Section 15
Chapter 14,285

Transport of potassium by the gastric mucosa of the frog

Harris, J.B.; Edelman, I.S.

American Journal of Physiology 198: 280-284


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9513
PMID: 14399963
Accession: 014284723

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The transport of potassium across the isolated frog gastric mucosa was studied by the chamber method. The net flux of potassium from the nutrient to the secretory phase (K[image]) did not follow the predictions of simple passive diffusion when the mucosa was incubated with equivalent concentrations of K+ in the secretory and nutrient phases. Furthermore, a net gain in secretory potassium occurs against the electrochemical potential gradient if the mucosa is first incubated with nutrient solutions containing 4 mEq/1. of K+. Neither the loss of K+ from mucosal cells nor solvent drag appears to account for the positive values of FKns under these circumstances. These data indicate a small but significant component of active potassium transport in this preparation.

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