 1961:
The time-intensity factor in dry seed irradiation

Behrens, F.; A.F.anke E.D.min, 1961:
The time-sum method

Fisyunov, A.V., 1960:
The times of application of simazine on maize

Sudakova, I.M.; Esipov, I.I., 1963 :
The times of development of phases, the type and character of egg-laying of Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie, 1942. (An experiment in applying mathematical analysis to data from biological observations.).

Mihalevskaja, O.B., 1962:
The times of the formation of reproductive buds of Larix gmelinii and Picea jezoensis in Kamchatka.

Dunford, W.J.; R.C.R.ckard., 1961:
The timing of farm machinery replacement

Cooke, Dennis, 1962:
The timing of harvests in horticultural experiments

Juhn, M.; Quigley, G.D., 1960:
The timing of ovarian development and of molt in the later life of hens with the oviduct transected as immature pullets

Armasescu, S., 1958:
The timing of tending operations in Robinia stands.

Diller, J.D., 1958:
The tin-can method for protecting chestnut seedbeds from rodents

Martin, W.B.; Chapman, W.G., 1961:
The tissue culture colour test for assaying the virus and neutralizing antibody of foot-and-mouth disease and its application to the measurement of immunity in cattle

Logachev, E.D.; Bruskin, B.R., 1959:
The tissue relationships in the parasite-host system in the ontogenesis of Opisthorchis felineus.

Muir, A.R.; Golberg, L., 1961:
The tissue response to iron-dextran; an electron-microscope study

Martin, W.B., 1960:
The tissue-culture colour test for titrating virus and assaying antibody in foot-and-mouth disease

Dobritskaya, Yu. I., 1960:
The titanium content of soils of the Yaroslav region.

Garvin, J.E.; Karnovsky, M.L., 1956:
The titration of some phosphatides and related compounds in a non-aqueous medium

Pavlinova, A.V.; Bernshtein, B.I., 1959:
The titrimetric determination of mobile aluminium in soils.

Wada, E.; Kisaki, T.; Ihida, M., 1959:
The tobacco alkaloids in the root and sap of some Nicotiana plants

Popov, V.I., 1960:
The tobacco beetle-Lasioderma serricorne Fab. in Bulgaria and its control.

Winkler, Erhart, 1959:
The tobacco economy of Samsun

Thomson, Robert Polk., 1961:
The tobacco export of the Upper James River naval district, 1773-75

Faenza, Vincenzo., 1963:
The tobacco industry in 1962

Willets, H.J.; Lea, H.W., 1961:
The tobacco industry in north-western New South Wales

Anonymous, 1963:
The tobacco industry in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland

Gonzalez Molina, C.L., 1960:
The tobacco nursery

Alcaraz, E., 1959:
The tobacco plant and its water supply. Control of humidity during curing and fermentation

Goodall, D.W., 1959:
The tobacco plant and water. The growing plant

Karabaki, A.K., 1961:
The tobacco stringing machine NT-4.

Mason, E.L.; Jones, W.L., 1958:
The tocopherol contents of some Australian cereals and flour milling products

Wanntorp, H.; Obel, A.L., 1958:
The tocopherol level in normal pigs and in those with waxy degeneration and dietary liver disorders

Garczynski, S.; Sokoowska Garczynska, K., 2007:
The tolerance of durum wheat to nitrogen and phosphorus deficits in substratum in the seedling and maturity phases

Glocker, K.; Krussmann, G., 1957:
The tolerance of evergreen woody species to industrial fumes.

Rick, C.M.; Notani, N.K., 1961:
The tolerance of extra chromosomes by primitive tomatoes

Luckwill, L.C.; Campbell, A.I., 1957:
The tolerance of fruit crops to certain selective and pre-emergence herbicides

Luck-Will, L.C.; Campbell, A.I., 1956:
The tolerance of fruit crops to certain selective andpreemergenceherbicides

Caseley, J., 1960:
The tolerance of fruit crops to some residual herbicides

Mehring, A.L.; Brumbaugh, J.H.; Sutherland, A.J.; Titus, H.W., 1960:
The tolerance of growing chickens for dietary copper

Dewey, J.; Mehring, A.L.; Savino, F.X.; Titus, H.W., 1962:
The tolerance of growing chickens for dietary zinc

Roberson, R.H.; Schaible, P.J., 1960:
The tolerance of growing chicks for high levels of different forms of zinc

Welker, W.; Rake, L.; Holm, L., 1956:
The tolerance of several vegetable crops to preplanting treatment of dalapon

Albert, W.B., 1961:
The tolerance of sorghum, Sudan grass, brown-top and Gahi millets for various herbicides

Meadly, G.R.W.; Pearce, G.A., 1957:
The tolerance of subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum L.) to chlorinated phenoxyacetic derivatives

Orsenigo, J.R., 1959:
The tolerance of sugar cane to pre-emergence and post-emergence applied herbicides in screening experiments on organic soil

Graniti, A.; Renzoni, G., 1963:
The tolerance of the vine variety Regina to arsenical treatments for the control of esca disease.

Josephs, M., 1957 :
The tolerance of various cover crops to Dowpon in the soil

Liu-Wei-Qun; Shi-Yong-Chun; Hu-Ya-Jie; Liu-Qiao-Zhen, 2007:
The tolerance to abiotic stresses mediated by DREB-like transcription factors in Nicotiana tabacum

Bucur, N.; Lixandru, G.; Tesu, C.; Dumbrava, I., 1959:
The tolerance to salinity of some winter-wheat varieties grown without irrigation on saline soils along the coast and in the valley bottom of the Jijia-Bahlui depression under the conditions of the year 1958

Bucur, N., E.Al., 1963:
The tolerance to salinity of the principal vine rootstocks planted on saline soils along the coast

Bory, G., 1959:
The tolerated dose and toxic dose of saponin in sheep and goats

Maliani, C., 1961:
The tomato Gimar

Maliani, C., 1960:
The tomato Gimar suitable also for peeling

Groenewegen, J.H., 1962:
The tomato and the glasshouse climate

Grusevoj, S.E., 1956:
The tomato bronzing virus of tobacco and mahorka

Wroblewska, Z., 1959:
The tomato collection of the Vegetable Production Division in Pulawy in 1954-1956

Zangheri, S., 1961:
The tomato fruitworm in certain areas

Ivanskaja, V., 1961:
The tomato variety Dokucaev 4.

Maliani, C., 1960:
The tomato variety Gimar, ideal for canning, as well as for direct consumption

Anonymous, 1959:
The tomato variety Leningradskij Skorospelyj 2166.

Artemenko, J.I., 1958:
The tomato variety Peremoga 165.

Drozd, A.M., 1957:
The tomato variety Pervenec 190.

Byhanova, K.E., 1959:
The tomato variety Stalingrad 5/95.

Artemenko, G.I., 1957:
The tomato variety Talalihin 186.

Aleksandrov, S.V., 1958:
The tomato variety Ural'skij Mnogoplodnyj 281.

Baird, I.M.; Dodge, O.G.; Palmer, F.J.; Wawman, R.J., 1961:
The tongue and oesophagus in iron-deficiency anaemia and the effect of iron therapy

Kruisinga, R.J.; Huizinga, E., 1959:
The too small mouth in patients with Plummer-Vinson syndrome

Ferrante, Mauro., 1962:
The tools for carrying out the agricultural policy of the E.E.C.

Feucht, W., 1961:
The topography and position of fruiting organs in fruit trees, and their relationship to flowering capacity.

Wilkens, H., 1956:
The topography of the digestive organs of the sheep, with special reference to functional activity

Malan, A.H., 1959:
The topping and removal of lateral shoots and shortening of flower clusters in table grapes

Kretschmer, G., 1962:
The torso method

Kretschmer, G., 1960:
The torso method, a direct quick procedure for frost resistance tests with cereals

Sarker, M.; Ahmad, K., 1963:
The total and available iron and copper content in some common food-stuffs of East Pakistan

Hawkins, W.W.; Leonard, V.G.; Speck, E., 1956:
The total body hemoglobin in children and its relation to caloric and iron requirements

Meskov, N.V., 1961:
The total carbon content in root secretions of plants grown in sterile cultures with permanent and changed solutions.

Backstrom, S., 1956:
The total content of ascorbic acid in the developing sea urchin egg

Vil'gusevich, I.P.; Bulgakov, N.P., 1960:
The total content of trace elements in the soils of White Russia.

Pontorieri, N.; Durante, M.; Nunziata, B., 1961:
The total deposit of subcutaneous fat in relation to different percentages of lipids in the diet and to administration of anabolic steroids in the young infant

Glover, J.; Duthie, D.W.; Dougall, H.W., 1960:
The total digestible nutrients and gross digestible energy of ruminant feeds

Morrison, S.D., 1956:
The total energy and water metabolism during pregnancy in the rat

Wussow, W.; Grosse, F., 1959:
The total fat content of pigs and fattening performance, their contrasting effects and equality as basis for calculation of physiological food utilisation

Wang, I.; Kirk, J.E., 1960:
The total glutathione content of arterial tissue in individuals of various ages

Kostov, L, 1961:
The total income in agriculture

Katsas, M.M.; Rozovskis, G.I., 1959:
The total magnitude of some forms of acidity and their determination.

Cumming, M.C.; Morrison, S.D., 1960:
The total metabolism of rats during fasting and refeeding

Doney, J.M.; Weiler, H., 1959:
The total number of fibres on sheep. I. Estimation by clean fleece and fibre weight

Yamaoka, Yoshito, 1958:
The total transpiration from a forest

Maksimow, A., 1962:
The total-magnesium content of fen soils.

Raczkowski, J., 1963:
The toughness of early wood and late wood from Douglas Fir of Polish origin

Anonymous, 1960:
The tour-conference of the Hungarian Forestry Association

Hanten, H., 1963:
The tower glasshouses in Langenlois near Vienna

Bandt, H.J., 1957:
The toxic action of herbicides on fish.

Koch, J.H., 1963:
The toxic action of phenothiazine and some disturbances of intermediary metabolism in undernourished sheep

Kiermayer, O.; Youssef, E., 1958:
The toxic action of synthetic growth substances and inhibitors on the protoplasm of some plants.

Orphanidis, P.S.; Soultanopoulos, C.D., 1962:
The toxic action of various pesticides and attractants on the olive. Studies on some factors influencing this phenomenon

Fastier, L.B., 1961:
The toxic and antigenic components of Sporidesmium bakeri, Syd. (Syn. Pithomyces chartarum (Berk. & Curt.) M. B. Ellis)

Zanon, K., 1956:
The toxic and biological effects of malathion.

Carnaghan, R.B.A.; Blaxland, J.D., 1957:
The toxic effect of certain seed-dressings on wild and game birds

Castillo, Z.J.; Parra, H.J., 1959:
The toxic effect of copper in coffee seedbeds

Stirling, G.A.; Urquhart, A.E., 1962:
The toxic effect of Crotalaria extract on the liver of rats

Groot, A.P.D.Engel, C., 1956:
The toxic effect of lactose. I. Growth experiments with rats.

Kacarava, P.M., 1961:
The toxic effect of perennial herbage on fruit trees.

Kommedahl, T., E.Al., 1957:
The toxic effect of quackgrass on growth of alfalfa

Lucas, D.R.; Newhouse, J.P., 1957:
The toxic effect of sodium L-glutamate on the inner layers of the retina

Ludemann, D.; Kayser, H., 1962:
The toxic effect of the insecticidal compound S 1752 (Baytex, Lebaycid) on freshwater animals

Zanardi, D., 1957:
The toxic effect of zineb on some Pear cultivars

Holeman, C.W.; Einstein, H., 1963:
The toxic effects of amphotericin B in man

Mez, E., 1963:
The toxic effects of atmospheric pollution on plants.

Eliasson, Lennart, 1963:
The toxic effects of chlorinated phenoxyacetic acids on aspen

Groot, A.P.D.Hoogendoorn, P., 1957:
The toxic effects of lactose. II. Quantitative determination of lactose activity in different species of mammals.

Baker, A.H.; Whitney, G.F.H.; Worden, A.N., 1959:
The toxic hazard associated with continuous-flow heat-volatilized insecticidal and acaricidal aerosols

Oelrichs, P.B.; Mcewan, T., 1962:
The toxic principle of Acacia georginae

Mason, E.J.; Kaufman, N., 1960:
The toxic properties of massive inoculums of Newcastle disease virus and influenza virus (PR8) for cell strains derived from normal and neoplastic tissue

Mcdonald, S.; Jacobson, L.A., 1958:
The toxicities of some chlorinated hydrocarbons to various larval instars of the army cutworm in the laboratory

Lazarus, M., 1956:
The toxicity and relative acceptability of some poisons to the wild rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus (L.)

Emond, G., 1960:
The toxicity of 2,4,-D and its compounds to animals

Witherup, S.; Davis, R.K.; Stemmer, K.L., 1962:
The toxicity of 2-methoxy-3,6-dichlorobenzoic acid and 2-methoxy-3,5,6-trichlorobenzoic acid. A summary of recent reports from the Kettering Laboratory

Drizheruk, O.E., 1956:
The toxicity of Ascaris organs and tissues as determined by skin reactions.

Holt, E.C.; Long, J.A.; Allen, W.W.yne, 1962:
The toxicity of EPTC to nutsedge

Webb, L.J.; Tracey, J.G.; Haydock, K.P., 1961:
The toxicity of Eremophila mitchellii Benth. leaves in relation to the establishment of adjacent herbs

Zil'berminc, I.V.; Fadeev, J. N.; Zuravleva, L.M., 1963:
The toxicity of Kelthane against spider mites.

Lee, H.J., 1956:
The toxicity of Phalaris tuberosa to sheep and cattle and the preventive role of cobalt

Lee, H.J., 1957:
The toxicity of Phalaris tuberosa to sheep and' cattle and the preventive role of cobalt

Otero, J.G., 1963:
The toxicity of Schistosoma mansoni in vitro

Schumacher, E., 1961:
The toxicity of Sofril and Virifix for lactating sows and piglets.

Johnson, S.W., 1963:
The toxicity of Spigelia anthelmia for small laboratory animals

Lebedeva, M.N., 1962:
The toxicity of a mixture of acrichin and male fern extract.

Zabel, R.A.; O'neil, F.W., 1957:
The toxicity of arsenical compounds to microorganisms

Wilson, A.L.; Robertson, J.M., 1961:
The toxicity of bracken rhizomes

Gberdorff, W.A.; Piquett, P.G., 1959:
The toxicity of certain alkoxybenzyl esters of chrysanthemumic acid in comparison with allethrin and pyrethrins as house fly sprays

Gentry, R.F., 1958:
The toxicity of certain antibiotics and furazolidone for chicken embryos

Carnaghan, R.B.A.; Sargeant, K., 1961:
The toxicity of certain ground nut meals to poultry

Asplin, F.D.; Carnaghan, R.B.A., 1961:
The toxicity of certain groundnut meals for poultry with special reference to their effect on ducklings and chickens

Alabaster, J.S., 1957:
The toxicity of certain weed killers to trout

Delas, J., 1963:
The toxicity of copper accumulating in soils.

Delas, J., 1961:
The toxicity of copper in agriculture.

Yelf, J.D., 1959:
The toxicity of creeping indigo in Fiji

Fryer, J.D.; Chancellor, R.J., 1958:
The toxicity of dalapon and amino triazole to some common British grasses - a progress report

Goodwin, L.G.; Richards, W.H.; Udall, V., 1957 :
The toxicity of diaminodiphenoxyalkanes

Hayes, W.J., 1959:
The toxicity of dieldrin to man: report on a survey

Koerber, T.W., 1963:
The toxicity of diesel oil to Douglas Fir cones

Weidenbach, C.P.; Younger, R.L., 1962:
The toxicity of dimethyl 2-(alpha-methyl-benzyI-oxycarbonyl)-l-methylvinyl phosphate (Shell compound 4294) to livestock

Walker, P.T.; Turner, M.L., 1962:
The toxicity of endrin granules to larvae of Pieris brassicae, including the effect of particle size and humidity

Patel, N.G.; Cutkomp, L.K., 1961:
The toxicity of enzyme fractions of Bacillus larvae

Volkova, A.P., 1959:
The toxicity of gamma BHC to warm-blooded animals.

Bandt, H-J., 1957:
The toxicity of herbicides to fish

Harrow, W.T., 1959:
The toxicity of hexachloroethane

Merkel, E.P., 1962:
The toxicity of insecticides to larvae of Dioryctria abietella in laboratory screening tests

Bowen, G.D., 1961:
The toxicity of legume seed diffusates toward rhizobia and other bacteria

Logginov, S.B., 1959:
The toxicity of live Parascaris.

Wretlind, A., 1957:
The toxicity of low-molecular triglycerides

Gaafar, S.M.; Turk, R.D., 1957:
The toxicity of malathion in chickens

Darsie Jr., R.F.; Corridek, F.E., 1959:
The toxicity of malathion to killiflsh (Cyprinodontidae) in Delaware

Sylvester, N.K.; Goodship, G., 1960:
The toxicity of methyl bromide to dry wood termites

Semenova, V.N., 1963:
The toxicity of milk of cows treated with DDT dust.

Mcintosh, I.G.; Staples, E.L.J.; Morris, L.G., 1959:
The toxicity of muscle, liver, and heart of deer poisoned with sodium monofluoracetate (1080)

Radeleff, R.D.; Woodard, G.T., 1957:
The toxicity of organic phosphorus insecticides to livestock

Kravets, N.P., 1957:
The toxicity of oxygen to pig ascaris.

Donin, L.; Rovere, R.J., 1958:
The toxicity of plants for animals. Poisoning by cereals parasitized by Fusarium

Webster, S.H.; Rice, M.E.; Highman, B.; Oettingen, W.F.V., 1957:
The toxicity of potassium and sodium iodates: acute toxicity in mice

Stockdale, H.G., 1958:
The toxicity of pyrimethamine for the chick

Brazzel, J.R.; Gaines, J.C., 1959:
The toxicity of several insecticides to the eggs and larvae of the pink bollworm

Alabaster, J.S., 1958:
The toxicity of several weedkillers, algicides, and fungicides to trout

Zhukova, R.A., 1959:
The toxicity of soils of the Kola peninsula to aerobic cellulose-decomposing bacteria.

Wales, R.G.; White, I.G., 1960:
The toxicity of some antibacterials to fowl spermatozoa

Gledhill, A.W.; Niven, J.S., 1957:
The toxicity of some bacterial filtrates for mice pre-infected with eperythrozoon coccoides

Blackmore, D.K., 1963:
The Toxicity Of Some Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Insecticides To British Wild Foxes (Vulpes Vulpes)

Gorter, G.J.M.A., 1961:
The toxicity of some fungicides to conidia of Gloeosporium fructigenum f. chromogenum

Andersson, A.; Kivimae, A.; Wadne, C., 1962:
The toxicity of some herbicides for chickens.

Rousseau, L., 1959:
The toxicity of some humus soils to seedlings of A. alba in the Vosges.

Maccuaig, R.D., 1960:
The toxicity of some insecticides to fifth-instar nymphs of the desert locust

Butt, B.A.; Keller, J.C., 1961:
The toxicity of some phosphorothioic acid esters to the two-spotted spider mite

Creek, R.D.; Vasaitis, V., 1963:
The toxicity of the Ohio Buckeye to the chick

Mcconnell, J.D.; Barnes, J.E., 1956:
The toxicity of the fruits of Atalaya hemiglauca (Whitewood )for horses.

Knudsen, E., 1963:
The toxicity of the rodea ticide Castrix (2-chloro-4-diainethylamino-6-methylpyrimidine) and the antidotal effect of vitamin BG

Hornoiu, M.; Vermesanu, N.; Cadantu, L.; Ciocoiu, A.; Boian, S.; Rateanu, D., 1959:
The toxicity of urea in rations for ruminants

Bonnemaison, L., 1962:
The toxicity of various contact and systemic insecticides to the predators and parasites of aphids.

Michel, E., 1957:
The toxicity of various synthetic insecticides to cutworms attacking tobacco

Harrison, D.L., 1959:
The toxicity of wood preservatives to stock. Part 1: Pentachlorophenol. Part 2: Coal tar creosote

Harrison, D.L.; Mason, C.G.W., 1959:
The toxicity of wood preservatives to stock. Part 3: The fixed arsenates

Shumard, R.F., 1957:
The toxicity to chickens and the anthclmintic effect of two forms of a piperazine-carbon disulfide complex on Ascartdia galK and Heterakis galKtuu

Shumard, R.F., 1957:
The toxicity to chickens and the anthelmintic effect of two forms of a piperazine-carbon disulfide complex on Ascaridia galli and Heterakis gallinae

Duchaufour, P.; Rousseau, L.-Z., 1959:
The toxicity to conifer seedlings of manganese in forest humus.

Hughes, J.S., 1962:
The toxicity to fish of different formulations of 2,4,5-T, 2-(2,4-DP) and silvex

Adlung, K.G., 1957:
The toxicity to fish of insecticides and acarides.

Adlung, K.G., 1957:
The toxicity to fish of insecticides and its relation to the temperature.

Peters, R.A.; Hall, R.J., 1960:
The toxicity to rabbits and some other animals of the fluorofatty acid present in the seeds of Dichapetalum toxicarium

Palmer, J.S.; Radeleff, R.D., 1963:
The Toxicologic Effects Of Dual Applications Of Bayer 21/199 And An Arsenical Solution On Cattle And Calves

Schmidt, C.H.; Weidhaas, D.E., 1961:
The toxicological action of three organophosphorus insecticides with three species of mosquito larvae

Erne, K., 1958:
The toxicological detection and determination of pentachlorophenol

Walker, C.R., 1962:
The toxicology and herbicidal effectiveness of simazine and several s-triazine compounds as aquatic herbicides in fisheries habitat

Carpenter, C.P.; Weil, C.S.; Palm, P.E.; Woodside, M.D.; Smyth Jr., H.F., 1959:
The toxicology of butoxypolypropylene glycol 800 (Crag Fly Repellent)

Burkatskaya, E.N., 1959:
The toxicology of chemical poisons used for the control of the Colorado beetle and a hygienic evaluation of working conditions during their use.

Korogodina, Y.V.; Selavri, T.V., 1960:
The toxicology of dithiazanine.

Steiner, P.; Gruch, W., 1959:
The toxicology of insecticides. A review of the literature. Part 1: the diene group

Steiner, R.; Gruch, W., 1959:
The toxicology of insecticides: a review of the literature. Part I. The dienes.

Batth, S.S., 1960:
The toxicology of new miticides

Walker, C.R., 1961:
The toxicology, residue, degradation, and effectiveness of disodium endothal and the dimethyl coco amine derivative as aquatic herbicides in fisheries habitat

L.T.urneau, D.; Buer, L., 1961:
The toxieity of some chlorinated phenols and aryloxyalkaneearboxylic acids to Verticillium alboatrum

Martouret, D., 1961:
The toxins of Bacillus thuringiensis and their modes of action on lepidopterous larvae.

Nishizawa, Y.; Kodama, T.; Miyake, M., 1958:
The toxopyrimidine group substances

Senjuskin, A.F., 1962:
The trace element Co, a means of preventing metabolic disturbance in sheep after shearing

Beltram, V., 1956:
The trace element boron.

Mitchell, R.L., 1957:
The trace element content of plants

Ris, M.A.; Mahmudov, M., 1962:
The trace element copper and its importance in sheep nutrition

Hornung, H., 1957:
The trace element fluorine and dental caries

Dobrolyubskii, O.K., 1959:
The trace element mercury as a factor affecting plant organisms.

Hadjimarkos, D.M.; Bonhorst, C.W., 1958:
The trace element selenium and its influence on dental caries susceptibility

Mckenzie, R.M., 1958:
The trace element status of some South Australian terra rossa and rendzina soils

El-Gindy, M.M., 1959:
The trace elements in wheat starches

Van Koetsveld, E.E.; Spruyt, J., 1959:
The trace elements manganese and copper in bull semen

Gericke, S., 1956:
The trace-element balance.

Staikoff, Z.; Dontscheff, I., 1962:
The trace-element content of Bulgarian soils.

Swaine, D.J., 1962:
The trace-element content of fertilizers

Anke, M., 1961:
The trace-element content of grassland and field crops on different soils in Thuringia.

Borchmann, W., 1962:
The trace-element content of hay, and eifects of external factors.

Yakushevskaya, I.V., 1960:
The trace-element content of some soils of the Vladimir region.

Varo, M.; Vainikainen, V., 1958:
The traction load to be set for horses of different weights and ages

Szepesi, L., 1959:
The tractive force required in transporting timber on frozen and saturated

Smerdon, E.T.; Beasley, R.P., 1959:
The tractive force theory applied to stability of open channels in cohesive soils

Miron, V., 1958:
The tractive power necessary for uprooting stumps of Robinia pseudoacacia and Quercus robur.

Schnieders, Rudolf., 1959 :
The tractor market of the Federal Republic on the upper limit of expansion

Hall, S.S., 1963:
The tractor mounted mist blower. A break-through technique in brush control

Konlechner, H.; Mayer, N., 1959:
The tractor-mounted sprayer Konzentrator II modified and re-named Spruhkonzentrator IIR

Franz, G.; Abel, W.; Cascorbi, G., 1960:
The trade in agricultural produce and farming requisites in Germany

Lebacq, L.; M.W.llemart, 1962:
The trade in vegetable and animal oils and fats within the framework of the European Common Market. (Documentation econ. Musee Royal Afrique Centrale. 2)

Kooy, G.A., 1959:
The traditional household in the modern countryside

Szasz, T., 1959:
The traffic capacity of earth haulage roads.

Oujan, S.Z., 1962:
The training and pruning of vines in China.

Rehschuh, D.; Piork, A., 1959:
The training of

Melville, A.R., 1962:
The training of extension workers- Kenya

Sasse, O., 1959:
The training of forest workers in Sweden.

Neuenschwander, R., 1960:
The training of forest workers in tending young stands.

Morozov, V.K., 1958:
The training of hybrid progenies of sunflower in the south-east

Peters, B.G., 1961:
The training of nematologists

Salamon, S.; Lindsay, D.R., 1962:
The training of rams for the artificial vagina, with some observations on ram behaviour

Huizenga, L.H., 1962:
The training of the Papuan for employment in agriculture, industry and trade in Netherlands New Guinea

D.Rita, Giuseppe Kerstin Wielding., 1960:
The training und adaptation of the agricultural worker in industry

Wilkins, J.H., 1957:
The training, management and employment of various categories of dogs used by the Army

Thomas, A.S., 1960:
The tramping animal

Canny, M.J., 1962:
The tranlocation profile: sucrose and carbon dioxide

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The trans fatty acids of margarines and shortenings

Kuhn, H.; Luck, H., 1959:
The trans-olefine content of different naturally occurring fats and its alteration by ultraviolet irradiation

Neame, K.D.; Wiseman, G., 1957:
The transamination of glutamic and aspartic acids during absorption by the small intestine of the dog in vivo

Puri, G.S., 1956:
The transect method in the study of plant communities in India

Averill, R.L.W., 1956:
The transfer and storage of sheep ova

Berger, E.; Burgin-Wolff, A., 1962:
The transfer in human milk of antibodies against food antigens.

Dubrovina, Z.V.; Belova, O.M., 1963:
The transfer of 90Sr from milk into dairy products using various methods of manufacture.

Virtanen, A.I.; Kreula, M.; Kiesvaara, M., 1958:
The transfer of L-5-vinyl-2-thio-oxazolidone (oxazolidone-thione) to milk

Powers, T.E., 1960:
The transfer of antibiotics from the blood to milk in the isolated perfused caprine mammary gland

Harding, S.K.; Bruner, D.W.; Bryant, W., 1961:
The transfer of antibodies from the mother cat to her newborn kittens

Wasserman, R.H.Edited By], 1963:
The transfer of calcium and strontium across biological membranes

Black, A.L.; Kleiber, M., 1958:
The transfer of carbon from propionate to amino acids in intact cows

Borek, E.; Ryan, A., 1958:
The Transfer Of Irradiation-Elicited Induction In A Lysogenic Organism

Sears, E.R., 1956:
The transfer of leaf-rust resistance from Aegilops umbellulata to wheat

Brown, W.O., 1957:
The transfer of maternal dietary riboflavin to the embryo during development in the common fowl

Furness, G., 1958:
The transfer of motility and tyrosine requirement to Escherichia coli strain B by recombination with E. coli strain K12

Girdwood, R.H., 1959:
The transfer of one-carbon units: mode of action of substances with haemopoietic activity in megaloblastic anaemia

Lea, H.W., 1963:
The transfer of resistance against blue mould Peronospora tabacina Adam from Nicoticna debneyi to cultivated tobacco.

Leissring, J.C.; Anderson, J.W., 1961:
The transfer of serum proteins from mother to young in the guinea pig. I. Prenatal rates and routes. II. Histochemistry of tissues involved in prenatal transfer. III. Post-natal studies

Acosta, A.C., 1962:
The transfer of stem rust resistance from Rye to Wheat

Litovchenko, G.D.; Shipitsyn, S.A., 1960:
The transfer of strontium and calcium from soil to plants and animals

Holmberg, B.; Nelson, A.; Wallgren, E., 1960:
The transfer of strontium-90 from mother to fetus in mice

Acosta, J.C.; Petrache, L.M., 1960:
The transfer of the bushy character from cowpea (Vigna sinensis

Borovskij, M.I., 1960:
The transfer of the character of male sterility in maize by vegetative hybridization.

Doehler, Gerd, E.Hohlock., 1961:
The transfer of the technical means of the Machine-Tractor Stations to the Agricultural Producers' Cooperatives

Weiling, F., 1956:
The transference of the character soft shell of the oil pumpkin (C. pepo L.) to fertile interspecific hybrids from the cross C. maxima Duch. x C. pepo L.)

Khubatiya, R.A., 1958:
The transformation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in crops.

Kaiser, A.D.; Hogness, D.S., 1960:
The transformation of Escherichia coli with deoxyribonucleic acid isolated from bacterio-phage lambda dg

Marutjan, S.A., 1962:
The transformation of carbohydrates in vine shoots as a result of low temperature.

Vartapetjan, B.B.; Bogdanova, I.P., 1963:
The transformation of catechins during different methods of oxidation.

Themlitz, R., 1958:
The transformation of cyanamide and some of its decomposition products as well as of ureaform by the raw humus of pine litter.

Krylov, A.V.; Rakitin, J. V.; Tarakanova, G.A., 1958:
The transformation of ethyl alcohol in fruits when used as a ripening stimulant.

Krylov, A.V.; Tarakanova, G.A., 1962:
The transformation of ethyl and methyl alcohols in fruits.

Madl, W., 1961:
The transformation of inorganic phosphorus in soils of the Bavarian moraine region during the soil-forming process.

Viel, G., 1960:
The transformation of insecticide and fungicide deposits into residues

Muller, R., 1957:
The transformation of nicotine in the leaves of Nicotiana spp. during air-curing

Belozerova, L.S.; Soldatenkov, S.V., 1963:
The transformation of organic acids in illuminated succulents.

Wampach, Jean-Pierre., 1959:
The transformation of processing coefficients in Belgian agriculture in relation to prices and cost of production 1936-58

Vlk, J., 1963:
The transformation of spring leguminous plants into winter varieties by autumn sowing

Galeski, Boguslaw, 1963:
The transformation of the Polish countryside and rural sociology today

D.Kock, G., 1958:
The transformation of the lining of the pulmonary alveoli with special reference to adenomatosis in the lungs (jagziekte) of sheep

Vuckovic, M., 1963:
The transformation of the peasant cooperative (Yugoslavia)

Cernea, Mihail., 1962:
The transformation of the peasantry's consciousness and economic relations in the country-side

Stroun, M.; Mathon, C.C.; Pugnat, C., 1960:
The transformation of winter rye (S.cereale) into spring rye as a result of a modification of the conditions of vernalization

Svechnikova, I.N., 1957:
The transformations of starch in the tissues of oil plants

Glavinich Glavinic, R.D., 1963:
The transforming of winter Italian wheats with low cold-resistance into spring wheats in Moscow region

Paton, D.M., 1961:
The transient nature of the photoperiodic stimulus in a late pea variety

Persson, S.; Svensson, S.A., 1960:
The transit time of feed in the digestive tract of chickens

Mathur, P.N.; K.W.lliam Kapp, 1961:
The transition from a bullock to a tractor economy in India: some indirect effects and benefits

Arnon, I., 1963:
The transition from primitive to intensive agriculture in a Mediterranean environment

Abercrombie, K.C., 1961:
The transition from subsistence to market agriculture in Africa South of the Sahara

Holmsen, Andreas, 1961:
The transition from tenancy to freehold peasant ownership in Norway

Khalil, M.S.H., 1956:
The transition from the vegetative to the reproductive stage in wheat

Tschernokoleff, T., 1960:
The transition of socialist co-operative property into people's property and the levelling-out of contrasts between town and country

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The transition of strontium-90 and cesium-137 concentration in milk. (Part I). From November 1961to October 1962

Danbara, H.; Mitsuhashi, T.; Miyamoto, S.; Nozaki, H., 1963:
The transition of strontium-90 and cesium-137 concentration in milk. 1. From November 1961 to October 1962. (Japan. Summaries of Reports)

Danbara, H.; Mitsuhashi, T.; Miyamoto, S.; Nozaki, H., 1963:
The transition of strontium-90 and cesium-137 concentration in milk. 1. November 1961 to October 1962.

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The transition to socialist food policy. (Veroff. d. Collegium Carolinum. 8)

Traczyk, T., 1960:
The transition zone between forest associations.

Ross, V., 1957:
The transitional p H's and equivalent combining weights of lysozyme, cyto-chrome c, alpha -lactalbumin and mouse milk casein in their reactions with salmine

Ota, M.; Mataki, Y.; Togami, T., 1962:
The transitions of temperature at various positions in the particle board measured during manufacture, and the relationships between hot press cycle and its properties.

Cooke, V.A., 1963 :
The translaminar effect of Kelthane on three strains of glasshouse red spider mite Tetranychus urticae Koch (T. telarius L.) on cucumbers

Vose, P.B., 1963:
The translocation & redistribution of manganese in Avena

Fernandez, C.E.; Saiz Del Rio, J.F., 1961:
The translocation and distribution of Rb86 injected into the soil and into the trunks of coffee trees.

Vose, P.B., 1963:
The translocation and redistribution of manganese in Avena

Ziegler, H., 1956:
The translocation and secretion of assimilates.

Moorby, J.; Ebert, M.; Evans, N.T.S., 1963:
The translocation of 11C-labeUed photosynthate in the soybean. A model for the translocation of photosynthate in the soybean

Aldrich, F.D.; Otto, N.E., 1959:
The translocation of 2,4-D-1-C14 in Potamogeton pectinatus, a submersed aquatic plant

Slife, F.W., 1963:
The translocation of Amiben in plants

Henderson, J.H.M.; Spears, C.L., 1960:
The translocation of C14-labeled 2,4-D in the Avena coleoptile

Stoy, Volkmar, 1963:
The translocation of C14-labelled photosynthetic products from the leaf to the ear in wheat

The translocation of antibiotics in higher plants. 3. The estimation of griseofulvin relatives in plant tissue

The translocation of antibiotics in higher plants. 4. Systemic fungicidal activity and chemical structure in griseofulvin relatives

Crowdy, S.H., E.Al., 1956:
The translocation of antibiotics in higher plants. II. The movement of griseofulvin in broad bean and tomato

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The translocation of assimilation products in wheat seedlings in relation to the conditions of root nutrition.

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The translocation of carbohydrates in higher plants. I. Biochemical aspects

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The translocation of compounds of the nucleic acid type through the conducting system of plants.

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The translocation of nutrients in crop plants. 2. Uptake, translocation and distribution of phosphorus, especially contrasted with Ca.

Nelson, C.D., 1962:
The translocation of organic compounds in plants

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The translocation of radio-active phosphorus absorbed by the leaves of tillering barley plants.

Carter, W.; Gortner, W.A., 1958:
The translocation of radioactive (S35) Bayer 19639 in pineapple plants

Casas, P.L.; Ibanez, M., 1963 :
The translocation of radioactive sulphur in cacao seeds

Fraser, D.A., 1958:
The translocation of rubidium86 and calcium45 in trees

Petersen, H.I., 1962:
The translocation of some weed killers in different plant species.

Crowdy, S.H.; Jones, D.R., 1956:
The translocation of sulphonamides in higher plants. I. Uptake and translocation in broad beans

Mulligan, T.E., 1960:
The transmission by mites, host-range and properties of ryegrass mosaic virus

Vosa, G., 1962:
The transmission of B-chromosomes in Tradescantia virginiana

Proeseler, G., 1963:
The transmission of Beet leaf curl virus by means of the injection method

Desowitz, R.S.; Chellappah, W.T., 1962:
The transmission of Brugia sp. through Culex pipiens fatigans. The effect of age and prior non-infective blood meals on the infection rate

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The transmission of Malayan filariasis to rodents

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The transmission of Phoma lingam (Tode) Desm. in the seeds of Swede, Turnip, Chou Moellier, Rape, and Kale

Roland, G.; Tahon, J., 1959:
The transmission of Potato leaf roll virus (Solanum virus 14) by aphids

Jordan, F.T.W., 1956:
The transmission of Salmonella gallinarum through the egg

Corte, A.; Ciferri, R., 1961:
The transmission of Vine viroses to herbaceous species

Barnett, H.C., 1956:
The transmission of Western equine encephalomyelitis virus by the mosquito Culex tarsalis Coq

Edeson, J.F.; Wharton, R.H., 1957:
The transmission of Wuchereria malayi from man to the domestic cat

Feng, L.C.; Ma.S.F., 1957:
The transmission of Wuchereria malayi in nature by Anopheles hyrcanus var. sinensis

Morris, B., 1960:
The transmission of anti-Brucella agglutinins from the mother to the young in Erinaceus europaea

Brambell, F.W.R., 1961:
The transmission of antibodies from mother to foetus. Problems concerning the transmission of immunity from mother to young

Stefanski, W., 1959:
The transmission of bacteria and viruses by helminth larvae.

Logan, C.; Coaker, T.H., 1960:
The transmission of bacterial blight of Cotton (Xanthomonas malvacearum (E. F. Smith) Dowson) by the Cotton bug, Lygus vosseleri Popp

Soncava, M.P., 1957:
The transmission of characters to the progeny in intervarietal hybridization of garden strawberry.

Francke Grosmann, H., 1963:
The transmission of fungi via Ips acuminatus.

Wittmann, H.G., 1963:
The transmission of genetical information

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The transmission of hexoses across the placenta in the human and the rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)

Bangham, D.R., 1960:
The transmission of homologous serum proteins to the foetus and to the amniotic fluid in the rhesus monkey

Chodnik, K.S.; Jull, D.J.; Addison, I.A., 1960:
The transmission of immunity to tetanus from ewe to lamb

Jaques, R.P., 1962:
The transmission of nuclear-polyhedrosis virus in laboratory populations of Trichoplusia ni (Hubner)

Kassanis, B., 1961:
The transmission of potato aucuba mosaic virus by aphids from plants also infected by potato viruses A or Y

Rendtorff, Robert, C., 1961:
The transmission of rabbit fibromas by nematodes

Evenhuis, H.H.; Mulder, D.; Pfaeltzer, H.J., 1959:
The transmission of rosette disease, a virus disease of Cherry

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The transmission of streptomycin resistance in staphylococci by means of DNA.

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The transmission of sugars across the goat placenta

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The transmission of the fungal flora by the bark beetle I. acuminatus. A contribution to knowledge of Ipid symbiosis

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The transmission of the monosomic condition in wheat, var. Chinese Spring

Francke-Grosmann, H., 1963:
The transmission of the mycetal flora of I. acuminatus. A contribution to knowledge of Ipid symbioses

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The transmission of the virus of myeloid leukaemia of mice by the milk

Gibson, T.E., 1958:
The transmission of trichinosis by butchers' knives

C.Martini., 1958:
The transmission of turnip viruses by biting insects and aphids

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The transmission of viruses from vines to herbaceous plants

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The transmission of visceral lymphomatosis with live virus Newcastle disease vaccines

Reeve, R.C., 1960:
The transmission of water by soils as influenced by chemical and physical properties

Saric-Sabados, A.; Pajon, U., 1961:
The transmission to herbaceous plants of virus diseases of the Vine

Morariu, I.; Parascan, D., 1962:
The transpiration of Firms nigra seedlings treated with weedkillers.

Morariu, I.; Parascan, D., 1962:
The transpiration of Pinus nigra seedligs treated with weedkillers.

Morariu, I.; E.A., 1963:
The transpiration of Quercus robur and Fraxinus excelsior in the forest of Prejmer.

Gliglic, V., 1957:
The transpiration of Spruce in winter on Mt. Igman

Smola, J., 1958:
The transpiration of Tatra Spruce.

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The transpiration of fruits in oil-bearing plants.

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The transpiration of glasshouse crops, and its relationship to the incoming solar radiation

Vitko, K.R., 1962:
The transpiration of plants in a dry Quercus pubescens stand in Moldavia.

Coutinho, L.M.; Ferri, M.G., 1956:
The transpiration of plants of the

Beskaravajnyj, M.M., 1958 :
The transpiration of root-grafted Pinus sylvestris.

Jaroslavcev, G.D., 1956:
The transpiration of transplanted trees.

Ermich, K., 1957:
The transpiration of trees and stands in the water cycle.

Chen-Zhao-Bo; Zhang-Yi; Wang-Pei; Liu-Jian-Min; Li-Mao-Teng, 2007:
The transpiration rate and net photosynthesis changes in the flowering stages of Salvia sclarea and their effected factors

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The transplacental passage of fructose, urea and mesoinositol in the direction from foetus to mother, as demonstrated by perfusion studies in the sheep

Yoshida, H., 1957:
The transplantation of fertilised eggs in the rat, with special reference to the method of transfer

Volanti, U., 1956:
The transplanting of colza

Richard, Ph., 1962:
The transport cost on various types of agricultural enterprises

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The transport in the blood of dietary lipid and its incorporation into milk fat in the cow

Picat, G., 1962:
The transport of African timbers by sea.

Wickson, M.; Thimann, K.V., 1960:
The transport of IAA in pea stems in relation to apical dominance

Ganguly, J.; Krishnamurthy, S.; Mahadevan, S., 1959:
The transport of carotenoids, vitamin A and cholesterol across the intestines of rats and chickens

Kelly, J.H., 1963:
The transport of cattle in northern Australia

Mead, J.F.; Fillerup, D.L., 1957:
The transport of fatty acids in the blood

Ritter, P., 1957:
The transport of milk via polyethylene pipe lines in mountain regions.

Klaver, H., 1961:
The transport of oil palm seedlings

Kursanov, A.L., 1961:
The transport of organic substances in plants

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The transport of ova in relation to the dosage of oestrogen in ovariectomized rabbits

Macmillan, E.W.; Aukland, J., 1960:
The transport of radiopaque medium through the initial segment of the rat epididymis

Gecow, R., 1959:
The transport of small, packaged timber.

Hafner, F., 1963:
The transport of timber in Austria from the 13th to the end of the 18th century.

Glascock, R.F.; Wright, E.W., 1962 :
The transport of tritium-labelled triglyceride from the rumen to the milk in the cow

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The transport of vitamin A and carotenoids in human plasma

Garbers, C.F.; Gillman, J.; Peisach, M., 1960:
The transport of vitamin A in rat serum with special reference to the occurrence of unidentified metabolites of vitamin A in the rat

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The transport problem in meat distribution

Elliott, D.R., 1960:
The transportation of pulpwood chips in pipelines

Elliott, D.R.; Montmorency, W.H.D., 1963:
The transportation of pulpwood chips in pipelines

Bennett, W.D., 1956:
The transportation of pulpwood in flumes

Stevens, W.C., 1963:
The transverse shrinkage of wood

Nubukpo, K.K., 2006:
The trap of cotton: Mali with crossroads

Borowik, M., 1963:
The trapping of Scots Pine and Oak pollen in Bialowieza National Park.

Zimmermann-Gris, S.; Swihski, E., 1960:
The trapping of alate green peach aphid, Myaus persicae (Sulz.) in the coastal plain of Israel

Strachov, I., 1962:
The travopolie system (grassland farming) of agriculture has no economic foundation

Cheng, T.H.i; Vanderberg, J.P., 1958:
The treadle sprayer and the cable-type back rubber for control of biting flies on cattle in Pennsylvania

Campbell, E.A., 1958:
The treatment and control of diabetes in the dog

Senecal, J., 1958:
The treatment and prevention of kwashiorkor in French West Africa

Simson, J.C.; Mann, N.M., 1961:
The treatment and prevention of kwashiorkor. Clinical trial of a new high-protein food supplement

Garrow, J.S.; Picou, D.; Waterlow, J.C., 1962:
The treatment and prognosis of infantile malnutrition in Jamaican children

Melrose, D.R.; Morgan, W.J.B.inley Stewart, D.L., 1959:
The treatment and subsequent reinfection of heifers infected with Vibrio fetus

Mckay, W.M.; Pelly, A.V., 1956:
The treatment of pullet disease in fowls

Lupe, I., 1961:
The treatment of 'biogroups' of Norway Spruce resulting from direct sowing in simple 'nests'.

Schulz, M.E.; Knoop, A.; Voss, E.; Peters, K.H., 1963:
The treatment of Alfa butter in the Microfix.

Bonnemaison, L., 1960:
The treatment of Beet seed with endotherapeutic aphicides

Coaldrake, J.E., 1963:
The treatment of Brigalow

Antoine, R., 1957:
The treatment of Cane cuttings in the control of the ratoon stunting disease

Gaibov, A.D.; Omarov, I.O., 1957:
The treatment of Echinococcus, Coenurus and Hydatigera infections on sheep farms.

Mozgovoi, A.A.; Bichikhin, M.T., 1959:
The treatment of Echinuria infection in ducks with CCl4.

Brown, H.W.; E.A., 1959:
The treatment of Fasciolopsis buski infections with dithiazanine iodide, l-bromo-naphthol-(2), ascaridol, piperazine and tetrachlorethylene

Dorrington, J.E., 1959:
The treatment of Filaroides osleri infestation with Dictycide

Goncalves, A.P., 1962:
The treatment of Lutz's disease or South American blastomycosis

Turligina, E.S., 1956:
The treatment of Meloidogyne in green-house plants.

Harrell, E.E.; Curtis, A.C., 1957:
The treatment of North American blasto-mycosis with amphotericin B

Siren, G., 1956 :
The treatment of Pine seedling stands.

Furtado, T.A.; Lopes, C.F.; Almeida, N.; Moreira, J.A.; Pimenta, L.G., 1959:
The treatment of South American blastomycosis with amphotericin B

Passos, M.C.R.; Nahas, L., 1959:
The treatment of South American blastomycosis with pulmonary lesions with 6 sulphanilamide-2,4-dimethyl-pirimidine

Goncalves, A.P., 1959:
The treatment of South American blastomycosis with sulphamethoxypiridazine

Nohmi, N.C.apadeira, E.; Moreira, P., 1960:
The treatment of South American blastomycosis with the combination of N1-(4-isopro-poxybenzoil)-p-aminobenzene sulphonamide and N1-(4-methylpyrymidyl)-2-p-aminobenzene sulphonamide

Aslanyan, G.M., 1963:
The treatment of Syngamus infection in chickens.

Lewis, F.N., 1956:
The treatment of taenia saginata

Ivashkin, V.M., 1959:
The treatment of Thelazia infections in cattle.

Melrose, D.R.; Morgan, W.J.B.; Stewart, D.L.; Thomson, D.M., 1957:
The treatment of Vibrio fetus infected bulls

Stapff, V.; Mackinnon, J.E., 1958:
The treatment of a case of histoplasmosis with diamidinodiphenylamine

Villa, E., 1959:
The treatment of acute coliform mastitis.

Nefzger, M.D.; Chalmers, T.C., 1963:
The Treatment Of Acute Infectious Hepatitis. Ten-Year Follow-Up Study Of The Effects Of Diet And Rest

Lewis, E.F.; Meikle, J.C., 1956:
The treatment of acute lead poisoning in cattle with calcium versenate

Fields, D.N.; Selly, G.W.; Guicherit, I.D., 1956:
The treatment of ascariasis with piperazine

Pena-Chavarria, A.; Lizano, C.; Xirinachs, H., 1957:
The treatment of ascariasis with piperazine citrate in typhoid fever patients

Jordan, P., 1959:
The treatment of Bancroftian elephantiasis and observations on hyaluronidase

Bremer, H., 1957:
The treatment of bean seed with combined chemicals

Suplicy, N.; Jr.; Fadigas, M.; Jr., 1961:
The treatment of beans with granular systemic insecticides with a view to controlling certain pests

Weismann, L.; Kral'ovic, J.; Gaher, S.; Kemka, R., 1962:
The treatment of beet seed with systemic insecticides

Bosio, G., 1956:
The treatment of brucellosis andof certain sterility-producing lesions resultingtherefrom in cattle with a compound ofsodium penicillin G and dihydrostreptomycinsulphate

Vandeplassche, M.; Debackere, M.; Huysman, A.; Florent, A.; Paredis, F., 1958:
The treatment of bulls infected with V. fetus.

Fairley, D., 1962:
The treatment of burns and varicose ulcers with vitamin D and glucose

Mohr, W.; Dittmann, H.; Jesiak, H., 1958:
The treatment of butter in a Mikrofix unit. Part 2. Method for moulding brittle, winter butter, Fritz-bulk butter and Alfa-winter butter.

Antoine, R., 1957:
The treatment of cane setts for the control of ratoon stunting disease

Wilson, J.E., 1956:
The treatment of carriers of Salmonella pullorum and Salmonella gallinarum with furazolidone

Shoho, C., 1956:
The treatment of cercbrospinal nematodiasis by i-diethylcarbamyl-4-methylpiperazine dihydrogen citrate

Bopp, C., 1957:
The treatment of chromoblastomycosis with calciferol

Harbourne, J.F., 1956:
The treatment of chronic carriers of Salmonella gallinarum with furazolidone

Mittelholzer, L.; Jr., 1959:
The treatment of chronic udder oedema.

Schlenker, G., 1960:
The treatment of climatic differences in the forest site system of Baden-Wurttemberg.

Tevetoglu, F., 1956:
The treatment of common anemias in infancy and childhood with a cobalt-iron mixture; including a case report of iron deficiency anemia due to geophagia

Jones, N.L.; Leak, D., 1959:
The treatment of congenital galactosaemia

Forsyth, B.A., 1957:
The treatment of contagious footrot in sheep by the topical application of a Cetavlon tincture

Fitzpatrick, M.J.; Rubin, H.; Poser, C.M., 1958:
The treatment of cryptococcal meningitis with amphotericin B, a new fungicidal agent

Grupper, C., 1957:
The treatment of cutaneous moniliases

Walzholz, G.; Pester, A.; Lembke, A.; Schmidt, G., 1959:
The treatment of dairy effluents with Aquapura experimental plant in Loccum.

Thaesler, G., 1957:
The treatment of dermatomycoses with curis

Gonzalez-Ochoa, A.; Ahumada-Padilla, M., 1959:
The treatment of dermatomycoses with griseofulvin

Blank, H.; Roth, F.J., 1959:
The treatment of dermatomycoses with orally administered griseofulvin

Noskov, A.I., 1962:
The treatment of dermatoses of agricultural Animals

Koyama, H., 1958:
The treatment of diabetes mellitus with amino acids. 1. The treatment of diabetes mellitus with amino acids which have been derived from acid hydrolysis.

Koyama, H., 1958:
The treatment of diabetes mellitus with amino acids. 2. Effects of amino acids on blood sugar of alloxan diabetic rabbits.

Gold, A., 1957:
The treatment of diabetes mellitus with oral tolbutamide

Behrer, M.R.; Goldring, D.; Hartmann, A.F., 1956:
The treatment of diabetic acidosis: comparison of treatment regimes with and without parenteral potassium

Akramovski, M.N., 1959:
The treatment of dictyocauliasis in horses.

Steinhoff, H.E., 1959:
The treatment of digestive disorders associated with old age

Condy, J.B.; Mcculloch, J.I.M.; Rodger, J.O.K.; Thomson, J.W., 1963:
The treatment of eight square-Kipped rhinoceros (Centotberioa simum) with an anthelmintic

Condy, J.B.; Mcculloch, J.I.M.; Rodger, J.O.K.; Thomson, J.W., 1963:
The treatment of eight square-lipped rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) with an anthelmintic

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The treatment of enterobiasis in children. A comparative study of piperazine (antepar) and pyrvinium chloride (vanquin)

The treatment of enterobiasis with new formulations of dithiazanine iodide

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The treatment of eosinophilic lung (tropical eosinophilia) with diethylcarbamazine

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The treatment of experimental toxoplasmosis in rabbits

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The treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia with a plant sterol

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The treatment of fascioliasis on sheep farms.

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The treatment of food packaging materials with pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide for the protection of packaged products from insect infestation. A review of recent work

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The treatment of forest rights in the forthcoming revaluation of forests

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The treatment of fungous infection of the skin with nicetin

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The treatment of hard cheese with plastic solutions.

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The treatment of hardwood scrub

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The treatment of hookworm, Ascaris and Trichuris infections with bephenium hydroxynaphthoate

Robertson, R.R., 1963:
The treatment of husk-a hazard

Kodinec, G.A., 1963:
The treatment of incubating eggs with ultraviolet light to increase hatchability and improve quality

Singleton, T.E., 1962:
The treatment of infectious sinusitis of turkeys with furazolidone

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The treatment of iron deficiency

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The treatment of iron deficiency in the aged: a controlled study

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The treatment of iron-deficiency anemia in children with iron-dextran

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The treatment of iron-deficiency anemia--palatable but ineffective iron medication

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The treatment of lungworm in sheep

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The treatment of meats with ionising radiations. 1. Changes in odour, flavour, and appearance of chicken meat

Wilson, G.M., 1959:
The treatment of meats with ionising radiations. 2. Observations on the destruction of thiamine

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The treatment of milk in infantile gastro-enteritis

Paskalskaya, M.Y., 1959:
The treatment of monieziasis in sheep in the Kupino district.

Gate, J.; Coudert, J., 1958 :
The treatment of mycoses

Ledig, R., 1958:
The treatment of mycoses with a new type of combined preparation

Cornwell, R.L., 1963:
The treatment of natural and experimental Dictyocaulus viviparus infections in calves with diethylcarbamazine and its effect on the subsequent development of immunity

Vereertbruggen, W., 1957:
The treatment of nymphomaniac cows by intrafollicular injection of pregnancy urine hormone

Cherry, J.K., 1960:
The treatment of onchocerciasis

Grounds, J.G., 1958:
The treatment of onchocerciasis with suramin (Antrypol) after vector eradication

Pantyukhov, A.M., 1957:
The treatment of opisthorchiasis by hexachlorethane.

Chu YanYang; X.D.Min, 2007:
The treatment of organic contaminants in landfill leachate by iron promoted electrolysis

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The treatment of pinworm infections in humans (enterobiasis) with pyrvinium chloride and pyrvinium pamoate

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The treatment of plant cane ridges on black clay soils in Ghana

Anonymous, 1957:
The treatment of potatoes between harvest and winter storage

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The treatment of psoriasis with vitamin A and triamcinolone. Interim report

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The treatment of renal-glomerular osteodystrophy

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The treatment of ringworm

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The treatment of ringworm in Calves with herbicides 2,4-DA, 2,4-DY, and 2M-4X

Gentles, J.C., 1959:
The treatment of ringworm with griseofulvin

Grose, D., 1960:
The treatment of roadside verges in Wiltshire

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The treatment of schistosomiasis

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The treatment of schistosomiasis by antimony dimercaptosuccinate (TWSb)

Forsyth, D.M., 1961:
The treatment of schistosomiasis with TWSb/6

Tiittanen, K.; Varis, A.-L., 1960:
The treatment of seeds of swede, turnip, and turnip rape in the control of flea beetles (Phyllotreta spp.) and cabbage root flies (Hylemyia brassicae Bouche and H. floralis Fall

Shcherbakov, E.V., 1957:
The treatment of sheep and goats for muelleriasis.

Mason, J.H., 1962:
The treatment of snake-bite in animals

Goncalves, A.P., 1962:
The treatment of sporotrichosis

Miranda, R.N.; Cunha, C.; Schweidson, J., 1958:
The treatment of sporotrichosis with sporotrichin

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The treatment of strongyloidosis with Win 5047; preliminary report

Sarkunas, V., 1958:
The treatment of strongyloidiasis in pigs with gentian violet and pyoctanin blue.

Lindegaard, J., 1963:
The treatment of stubbles.

Makeev, V.D., 1963:
The treatment of superficial fungal lesions of the skin with trinitrotoluol preparations

Pereiro Miguens, M., 1960:
The treatment of superficial mycoses with griseofulvin

Magnin, P.H.; Vivot, N.A., 1957:
The treatment of superficial mycoses with trichomycin

Heijmans, F.J., 1959:
The treatment of table poultry with oestrogenic substances

Turner, P.P., 1963:
The Treatment Of Tapeworm Infestation With 'anthiphen'

Jackson, F.C., 1956:
The treatment of tapeworm infestation with dichlorophen

Written, L.K., 1956:
The treatment of tapeworm infestations in man and animals

Boyd, P.R.; Henderson, I.N.; Walker, G., 1957:
The treatment of tetraethyl lead poisoning

White, J.B., 1959:
The treatment of the debility associated with severe parasitism

Nicholson, H.H., 1963:
The treatment of timber milk-vetch poisoning among cattle and sheep

Iranzo-Prieto, V., 1957:
The treatment of tinea capitis in a rural area

Meenan, F.O., 1961:
The treatment of tinea capitis with griseofulvin

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The treatment of tinea capitis with orally administered griseofulvin

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The treatment of trichuriasis in children by aqua-benzine enemas.

Shevtsov, I.V., 1962 :
The treatment of trichuriasis in pigs.

Bereslavich, T.N., 1959:
The treatment of trichuriasis.

Kleeberg, H.H., 1959:
The treatment of tuberculosis in man and animals with isoniazid. Preliminary report

Davis, D.E.; Watkins, J.R.; Delaplane, J.P., 1957:
The treatment of turkey ornithosis in a farm flock

Butovitsch, V.; Eidmann, H., 1962:
The treatment of unbarked timber with insecticides.

Friedheim, E.A.H., 1959:
The treatment of urinary bilharziasis with antimony dimercaptosuccinate (TWSb)

Hitman, D.K.; Wagner, E.D., 1962:
The treatment of urinary schisiosomiasis in Kenya and Nigeria with tris (p-amino-phenyl) carbonium pamoate

Ricci, P.; Velli, V., 1963:
The treatment of vaginitis of multiple etiology with tetracycline hydrochloride and amphotericin B

Wood, J.C.; Malone, C.L.; Sparrow, W.B.; Brown, P.R.M., 1959:
The treatment of warble infestation

Davidian, H., 1956:
The treatment of withdrawal symptoms of opium addicts with vitamin E in ten cases. Preliminary report

Hegardt, S., 1960:
The treatment of Birch in Swedish regeneration areas.

Pardo-Castello, V.; Trespalacios, F.; Farinas, P.; Fernandez-Baquero, G., 1959:
The treatment with griseofulvin of the superficial mycoses of the skin.

Clark, W.T.; Halliwell, R.E.W., 1963:
The treatment with vitamin K preparations of warfarin poisoning in dogs

Guerra, G.A.; E.F.der, 1962:
The treaty of Montevideo and its implications for Latin American agriculture

Oland, K., 1963:
The tree after the fruits are harvested

Anonymous, 1957:
The tree collection on the Rodser estate a great advance in forestry breeding work

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The tree species of the Swabo-Franconian forest between 1650 and 1800.

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The tree tomato caterpillar (tomato borer) in Brazil

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The tree, flower and fruit characteristics of the mango

Anonymous, 1956:
The trees and forests of Yemen

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The trees and shrubs of Feodosija

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The trees of New Zealand

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The trees that come to the rescue of farm animals

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The trees, shrubs and woody climbers of the island of Sakhalin. A short key.

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The trematode fauna of birds in the Kirgiz S.S.R.

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The trematode fauna of fish in the Amur basin.

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The trematode fauna of rodents and insectivores in the Byelorussian S.S.R.

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The trematode parasites of dogs in Orissa

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The trench silo in Arizona

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The trend of DDT and parathion residues on apples grown in central Washington

Ambroz, Z., 1960:
The trend of biological activity of the structural elements in soil.

Gillern, C., 1960:
The trend of development in mineral fertilizing.

Droste, H., 1963 :
The trend of food consumption by working-class households of four persons of the middle consumer group for the period 1951 to 1961.

Balman, F.E., 1961:
The trend of forest workers' wages 1938-1961

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The trend of labour demand on socialist farms

Zaremba, J., 1958:
The trend of lumber price

Padberg, K.; Scholz, H., 1963:
The trend of productivity in West German agriculture

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The trend of spore numbers in soil during the ontogenetic cycle of micropropagated and mycorrhizal artichokes

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The trend of stumpage values in the Visdende Valley in Comelico during 50 years.

Penkov, M.D., 1959:
The trend of viticulture in northern Bulgaria in relation to soil and climatic conditions.

Zanibelli, Amos., 1959:
The trend of wages of farm workers in a province of the Po Valley

Schaaf, A., 1963:
The trend toward meat-type pigs in the Bulgarian People's Republic.

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The trends of development in the rural occupational structure of agricultural work in France

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The trends of social changes in the country-side and its prospects

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The trends of the egg market in the German Federal Republic

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The triad of stomach resection, low blood protein and anaemia

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The triad of thromobocytopenia, eczema, and recurrent infections (Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome) associated with milk antibodies, giant-cell pneumonia, and cytomegalic inclusion disease

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The trial fields in 1957

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The trial of N-(B-oxyethyl)-N-

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The trials on the demonstration farm

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The triazine preparations and their possible uses in farming and horticulture.

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The tricarboxylic acid cycle as a pathway for transfer of carbon from acetate to amino acids in the intact cow

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The tricarboxylic acid cycle in Pseudomonas nigrifaciens

Solano-González, E.; Burrola-Barraza, E.; León-Sicairos, C.; Avila-González, L.; Gutiérrez-Escolano, L.; Ortega-López, J.; Arroyo, R., 2007:
The trichomonad cysteine proteinase TVCP4 transcript contains an iron-responsive element

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The trichostrongylid fauna of the abomasum of the two-humped camel in Azerbaidzhan.

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The trichrome stain: a useful technique for staining helminths

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The triglycerides and fatty acids of wheat

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The triolein absorption test in the diagnosis of steatorrhea

Anon., 1962:
The triple heat treatment

Lelakes, P.I., 1960:
The triple rootstock hybrid 44-45 Malegue (Riparia-Rupestris-Cordifolia).

Lelakis, P.I., 1960:
The triple-origin rootstock 44-53 Malegue (Riparia-Rupestris-Cordifolia).

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The trisaccharide fraction of some monocotyledons

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The trisaturated glycerides of butter-oil

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The tristeza disease of Citrus in Ceylon

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The tristeza disease of citrus in Ceylon

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The tristeza virus complex: its variability in field-grown Citrus in South Africa

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The tristeza virus in Israel

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The triterpene alcohols of Birch

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The triterpenes in Salvia umbratica

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The triterpenes of the leaves of Alnus glutinosa.

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The triumph of socialist production relations in agriculture

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The trophic characteristics of Meloidogyne incognita.

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The trophic function of the intestinal epithelium in trematodes.

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The tropical aphid Aphis maidis in Poland

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The tropical black clay soils of West Africa.

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The tropical durability of wood assembly adhesives (Final note)

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The tropical fig-borer

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The tropical legume

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The tropical plant insecticide ryania

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The tropical rain forest.

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The tropical rain forests of China.

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The tropical rust disease of maize caused by Puccinia polysora Underw

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The tropical shelterwood system in the high forest of Ghana

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The true burden and risk of cholera: implications for prevention and control

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The true mycorrhizae of Oak and inducement of artificial symbiosis.

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The true significance of Hoyer's medium in the differentiation of Acetobacter species

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The true spectral properties of plants.

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The truffle fly (Suillia tuberiperda)

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The trunk of the olive tree

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The trypanocidal action of homidium, quinapyramine and suramin

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The trypanocidal activity and local tolerance of sparingly soluble salts of metamidium

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The trypanocidal activity of nucleocWin against Trypanosoma vivax in West African zebu cattle

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The trypanocidal activity of some pyrimidylaminophenylarsonic compounds

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The trypsin inhibitor of alfalfa

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The tryptophan load test for detecting vitamin B6 deficiency in children

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The Tryptophan Load Test in the Syndrome of Infantile Spasms with Oligophrenia

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The tryptophan requirement of turkey poults

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The tryptophan synthetase system

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The tryptophan-xanthurenic acid test in acute and chronic hepatitis

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The tryptophane, leucine, and lysine content of the chick and mouse embryo during development

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The tsetse fly (G. morsitans) eradication campaign in the Govuro district, Mozambique

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The tuber- formation period for assessing seedling plants and cultivars of potato

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The tuber.culin reaction in the horse

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The tuberculin and agglutination tests in avian tuberculosis

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The tuberculin reaction. VI. Studies on the effect of tuberculin on tissue cultures of the corneas of tuberculin-sensitive guinea pigs

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The tuberculin test

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The tuberculin test and the laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis

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The tuberculin test in cattle

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The tuberculin test in tuberculosis-free cattle

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The tuberculin test, bovine tuberculosis, and non-specific reactions

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The tung industry. II. Processing and utilization

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The tung oil trees

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The tunnel barker

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The turnip pod midge (D. brassicae) on rape. Observations on the occurrence of the first and second flights in 1961 and 1962

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The turnip root fly in Denmark. Recent studies on its biology, parasites and control

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The turnips Waaslander RVP and Meetjeslander RVP

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The turnover of blood glucose

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The turnover of calcium and strontium in the skeletons of growing rats on high-strontium diets

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The turnover of compact bone labelled with lead

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The turnover of fluid in the dog's pleural cavity

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The turnover of plasma fibrinogen

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The turnover of squalene in relation to the biosynthesis of cholesterol

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The turnover of strontium-85 in man as determined by whole-body counting

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The turnover time of linoleic acid in the rat

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The twig-count method for measuring hardwood deer browse

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The two classes of dominant lethal in the mouse

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The two hemoglobin components of the chicken

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The two oldest Pine provenance trials in Sweden.

Petrini, S., 1958:
The two oldest Swedish pine-provenance trials

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The two-phase action of auxin on abscission

Valen, A.L., 1961:
The two-price system for milk payment.

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The two-storied forest management of Japanese Red Pines and other kinds of trees (I)

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The two-tariff milk scheme

Anonymous, 1957:
The two-wheeled tractor in foresty.

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The type A phages of Salmonella typhimurium: identification by a standardized cross-immunity test

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The type and degree of damage caused to the flower buds by low temperatures in stone fruits.

Anonymous, 1963:
The type and production register, 1963

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The type and productivity of the New Hampshire fowl.

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The type classification of Staphylococcus aureus: a comparison of phage-typing with serological typing

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The type of Red Spotted cattle-II

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The type of conformation of Red Steppe cattle

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The type of placenta in the cat

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The type of the species R. sativus L. and its subdivision and synonymy

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The type of working horse for the Irkutsk Province

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The type species of Cylindrocarpon and its perfect Nectria stage.

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The type species of the genus Nocardia

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The types of Juglans regia forests in Southern Kirghizia.

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The types of Mexican vegetation and their classification.

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The types of division of nuclei.

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The types of forest growth conditions on the sands in the area of the second section of the Kara-kum canal.

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The types of mossy felled areas in the Archangel region.

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The typical soil profile on early Pleistocene moraine marl in the climatic region of the Western Baltic, and its fundamental interpretation.

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The typiflcation of V. biennis L. and systematic and cytological observations on V. neglecta spec. nov

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The typing and classification of brucella cultures.

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The typing of Escherichia coli by bacteriophage: its application in the study of the E. coli population of the intestinal tract of healthy calves and of calves suffering from white scours

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The typology of Birch forest outliers (kolki) in the W. Siberian lowland.

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The tyrosine decarboxylase potential of milk and cheese

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The ubiquinone and crude sterol content of the liver with variations in the intake of tocopherol in the vitamin A deficient rat

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The udder in high production

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The udder index and milk production

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The ultimate shear strength of laminated timber by compression testing

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The ultimate strength in bending of structural grade European Redwood

E.Evans., 1963:
The ultra low volume technique of applying fungicides

Anonymous, 1962:
The ultra-centrifuge in practice.

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The ultra-high-temperature sterilization of ice cream mix

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The ultra-high-temperature treatment of milk

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The ultrafine structure of the normal prostate gland of the dog

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The ultramicro detection of lipids

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The ultramicro determination of inorganic sulphate

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The ultramicro-determination of total and protein-bound iodine

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The ultramicroscopic structure of woods of the Araucariaceae.

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The ultrasonic treatment of rice caryopsides with continuous and modulated emission

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The ultrastructure and function of bone

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The ultrastructure and histochemistry of a nematode-induced giant cell

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The ultrastructure and origins of the myoepithelial cells of the mammary gland.

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The Ultrastructure Of Canine Distemper Virus

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The ultrastructure of the 'cilia-like' processes in the midgut of Trichinella spiralis larvae

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The ultrastructure of the bull sperm. I. The middle piece

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The ultrastructure of the choroid plexus in hydrocephalic offspring from vitamin A deficient rabbits

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The ultrastructure of the intestinal wall of Ancylostoma caninum

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The ultrastructure of the meiotic prophase chromosomes of some orchids

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