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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14283

Chapter 14283 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cheong, H.S.; Yoon, D.; Kim, L.H.; Park, B.L.; Lee, H.W.; Han, C.S.; Kim, E.M.; Cho, H.; Chung, E.R.; Cheong, I.; Shin, H.D., 2007:
Titin-cap (TCAP) polymorphisms associated with marbling score of beef

Francis, L.P., 2007:
Title IX: equality for women's sports?

Walrath, Arthur, J., 1961:
Title to land

Burgerjon, A., 1959:
Titrage et definition d'une unite biologique pour les preparations de Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner

Lawrence, A.J.; Eales, J., 1962:
Titratable acidity of skim milk powder

Murayama, M., 1958:
Titratable sulfhydryl groups of horse, sheep, dog, and cow hemoglobins at 0 degrees and 38 degrees

Falchetti, M.; Merieux, J., 1958:
Titration in rabbit and tissue culture of neutralizing antibodies in serum and milk from cows immunized with vaccinia virus

Spain, J.M.; White, J.L., 1961:
Titration of H-Al bentonite with tetra-alkyl ammonium bases

Durand, D.; Eisenstark, A., 1959:
Titration of Newcastle disease virus in tissue culture

Russeff, C.; Matewa, V., 1962:
Titration of anti-Aujeszky disease serum in tissue culture

Stamatin, N.; Cristescu, P., 1958:
Titration of anti-anthrax serum in hamsters

Simonyi, E., 1960:
Titration of anti-viral serum in monolayer kidney cell cultures.

Goates, J.R.x; Anderson, K.H.; Willis, C.P., 1956:
Titration of clay minerals

Mackowiak, C.; Lang, R., 1958:
Titration of foot and mouth disease virus by tissue culture methods

Borgen, H.C., 1960:
Titration of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) in calf kidney cultures and in mice

Trout, D.L.; Estes, E.H.; Friedberg, S.J., 1960:
Titration of free fatty acids of plasma: a study of current methods and a new modification

Baczynski, Z., 1959:
Titration of rabies virus and vaccines.

Huard, M.; Andre, J.; Fournier, J., 1959:
Titration of rinderpest neutralizing antibodies

Strizhachenko, N.M., 1961:
Titration of the Kuz'minki strain of Newcastle disease viras in chick embryos and in monolayer cultures of chick fibroblasts.

Nardelli, L.; Perini, E., 1956:
Titration of the foot and mouth disease virus

Bognar, C., 1959:
Titration of the virus content of lapinized swine fever vaccine on rabbits

Harel, J., 1956:
Titration of the virus of Shope's fibroma in baby rabbits

Sinha, K.C.; Seetharaman, C., 1961:
Titre of the rinderpest virus in non-reactor goats

GILBERT.D.L.; McGANN.J., 1958:
Titrimetric analysis of calcium and magnesium in muscle

Jorgensen, K., 1957:
Titrimetric determination of the net excretion of acid/base in urine

Beemejo Martinez, F.; Gonalons Bori, M., 1960:
Titrimetric tetraphenylboron determination of potassium and application to blood serum and plant material

Harkema, R.; Mckebver, S.; Becker, D.A., 1957:
Tnchobilhartsia alaskensis a new species of avian schistosome from Alaska

Farr, M.M.; Blankemeyer, V.G., 1956:
Tnchobilharzia brantae n, sp. (Trematoda: Schistosomatidae) from the Canada goose (Branta canadensis L.)

Stubbe, H., 1958:
To Reinhold von Sengbusch on his 60th birthday on 16.2.1958

Anonymous, 1961:
To Wilhelm Rudorf on his 70th birthday

Lazarescu, C.; Sanduleac Sanduleac, E., 1963:
To a correlation of the objectives in tree breeding

Anon., 1962:
To carry or store or sell

Colbran, R.C., 1962:
To control nematodes in strawberries

Lee, G.R., 1961:
To improve pastures in the traprock and granite soils of southeast Queensland

Mastinskaya, S.B., 1959:
To increase the precision of methods of moisture determination in various soil-climatic zones

Hruby, J., 1963:
To make better use of working time in agricultural production

Obolenskij, K., 1963:
To overcome quickly the lagging behind of agrarian economic science

Rumor, Mariano., 1959:
To prevent or to protect?

Maksumov, A.N.; Cumacenko, I.N., 1962:
To problems of cotton growing-main attention.

Mel'nikov, I., 1962:
To produce top quality agricultural products

Peregon, I.L.; Zabaliev, M.A., 1961 :
To re-establish the breeding of Tsigai sheep

Ginzburg, J.; I.P.lovenko., 1962:
To regulate administrative-management staffs

Cebunin, V., 1963:
To regulate the calculation of amortization of basic funds in agriculture

Ragavan, S., 2007:
To sow or not to sow: dilemmas in creating new rights in food

Zhao Dong; Wang Ke; Gao Yan et al., 2007:
To study the activation of in vitro mice macrophages with various water soluble vitamins

Bukstynov, A.D., 1956:
To the continued progress of Micurinist science in forestry.

Wilcox, C.W., Jr.; Pfau, K.O.; Bartlett, J.W., 1956:
To what degree is fertility inherited ?

Van Norel, G.J., 1962:
To what extent are the differences in conception rates between A.I. associations determined by the bulls, the cows and the stations?

Trepanier, M., 1957:
To what extent are the losses from animal diseases prejudicial to our economy?

Weiland, G., 1960:
To what extent can dairy cows be fed according to the maxim less hay and roots-more silage?

Skjervold, H., 1963:
To what extent do boars affect litter size?

Germing, G.H., 1957:
To what extent is automation of glasshouse growing possible?

Bramsel, H.; Engelbach, E., 1963:
To what extent was the desirable intake of vitamins reached in the 132 index families who took part in the survey of household accounts made by the Statistics Office of West Germany in 1958?

Forbes, J.O., 1962:
Toad flax

Friesen, H.A., 1957:

Anonymous, 1959:

Friesen, H.A., 1957:
Toadflax and other perennial herbaceous weeds

Havermann, H., 1961:
Toasted soya bean meal as a protein feed in the fattening of pigs.

Haslam, R.J.; Scott, W.A., 1956:

Henderson, R.G., E.Al., 1957:

Anonymous, 1959:

Kosmodem'janskij, V.N.; Demcenko, T.I., 1960:
Tobacco scorching and the methods of its study.

Anonymous, 1957:
Tobacco Abstracts

Anonymous, 1956:
Tobacco Research Institute. Report of work for 1955

Anonymous, 1961:
Tobacco Research Institute. Report of work, 1960

Anonymous, 1962:
Tobacco Scientific Research Institute. Technical report, 1961

Anonymous, 1963:
Tobacco Scientific Research Institute. Technical report, 1962

Tobacco amblyopia: a clinical manifestation of vitamin-B12 deficiency

Silvette, H.; Haag, H.B.; Larson, P.S., 1960:
Tobacco amblyopia: the evolution and natural history of a tobaccogenic disease

Wolf, F.A.; Flowers, J.M., 1957:
Tobacco anthracnose and toxin production

Miche, A., 1960:
Tobacco at Mulungu-Tshibinda Station. First results

Miche, A., 1960:
Tobacco at the Mulungu-Tshibinda station. (First results)

Osborne, W.W., 1961:
Tobacco attacked by a cyst-forming nematode in Virginia

Todd, F.A., 1956:
Tobacco blue mold and anthracnose control

Peyrot, J., 1962:
Tobacco blue mold in Europe

Quaglia, A., 1961:
Tobacco blue mould

Pont, W.; Hughes, I.K., 1961:
Tobacco blue mould (Peronospora tabacina Adam) in North Queensland. 2. Epidemio-logical studies bearing on the development and control of the disease

Anon., 1962:
Tobacco blue mould and its control

Scarponi, F., 1962:
Tobacco blue mould and non-copper fungicides.

Bojko, P.P.; Levcenko, K.S., 1962:
Tobacco blue mould in the Ternopolsk region.

Nilsson, L., 1962:
Tobacco blue mould, a serious menace to Tobacco cultivation

Anon., 1961:
Tobacco blue mould. History, conditions for its appearance on oriental tobaccos and some principal means of control.

Anonymous, 1961:
Tobacco blue mould. History, conditions of occurrence in the oriental Tobacco, and some principal means of control. (Team at the Tobacco Research Institute, Plovdiv)

Dean, C.E., 1959 :
Tobacco breeding in Florida during the past twenty years

Perfanov, G.; Galabov, S., 1959:
Tobacco breeding in the Dzebel region.

Izard, C., 1959:
Tobacco broomrape

Fadhil, I., 2007:
Tobacco control in Bahrain: an overview

Moger, J., 1957:
Tobacco crop responses to subsoil manuring

Cassel, J., 1961:
Tobacco cultivation

Funaiolo, Ugo, 1962:
Tobacco cultivation in Ghana

Gairaud, M., 1963:
Tobacco cultivation in Reunion. Present situation and future prospects

Voldarsky, N.I., 1961:
Tobacco culture in Mainland China

Anon., 1960:
Tobacco culture in the former Belgian Congo

Amarell, H., 1959:
Tobacco curing

Ogden, W.B., 1958:
Tobacco curing in Wisconsin

Melkumjan, V.E., 1960:
Tobacco curing without barns.

Chamberlin, F.S.; Allen, N., 1957:
Tobacco cutworms

Valleau, W.D.; Johnson, E.M.; Anddiachun, S., 1963:
Tobacco diseases

Koch, L.W., 1956:
Tobacco diseases in Canada. Their occurrence, relative importance and measures for control

Rieuf, P., 1962:
Tobacco diseases in Morocco

Pont, W., 1956:
Tobacco diseases in Queensland

Valleau, W.D., 1960:
Tobacco diseases in Venezuela

Fenne, S.B., 1963:
Tobacco diseases in Virginia and their control

Fernandes, V.T., 1961:
Tobacco diseases.

Laird, E.F.; Dickson, R.C., 1963:
Tobacco etch virus and potato virus Y in pepper, their host plants and insect vectors in southern California

Kostjanew, S., 1957:
Tobacco fertilizing with the minor elements boron and manganese.

Valleau, W.D., 1962:
Tobacco frogeye control in Venezuela by isolation of plant beds from native vegetation

Populer, C., 1963:
Tobacco growing and Peronospora in Belgium in 1960.

Wanrooy, G.L., 1960:
Tobacco growing and rural welfare. I and II

Bour, F., E.Al., 1963:
Tobacco growing in Africa.

Volodarskij, N.I., 1959:
Tobacco growing in China.

Basso, M.A., 1959:
Tobacco growing in Uruguay

Paddick, R.G., 1961:
Tobacco growing in the U.S.A. Parts 1 and 2

Gude, J.B., 1958:
Tobacco grown in nutgrass land

Rabb, R.L.; F.E.Guthrie, 1956:
Tobacco hornworm control experiments in North Carolina, 1953-1955

Castle, P.S., 1959:
Tobacco in Ghana

Puzzilli, M., 1963:
Tobacco in soilless culture

Lollichon, F., 1961:
Tobacco in the Congo in relation to soils and climates

Anonymous, 1958:
Tobacco investigations

Kandiah, S.; Ratnasingham, K., 1962:
Tobacco investigations in the Gal Oya valley

Santaella, J., 1957:
Tobacco irrigation

Peens, J.F., 1960:
Tobacco is prepared for marketing in cellar and sorting-room

Davis, J.J., 1963:
Tobacco leaf-miner screening trials, 1961-1962

Davis, J.J.; Saunders, G.W., 1963:
Tobacco leaf-pest control demonstration trials, 1960-1962

Smith, W.A., 1961:
Tobacco leaf-pest control investigations, 1949-1955

Self, L.S.; Guthrie, F.E., 1962:
Tobacco malformations caused by insecticidal treatments used for budworm control

Huter, R.; Corbaz, R., 1962:
Tobacco may still be cultivated. Observations on mildew in 1961

Wober, O., 1959:
Tobacco mildew (E. cichoracearum)

Von Der Pahlen, A., 1961:
Tobacco mosaic and Cucumber mosaic identified in Tomato in the vicinity of Buenos Aires

Messiaen, C.M.; Maison, P., 1962:
Tobacco mosaic on tomato

Kichter, J.; Klinkowski, M., 1960:
Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)-model object of plant virus research. (Symposium.)

Limasset, P., 1957:
Tobacco mosaic virus and the origin of life

Broadbent, L., 1961:
Tobacco mosaic virus can be kept out

Hansen, H.P., 1959:
Tobacco mosaic virus carried in Potato tubers

Stefanac-Udbinac, Zlata, 1962:
Tobacco mosaic virus crystals in Paprika fruits

Bald, J.G.; Goodchild, D.J., 1960:
Tobacco mosaic virus in Nicotiana glauca

Fletcher, J.T., 1963:
Tobacco mosaic virus infection of sweet peppers

Ethelston, J.D., 1960:
Tobacco moth can be controlled on farms in Western Province

Uschdraweit, H.A.; Valentin, H., 1956:
Tobacco mottle virus on ornamentals

Gigante, R., 1959:
Tobacco necrosis virus in Potato tubers

Noordam, D., 1957:
Tobacco necrosis virus in association with a superficial infection of Potato tubers

Smith, W.A.; Saunders, G.W., 1961:
Tobacco pests in Queensland

Edwards, B.A.B., 1957:
Tobacco pests. Experiments in their control in Western Australia

Whitty, E.B.; Clark, F., 1960:
Tobacco plant production as affected by plant-bed management practices

Smith, E.M., 1960:
Tobacco planter, harvester under construction

Schumacher, E., 1958:
Tobacco poisoning in cattle. I. Experiments with dried tobacco leaves

Runeckles, V.C.; Woolrich, K., 1963:
Tobacco polyphenols. I. The biosynthesis of O-glucosides and O-glucose esters of hydroxy-cinnamic acids

Runeckles, V.C., 1963:
Tobacco polyphenols. II. On the biosynthesis of chlorogenic acid

Runeckles, V.C., 1963:
Tobacco polyphenols. III. The role of ferulic acid in the biosynthesis of chlorogenic acid

Runeckles, V.C., 1963:
Tobacco polyphenols. IV. A complex polyphenol in flue-cured tobacco

Renaud, R., 1959:
Tobacco powdery mildew

Lima, D.Silva, R., 1962:
Tobacco production and commerce in Mozambique

Faenza, Vittorio, 1962:
Tobacco production in 1961

Anon., 1962:
Tobacco production in Kentucky

Barnard, C., 1960:
Tobacco quality

Murty, G.S., 1960:
Tobacco research in India

Anderson, C.W., 1958:
Tobacco ringspot virus on florists' Hydrangea

Shepherd, R.J.; Struble, F.B.n, 1956:
Tobacco ringspot virus on watermelon

Vanderveken, J., 1963:
Tobacco rosette at Lomami (Katanga). Isolation, symptomatology and transmission of the virus

Vanderveken, J., 1963:
Tobacco rosette in Lomami (Katanga). Isolation of the virus, symptomatology and modes of transmission

Vanderveken, J., 1963:
Tobacco rosette in Lomami (Katanga). Isolation of viruses, symptomatology and mode of transmission

Milne, D.L., 1963:
Tobacco rotation against eelworm

Kincaid, R.R., 1958:
Tobacco seed storage for 25 years

Schuhmann, G., 1963:
Tobacco seed treatment.

Baker, A.E., 1960:
Tobacco seed-bed management

Taylor, G.S., 1956:
Tobacco seedbed treatments for control of weeds and soil-borne pathogens

Acheson, R.M.; Jessop, W.J., 1961:
Tobacco smoking and serum lipids in old men

Parups, E.V., 1961:
Tobacco sucker growth control

Jankowski, F., 1963:
Tobacco thrips and its role as a vector of virus disease in the Lublin region

Krishnamoorthi, T., 1963:
Tobacco varieties in Madras state

Klarner, S.; Kwiecinski, W., 1960:
Tobacco varieties of the Virginia Bright type at the experimental station at Skroniow

Berger, P.; Muller, B., 1959:
Tobacco vein-browning in the vars. Geudertheimer III and Havana IIc

J.M.Todd, 1961:
Tobacco veinal necrosis on Potato in Scotland: control of the outbreak and some characters of the virus

Aubert, O., 1960:
Tobacco viroses in Switzerland

Kosmodem' Jansky Kosmodem Janskij, V.N., 1958:
Tobacco virus diseases and breeding of resistant varieties in U.S.S.R

Klingman, G.C., 1957:
Tobacco weed control in field grown tobacco

Winn, P.N.; Jr.; Street, O.E., 1960:
Tobacco weight losses during curing

Victor, M., 1963:
Tobacco-alcohol amblyopia

Emond, R.E.; Pattenden, W.C., 1957:
Tobacco-desuckering compositions

Sun, C.-C.; Sung, C.-T., 1961:
Tobacco-growing in the Hainan province of the Chinese People's Republic.

Fracanzani, G.A., 1956:

Pieczynska, E., 1960:
Tobrilus vistula n.sp. (Nematoda, Tripylidae)

Barua, D.N.; Sharma, K.N., 1962 :
Tocklai release clones

Green, M.J., 1960:
Tocklai release clones. Pretreated cuttings: immediate and long term plans

Maupoume, R.; Chenou, C., 1958:
Tocopherol (in serum) during gestation in cows

Ramanujan, R.A.; Anantakrishnan, C.P., 1958:
Tocopherol and carotene contents of green fodder

Kim, Y.-Nam; Giraud, D., W.; Driskell, J., A., 2007:
Tocopherol and carotenoid contents of selected Korean fruits and vegetables

Ramanujan, R.A.; Anantakrishnan, C.P., 1958:
Tocopherol content as an index of adulteration of ghee

Nazir, D.J.l; Magar, N.G., 1959:
Tocopherol content of Indian butter and its use in detecting adulteration of butter-fat

Hellstrom, V.; Andersson, R., 1956:
Tocopherol content of Swedish margarine.

Cheng, D.W.i; Braun, K.G.; Braun, B.J.; Udani, K.H., 1961:
Tocopherol content of maternal and fetal rat tissues as related to vitamin E intake during gestation

Vanhanen, L.P.; Savage, G.P.; Dutta, P.C., 2005:
Tocopherol content of pumpkin seed oil

Kaludin, I., 1963:
Tocopherol content of serum and erythrocytes of rabbits during anaemia caused by bleeding.

Kaludin, I., 1963:
Tocopherol content of serum and erythrocytes of rats of different ages.

Taufel, K.; Serzisko, R., 1961:
Tocopherol content of some fats and oils

Taufel, K.; Serzisko, R., 1962:
Tocopherol content of some fats and oils. 2. Distribution of tocopherols in selected products

Taufel, K.; Serzisko, R., 1963:
Tocopherol content of some fats and oils. 3. Paper chromatographic analysis of some Hungarian oils.

Booth, V.H.; Bradford, M.P., 1963:
Tocopherol Contents Of Vegetables And Fruits

Braunstein, Herbert, 1961:
Tocopherol deficiency in adults with chronic pancreatitis

Hillman, R.W., 1957:
Tocopherol excess in man; creatinuria associated with prolonged ingestion

Canestri, G., 1962:
Tocopherol in blood of infants with acute hepatitis and jaundice

Wanntorp, H.; Obel, A.L., 1957:
Tocopherol levels in normal pigs and in pigs with waxy muscle degeneration and Hepatosis diaetetica

Swingle, K.F.; Safford, J.W.; Mcroberts, D.E., 1956:
Tocopherol levels of the early milks of semirange cattle

Evans, C.D.; Frankel, E.N.; Cooney, P.M., 1959:
Tocopherol oxidation in fats. Hydrogenated soybean oil

Frankel, E.N.; Evans, C.D.; Cooney, P.M., 1959:
Tocopherol oxidation in natural fats

Diplock, A.T.; Bunyan, J.; Edwin, E.E.; Green, J., 1962:
Tocopherol, selenium and ubiquinone in the turkey and the pigeon

Blaim, K., 1956:
Tocopherol. (vitamin E) content of oil seeds

Blattna, J.; Manouskova, J., 1961:
Tocopherols as anti-oxidants in the food industry

Dugan, L.R., Jr.; Kraybill, H.R., 1956:
Tocopherols as carry-through antioxidants

Lambertsen, G.; Myklestad, H.; Braekkan, O.R., 1962:
Tocopherols in nuts

Dubois, M., 1963:
Tocopherols in some cakes for livestock used in Madagascar and changes during storage.

Green, J.; Mchale, D.; Marcinkiewicz, S.; Mamalis, P.; Watt, P.R., 1959:
Tocopherols. 5. Structural studies on epsilon - and zeta -tocopherol

Wolff, F.; Schnabel, R.; Moldenschardt, H., 1959:
Todliche Atebrinintoxikation bei Bandwurmkur mittels Duodenaldusche

Griffin, S., 2007:
Todo saldra en la colada: what's new in brewery hygiene?

Osinga, A., 1960:
Toepassing van hexachlorofeen (G-11) bij distomatose van runderen en schapen

Smith, A.K.; Watanabe, T.; Nash, A.M., 1960:
Tofu from Japanese and United States soybeans

Janot, M.M.; Cave, A.; Goutarel, R., 1959:
Togholamine, holaphyllamine and holaphylline: three new alkaloids from the leaves of H. floribunda.

Anonymous, 1963:
Togo Republic

Szoke, T., 1960:
Tokay assou

Beirana, L.; Alvarez, J., 1961:
Tokelau in Michoacan

Singh, I.; Sehra, K.B.; Bhargava, S.P., 1961:
Tolbutamide in cirrhosis of the liver

Kaplan, N.M., 1961:
Tolbutamide tolerance test in carbohydrate metabolism evaluation

Lapp, W.S.; Jerome, F.N.; Cringan, A.T., 1963:
Tolerance Between Host And Donor Tissue In Birds

Van Der Grinten, M.P., 1958:
Tolerance for and absorption of butter, margarine and olive oil in patients with a disorder of the liver or biliary tract

Lang, K., 1960:
Tolerance for benzoic acid

Taufel, K.; Behnke, U., 1960:
Tolerance for large amounts of citric acid

Lu, John, Y., 1960:
Tolerance interval for multiple regression

Rodriguez Alcaide, J.J., 1963:
Tolerance limits for a least cost formula with variable prices obtained by linear programming.

Staude, H., 1959:
Tolerance limits in sampling tests for claims of degree of ploidy in trade with anisoploid sugarbeet seed. (Contributions on beet research. No. 3.)

J.F.Longworth., 1961:
Tolerance of Cocoa to swollen shoot disease in Nigeria

Kaddah, M.T.; Fakhry, S.I., 1962:
Tolerance of Egyptian rice to salt: 2. Salinity effects as related to cationic composition, temporary application, and irrigation and drainage frequency

Ticknor, R.L.; Bobula, P.F., 1958:
Tolerance of Taxus and Juniperus to selected herbicides

Dessureaux, L.; Ouellette, G.J., 1958:
Tolerance of alfalfa to manganese toxicity in sand culture

Bruns, V.F.; Clore, W.J., 1956:
Tolerance of asparagus to 2,4-D

Wolfenbarger, D.O., 1962:
Tolerance of avocados to ethylene chlorobromide and ethylene dibromide dipping and fumigation

Lunt, O.R.; Kohl, H.C.; Kofranek, A.M., 1957:
Tolerance of azaleas and gardenias to salinity conditions and boron

Kaddah, Malek, T., 1962:
Tolerance of berseem clover to salt

George, J., 1960:
Tolerance of birds to Ascuand creosote-treated nesting sites

Younger, R.L.; Radeleff, R.D., 1963:
Tolerance of cattle to diazinon sprays applied at weekly intervals

Ballantyne, A.K., 1962:
Tolerance of cereal crops to saline soils in Saskatchewan

Kuehn, H.H.; Orr, G.F., 1962:
Tolerance of certain fungi to actidione and its use in isolation of Gymnoascaceae

Longworth, J.F., 1962:
Tolerance of cocoa to swollen shoot disease in Nigeria

Stott, G.H.; Moody, E.G., 1960:
Tolerance of dairy cows to high climatic temperatures on low roughage ration

Norsworthy, J.; Smith, J., 2007:
Tolerance of direct-seeded leafy greens to herbicides applied before or after crop emergence

Ford, H.W.; Prevatt, R.W., 1957:
Tolerance of four citrus rootstocks to free water in certain sandy soils

Kong Son, C., 1963 :
Tolerance of fowl embryos to low temperatures.

Kofranek, A.M.; Lunt, O.R.; Kohl, H.C.; Jr., 1957:
Tolerance of gladioli to salinity and boron

Weeth, H.J.; Haverland, L.H., 1961:
Tolerance of growing cattle for drinking water containing sodium chloride

Williams, M.L.; Kaye, R., 1957:
Tolerance of infants and children to fat administered intravenously with particular reference to the induced ketonemia

Lang, K., 1962:
Tolerance of irradiated fats

Pradhan, S.; Bhambhani, H.J.; Wadhi, S.R., 1962:
Tolerance of mango saplings to insecticidal applications

Thompson, F.B., 1962:
Tolerance of pasture grasses to new chemicals

Thompson, A., 1958:
Tolerance of pasture species to dalapon and amitrol

Wadhi, S.R., 1962:
Tolerance of peach saplings to insecticidal applications

Albert, W.B., 1956:
Tolerance of peanuts to various pre-emergence herbicides

Behrens, H.; Horn, M., 1962:
Tolerance of pigs to Datura stramonium seeds

Michna, A.; Neumann, H.-J.; Klaus, W., 1958:
Tolerance of pigs to dietary zinc sulphate

Manzelli, M.A.; Young, V.H., 1957:
Tolerance of plants to V-C 13 nemacide

Kofranek, A.M.; Lunt, O.R.; Kohl, H.C., 1956:
Tolerance of poinsettias to saline conditions and high boron concentrations

Kramer, M., 1960:
Tolerance of potatoes to five herbicides.

Pan, C.L.; Djimia, M.B., 1962:
Tolerance of rice for waters of different salt concentrations

Bucur, N.; Tesu, C.; Lixandru, G.; Merlescu, E.; Ionel, A., 1963:
Tolerance of salinity of the main winter-wheat varieties grown on the saline meadow soils of the Jijia-Bahlui depression

Crosier, W.F.; Steinkraus, K.H., 1961:
Tolerance of seeds to gaseous ethylene oxide

Magat, A.; Desmoulins. M., 1962:
Tolerance of sheep for carbon tetrachloride in oil, administered intramuscularly

Palmer, J.S., 1963:
Tolerance Of Sheep To The Organic-Zinc Fungicide, Zineb

Madosingh, C., 1961:
Tolerance of some fungi to a water-soluble preservative and its components

Millikan, D.F.; Guengerich, H.W., 1959:
Tolerance of some hardy apple stocks to the stem-pitting virus of apple

Ward, R.K., 1963:
Tolerance of some less common weeds of waste areas to residual type weedkillers

Bing, A., 1958:
Tolerance of some perennials and woody plants to Sesone (Crag No. 1) and chloro IPC

Burt, E.O.; White, R.W.; Simmons, J.A., 1962:
Tolerance of some trees and shrubs in newly sprigged and established St Augustine grass to atrazine and simazine

Monk, R.W.; Peterson, H.B., 1962:
Tolerance of some trees and shrubs to saline conditions

Goheen, A.C.; E.A., 1956:
Tolerance of strawberry plants to hot-water therapy

Smith, I.D.; Perdue, H.S.; Kolar, J.A., 1962:
Tolerance of swine to varying levels of arsanilic acid in the feed

Saidak, W.J.; Nelson, S.H., 1961:
Tolerance of various evergreen species to simazine

Ambastha, H.N.S., 1962:
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Tolerances for residues of 1-naphthyl-Nmethyl carbamate

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Tolerances for residues of diuron

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Tolerances for residues of diuron

Anonymous, 1960:
Tolerances for residues of maleic hydrazide

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Tolerances for residues of sodium 2,2-dichloro- propionate

Anonymous, 1957:
Tolerances for residues of sodium 2,2-dichloropropionate

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Tolerances for residues of sodium 2,2-dichloropropionate

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Tolerances for residues of sodium dimethyldithiocarba- mate

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Tolerances of certain citrus seedlings to free water in soil

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Tolerancia a la administracion del tetracloretileno emulsionado en ninos escolares

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Tolerancja ustroju przy leczeniu atebryna chorob pasozytniczych przewodu pokarmowego

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Tolerated density of Culex fatigans Wied in transmission of bancroftian filaria

Anonymous, 1961:

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Tomate breeding

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Tomato (Lyco-persicon esculentum) herbicide screening trials in Hawaii

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Tomato (S. lycopersicum L.). (Nemesitett novenyfajtakkal vegzett orszagos fajtakiserletek eredmenyei 1955.)

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Tomato (S. lycopersicum L., L. esculentum Mill.) 1955-56-57-58

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Tomato Chuukanbohon Nou 11, a tomato parental line with a short internode trait

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Tomato Mite Control

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Tomato a new suscept of Gibberella zeae (Schw.) Fetch

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Tomato blight in the seed-bed

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Tomato breeding

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Tomato breeding

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Tomato breeding at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (New Delhi)

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Tomato breeding for earliness based on the quantitative determination of acids by paper chromatography

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Tomato breeding for processing in Canada

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Tomato breeding may solve graywall problem

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Tomato breeding, through interspecific crosses, for disease resistance and for technological improvement

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Tomato canker now threat to farmers in winter rainfall region

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Tomato crop infestation by Gryllus desertus in Parma province

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Tomato cultivation in Italy

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Tomato cultivation in the arctic region.

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Tomato deleafing-does it pay? It has no effect on the gross cash return

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Tomato diseases in the Cauca Valley

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Tomato diseases in the Po Valley

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Tomato fertiliser and liming tests on Coastal Plain soils

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Tomato fertilizer trials

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Tomato foot rot caused by Corticium solani

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Tomato foot rot diseases

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Tomato fruit bronzing

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Tomato fruit quality. The effect of mechanical injury

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Tomato grafting ended root disease and gave heavier crop

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Tomato grafting gives increased yields

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Tomato grafting-is it worthwhile?

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Tomato growing in Italy. II. The chief varieties and seed production

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Tomato growing in Italy. III. Cultural technique

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Tomato growing in Italy. IV. Adverse factors and care in harvesting

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Tomato leaf composition in relation to bacterial spot

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Tomato leaf curl Guangxi virus is a distinct monopartite begomovirus species

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Tomato leaf mould

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Tomato leaf mould : spraying trials in Lancashire and Yorkshire, 1953-56

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Tomato leaf spot

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Tomato leaf spot disease.

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Tomato mineral metabolism and respiration as affected by two strains of Tobacco mosaic virus

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Tomato mosaic under the conditions of the south Ukraine.

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Tomato pest control

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Tomato plant growth influenced by soil compaction, soil moisture and air space

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Tomato production for the fresh market

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Tomato production with hybrid seed.

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Tomato ring spot virus isolated from Eola rasp leaf of cherry in Oregon

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Tomato root growth and plant placement

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Tomato russet mite (Vasates lycopersici) and results of experiments on its chemical control.

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Tomato seed transmission of Didymella lycopersici Kleb

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Tomato selection in Hungary

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Tomato spotted wilt (Lycopersicum virus 3 Smith) on tobaooo in Bulgaria.

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Tomato spotted wilt virus in Potato plantings at Mendoza

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Tomato spotted wilt virus of Peppers

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Tomato sprays must be properly applied and timed for best results

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Tomato stalk rot caused by Didymella lycopersici and its control

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Tomato storage

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Tomato streak in Sao Paulo caused by a strain of potato virus Y

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Tomato trial at Weibullsholm, 1959

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Tomato trials at Weibullsholm

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Tomato trials, 1955

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Tomato varietal resistance to leafminer attack

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Tomato varieties and our canning industry.

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Tomato varieties for West Tennessee

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Tomato varieties for industrial use

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Tomato varieties for mechanical harvesting

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Tomato varieties for table use

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Tomato varieties for the canning industry.

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Tomato variety evaluation on sandy soils for pink harvest

Anonymous, 1962:
Tomato variety resistant to curly top virus is released

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Tomato variety studies

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Tomato variety trials in El Salvador

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Tomato variety trials in the upper Rio Negro valley

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Tomato viruses

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Tomato weed

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Tomato weed in South Australia (Solanum elaeagnifolium Cav

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Tomato yellow top virus: its distribution) characteristics, and transmission by the aphid Macrosiphum euphor-biae (Thom.)

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Tomatoes as a functional food

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Tomatoes as a market crop

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Tomatoes gain from large root system

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Tomatoes having fruits with few seeds.

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Tomatoes in China. A report on the breeding of new strains

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Tomatoes in gravel culture

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Tomatoes out of season

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Tomatoes-color development and consumer preference

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Tomorrow's agriculture

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Tomorrow's engine

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Tomorrow's varieties of grasses and legumes

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Toms which defy science

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Tongue changes in pregnancy

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Tongue-roup of young geese and ducks

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Too high or too low

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Too much agricultural land in the Netherlands?

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Too much and too little. Exaggerations and omissions. I. In planting. II. In nurseries.

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Tool bags for carrying implements for tending young growth.

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Tool for flavor calculations

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Tools and equipment for the tending of young stands.

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Tools for better corn hybrids

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Tools for forest weeding

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Tools for working wood-based boards.

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Tools to support the implementation of environmentally sustainable flow regimes at Ontario's waterpower facilities

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Tooth formation in the light of plant nutrition

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Top dressing basil.

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Top height as a stand characteristic.

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Top rot can cause losses

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Top-dressing maize with liquid manure and mineral fertilizers.

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Top-dressing potatoes with lime

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Top-dressing with copper sulphate.

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Top-grade seed for new districts.

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Top-working custard apples (Annona squamosa L.)

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Top-working mango trees in Florida

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Top-working of bael produces economic crops and earlier too

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Topcross testing for broiler production

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Topcross versus line per se performance of S1 lines of corn (Zea mays L.)

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Topdressing agricultural crops with irrigation water.

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Topdressing of winter crops.

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Topdressing winter cereals with fertilizer solutions applied from aircraft.

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Topdressing with K and P

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Topdressing with some nitrogen manures. 9. Experiments with Larix.

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Topical agricultural problems and tasks of Community People's Councils

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Topical wood-preservation problems.

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Topographical gradients of chalk grassland

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Topography and soil-type for the occurrence of Japanese White Birch

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Topography of abdominal viscera in pregnant mares.

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Topography of the abdominal organs in the pig with special refer-ence to variations in volume of the stomach

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Topography of the digestive organs of the goat

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Topping Kalanchoe after short-day treatment

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Topping of cotton as a cultural-entomological measure in the Chira Valley

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Topping of tobacco and bassara.

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Topworking Chinese chestnuts

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Topworking avocados

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Topworking of pecan trees

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Tor Cross; a new early black currant variety

Bruni, B., 1957:

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Torbo , a disease of potatoes in Costa Rica

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Tordon controls deep-rooted perennial herbaceous weeds

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Tordon for brush control on utility rights-of-way

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Toria Abohar-a new promising strain for the Punjab

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Tornado and histoplasmosis

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Torpedograss and citrus groves

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Torrent and avalanche control.

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Torsion of the stomach in the dog

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Torsite and nurelle detergent disinfectants -two new products for agricultural uses

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Torti collis in chicken

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Tortix viridana, wood ants, and birds.

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Tortnx capensana (Wlk.) and Epichorista ionephela (Meyr.) as pests new to apples and pears (Lepidopt.: Tortricidae)

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Tortricid larvae on strawberries.

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Tortricids in Rhineland orchards

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Tortricids in orchards of the Rhine region

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Tortricids on Pinus sylvestris

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Tortricids on fruit trees in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Tortrix pallorana, a pest of Pine trees in Indiana

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Tortrix viridana in the Voronezh region.

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Torula stage of Hendersonula toruloidea Nattrass on twigs of Psidium guajava L.-a new record

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Torula yeast as a dietary supplement. Study in acceptability by patients

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Torula yeast as a source of protein in animal experiments. 1. Effect of yeast as supplementary source of protein over several generations

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Torula yeast in dairy cattle rations

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Torulopsis apicola nov. spec., new isolates from Bees

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Torulopsis ingeniosa n. sp., from grass leaves

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Torulopsis norwegica nov spec

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Torulosis presenting in a skin department

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Tost-imaginal dehelminthization' of dogs against cestode infections.

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Total alpha -amino N excretion by atrophic infants in the humid warm environment.

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Total and actual acidity in fruit

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Total and available iron content of some foodstuffs of Bihar

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Total and free cholesterol in serum of healthy persons in relation to sex and age

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Total and free gossypol contents of home-produced cottonseed meals

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Total and marketable viticnltural production of co-operative farms in the district of Pleven

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Total and mineral nitrogen in soils of a long-term experiment at the Timiryazev Academy.

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Total and organic phosphorus in different size-fractions in genetically related soils of Kanpur in the Indian Gangetic alluvium

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Total and residual N in the rumen of sheep on different diets with urea supplement.

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Total and shaded space allotments for beef feedlots as affected by ration in a high temperature environment

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Total bacterial counts and their value in detection of herd mastitis problems

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Total body fat and skinfold thickness in children

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Total fire protection in the reserved forests of the Segou region of Mali.

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Total free tocopherols in the serum of patients with thyroid disease

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Total gonadotrophic activity in the urine of the ovariectomized, normal and pregnant ewe and in that of the ram

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Total growth and current increment in the Pinus nigra plantations in the Krusino faculty forest, near Kicevo.

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Total heart block in a cow

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Total histamine content of bovine bile

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Total intravenous techniques for anaesthesia

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Total lipid of Trichophyton mentagrophytes

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Total nitrogen in the rumen of small ruminants with a permanent fistula

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Total nitrogenous substances in the high savannas of Kourou (Guiana)

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Total nutrition, physiological equilibrium and K2O/N + P2O5 ratio in relation to various formulae of fertilizing.

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Total or partial replacement of carcase waste by a mixture of dried animal feeds (K.B.B.K. mixture).

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Total protein and protein fractions in serum and the blood picture of horses of different ages

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Total protein and protein fractions in serum of horses in relation to season

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Total protein/protein nitrogen ratio of human serum. A factor consistent with total solids

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Total radiation and temperature in a group of Douglas Fir, and their effect on radial growth.

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Total results of the 1952-56 Austrian forest survey.

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Total salivation in grazing lambs

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Total serum cholesterol and cholesterol in electrophoretically separated alpha - and beta -lipo-proteins in healthy subjects

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Total serum cholesterol in normal Chileans.

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Total serum protein content in experimental Ascaris infection in rabbits.

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Total sodium, potassium and chloride in adult man

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Total solids in milk

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Total tannins in shed coconut buttons

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Total vegetation control.

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Total weed control

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Total weed-killers

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Total, active and exchangeable manganese in the principal soils of the Lodz voivodship.

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Totale vernietiging van vegetatie. Total destruction of vegetation

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Totalizing wind counter for contact-type anemometers

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Totipotency of Cells from Fruit Pericarp Tissue in vitro

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Totrix viridana control in 1958 on Oak in Spessart.

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Toulou-oule or Konko (O. sativa L.), an early variety valued for small-scale cultivation in West Africa

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Towada and Girase, new means of withstanding cold injury to rice.

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Toward a core nutraceutical program for cancer management

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Toward a model of the Hindu jajmani system

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Toward a philosophy of science for agricultural economic research

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Toward a solution of the farm problem

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Toward a theory of leisure-spending behavior

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Toward complete use of eastern Oregon's forest resources

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Toward effective use of laboratory cultures of Pratylenchus

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Toward the definition of the mechanism of action of silymarin: activities related to cellular protection from toxic damage induced by chemotherapy

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Towards a Poplar policy in Morocco.

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Towards a cheap and flexible silo ?

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Towards a land flowing with milk and honey. Growth of the dairy industry of Israel

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Towards a more realistic land use

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Towards a natural classification of the Gramineae

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Towards a new milk policy

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Towards a production function for supplementary irrigation on far north coast dairy farms

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Towards a rapid solution of the Rhizoctonia problem.

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Towards a theoretical model of technology adoption in hospitality organizations

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Towards a theory of feeding dairy cows

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Towards a uniform designation of varieties and hybrids.

Azilah Kasim, 2007:
Towards a wider adoption of environmental responsibility in the hotel sector

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Towards a wiser policy in agricultural economics?

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Towards a zoogeography of the mosquitoes

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Towards an effective malaria vaccine

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Towards an efficacious reform of Algerian agriculture

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Towards an equitable basis for assignment of residue tolerance values

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Towards an improvement introduced into mass selection of millets by the punched-card method

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Towards an intensification of breeding and seed-production work in the development areas of the virgin and unused lands of the Kazah SSR.

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Towards an international policy on agricultural trade

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Towards an understanding of the phosphate economy of the sugar-beet

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Towards automation in the distribution of milk

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Towards better butterfat control.

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Towards better days for sugar beets

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Towards improvement in executing control measures for warble flies.

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Towards improving white clover establishment on farms

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Towards more efficient beef production

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Towards more stable agricultural enterprises

Anonymous, 1963:
Towards new achievements in biological science.

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Towards new achievements of agricultural science.

Anonymous, 1957:
Towards new successes in hemp growing.

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Towards our knowledge of Lycopersicon peruvianum Mill.

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Towards reform of land acquisition framework in India

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Towards rot-free moist woodpulp: control of fungal infection by application of biological research methods

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Towards standardization of ripsaw blades.

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Towards the 22nd Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

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Towards the control of A. pisi Lib. on peas

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Towards the elucidation of the reason for a polymorphic F1 generation

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Towards the further consolidation of the kolkhoz economy

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Towards the genetic code

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Towards the improvement of lucerne cultivation. Research and observations over five years

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Towards the production of healthy Bean seeds

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Towards the random sample test

Barberis, Corrado, 1960:
Towards the revocation of the laws on domestic migrations and urbanization

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Towards the use of larger planting stock Aucoumea klaineana.

Noyes, G., 1960:
Towards work automation in dairy and meat production

Anonymous, 1963:
Towey's disease

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Towing and pushing rafts.

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Towing deep-draught rafts.

Gonik, A.A., 1959:
Towing rafts without braking gear in stretches of river with rapids.

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Town and country-side: urbanization and the rural society

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Towner hydraulic ladder

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Towns in western Holland and expansion of horticultural area

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Toxaemia of pregnancy and obesity

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Toxaemic agalactia in sows after farrowing: aetiology, pathogenesis and therapy.

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Toxaemic jaundice of sheep: phytogenous chronic copper poisoning heliotrope poisoning, and hepatogenous chronic copper poisoning. Final report of the Investigation committee

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Toxaphene and Delnav as insecticides on cotton in the Sudan Gezira

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Toxaphene poisoning in a flock of sheep

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Toxaphene residues in hogs

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Toxaphene residues on certain vegetables at various time intervals after application

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Toxaphene residues on pangolagrass

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Toxaphene resistance in the red tick, Rhipi-cephalus evertsi, Neumann in South Africa

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Toxaphene-resistant Cattle Ticks (Boophilus microplus (Canestrini) ) occurring in Queensland

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Toxascaris transfuga (Rudol-phi, 1819) Bayliss & Daubney, 1922, found in captive bears in Japan.

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Toxi-cological studies of organophosphate anthelmintics

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Toxic E. coli in piglets with enteritis and oedema disease.

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TOXIC hazards of pesticides to man; report of a study group

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Toxic action of 28 insecticides on Ixodesricinus.

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Toxic action of Aristolochia clematitis on the kidney of the horse.

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Toxic action of Senecio aquaticus.

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Toxic action of karbofos (malathion) on starved adult Ixodes ricinus and on warmblooded animals.

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Toxic action of larvae of Delafondia vulgaris on horses.

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Toxic action of larvae of Strongylus vulgaris on horses.

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Toxic action of metal ions to fungus spores

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Toxic action of penicillin and other antibiotics on guinea-pigs

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Toxic action on spermatozoa of antibiotics, with and without gentian violet.

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Toxic amblyopia due to chlorunphenicol

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Toxic and adjuvant effects of parenteral administration of Donax C, a naphthenic mineral oil easily miscible with water

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Toxic and photodynamic effects of toluidine blue on living bull spermatozoa

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Toxic bacteria in sod-podzolic soils.

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Toxic chemicals and birds: the ecological background to conservation problems

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Toxic chemicals and wild life section. Studies on the side effects of arboricides

Anonymous, 1961:
Toxic chemicals in agriculture and food storage

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Toxic constituents of the Australian finger cherry, Rhodomyrtus macrocarpa Benth

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Toxic effect of carbon tetrachloride on the liver cell

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Toxic effect of chlorinated naphthalenes in pigs

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Toxic effect of copper in coffee nurseries.

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Toxic effect of extracted coffee bean meal and groundnut oilmeal on laying and hatchability of eggs.

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Toxic effect of water-soluble vitamin K on the liver. (Histochemical study.)

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Toxic effects associated with the feeding of Groundnuts

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Toxic effects of Ra226 on beagle dogs given burdens 1620 times the human maximum permissible level

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Toxic effects of a fire fighting chemical