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Urinary excretion of fluoride by children aged two through five years using a stannous fluoride-containing dentifrice in a natural fluoride area and a nonfluoride area

Schweinsberger, R.A.; Muhler, J.C.

Journal of Pediatrics 51(6): 634-638


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3476
PMID: 13481800
Accession: 014290563

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The study was of 60 boys living in Greenfield, Indiana, where the natural concentration of F in the water supply is 1.1 p.p.m. and of 90 boys in Bloomington, Indiana, where it is 0.1 p.p.m. Half of each group were given, for 10 weeks, a fluoridefree dentifrice, the other half a dentifrice containing 0.4 per cent. stannous fluoride providing 1000 micro g. F per g.

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