Section 15
Chapter 14,279

The vegetative propagation of cuttings of Pinus species. 1. Vegetative propagation of Japanese Black Pine

Isikawa, H.; Kusaka, M.

Bull. For. Exp. Sta., Meguro, Tokyo. 116, 59-64


Accession: 014278795

cf. F.A. 17 No.3887.) A difficulty in propagating from leaf-bundles is that such material, even when it roots, does not readily develop its dormant buds. The authors successfully overcame this difficulty by removing the new-growth leaders from a 12-year-old tree in April 1957, as a result of which dormant buds in leaf-bundles on 1956 short shoots developed. These 'pre-developed' leaf-bundles were used for propagation in the following year.

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