Section 15
Chapter 14,289

Two years' experimentation on the control of Peronospora tabacina in seed-beds and in the field. Part II. Control experiments in the field

Marcelli, E.; Messeri, U.

Tobacco 67: 77-98


Accession: 014288722

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Among the numerous fungicides and mixtures tested on seed-beds the best control of blue mould was obtained with the following: zineb as 0.3-0.4% spray or 10-20% dust, maneb as 0.08-0.1% spray or 4-6% dust, Carbatene (a thiuram compound) as 0.4-0.5% spray and daily applications of benzole vapour at 4.5 1./100 sq. m. for a month. The maneb and Carbatene treatments were temporarily toxic, but the plants recovered completely.

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