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Tortnx capensana (Wlk.) and Epichorista ionephela (Meyr.) as pests new to apples and pears (Lepidopt.: Tortricidae)

Myburgh, A.C.; Basson, S.G.

J. ent. Soc. S. Afr, Pretoria 24(2): 348-349


Accession: 014282706

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Tortrix capensana Wlk. and Epichorista ionephela Meyr., of which the latter is a pest of carnations in South Africa, have not hitherto been recorded as pests in orchards, but they have increased on apple and pear, respectively, since about 1955 in the Western Cape Province and since about 1958 have become of serious economic importance, causing infestations of up to 30 per cent. in orchards sprayed with DDT.

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