Section 15
Chapter 14,280

The yield and composition of mares' milk throughout lactation.

Neseni, R.; Flade, E.; Heidler, G.; Steger, H.

Arch. Tierzucht 1(2): 91-129


Accession: 014279808

This comprehensive, well-referenced paper is clearly set out under the following 9 headings: milk yield; suckling and yield at suckling; weight increase of the foal; chemical and physical properties of mares' milk (nitrogenous substances, lactose, ash, fat, dry matter, citric acid, density, refraction, viscosity and surface tension); biology of mares' milk (acidity, pH, bacterial content, enzymes, vitamins); calorific value of mares' milk; a summary of the authors' own findings (chemical composition of mares' colostrum); summary; references. Each section gives the results of the authors' own findings, comparing them with results of other similar work.

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